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Turmeric Antiseptic Scabies Cream


Scabies cream - Dr. Axe

Scabies sounds so daunting, and it can be for anyone that has it. Scabies is a parasitic infestation and itchy skin condition in which mites, known as Sarcoptes scabei, burrow under the skin. Scabies consist primarily of the body’s allergic reaction to the mites, their eggs and their waste — and symptoms may not appear for up to two months after being infested.

The itching is usually worse at night, and symptoms may include hive-like bumps on the skin. These bumps usually appear on the elbows, wrists, buttocks or waist and can also get underneath fingernails and around the skin near jewelry such as rings or wristbands. 

The Center for Disease Control tell us that scabies is very common all over the world and can affect anyone. Scabies typically spreads quickly in crowded conditions where there is frequent skin-to-skin contact between people, such as in hospitals, day-care centers and nursing homes. (1)

Scabies can easily infect household members as well by sharing clothes, towels and bedding and is more likely to happen when the infested person has crusted scabies. Symptoms include pimple-like irritations or a rash, intense itching, especially at night, and sores caused by scratching. 

The mites can live for up to a month on the human body; however, they can’t survive for more than 48–72 hours elsewhere, which is good news since tossing clothing and bedding into the washing machine can eliminate them. Legends have suggested that humans can get scabies from pets; however, this simply is not true because animals attract types of mites that will not survive on the human body.

Scabies can best be prevented by avoiding direct skin-to-skin contact with an infested person or with items they have used. There are things that can worsen the effects of scabies such as vigorous scratching, a weakened immune system, existing infections, inflammation and anyone living with a chronic illness.

While more serious cases may need professional treatments, more mild cases may benefit greatly from at home remedies such as this DIY scabies cream. This homemade cream helps soothe itching and can speed up the healing process.

The curative ingredients include neem oil, which is a naturally occurring pesticide found in seeds from the neem tree. In particular, azadirachtin is the most active component and is used for for repelling and killing pests. (2) This scabies cream also contains benefit-rich turmeric, which has healing properties both externally and internally.

Turmeric Antiseptic Scabies Cream

Total Time: 5 minutes
Serves: 30 uses


  • 2 ounces neem oil
  • 1 ounce coconut oil
  • 1 ounce ground turmeric 
  • 1 ounce lemon juice
  • 10 drops tea tree essential oil 


  1. Place all ingredients into a bowl and whip to the consistency of a cream.
  2. Apply the cream on the affected area two or three times a day.
  3. You can leave it on or gently wash off after 15–20 minutes.
  4. (Turmeric may stain clothing so be careful.)

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  1. Evelyn on

    Very gentle on skin, scabies treatment doesn’t have to be painful to work, this also makes your skin beautiful and glowing, thank you for the recipes dr Axe, you’re a Godsend!!!

  2. Cherree on

    I know you say that animals can’t carry it, but several years ago we were given a puppy that did carry scabies. We all got it! Had to treat all of us AND the puppy. That’s no kidding.

  3. On The Mend on

    My home, my little 4 pounds Yorkie and I have been INFESTED with mites in my home for 8 months. How it got here I do not know. I do not go anywhere no visitors. All I know is that has been a nightmare. I am not able to leave my home and so it’s been hard isolated without anyone allowed to come over (they don’t know why and think I am avoiding them) – I live in small town and news travels fast with many twits in the story…. if you know what I mean).

    Because I am not able to go outside in the yard (low immune system and bugs of all kinds attack me) I have not gotten the sunshine I need. My little dog knows to lay by the sliding glass door each day when the sun is coming through onto her body.

    I found out last month that the horrible rash that took over 1/2 of my face and neck was scabies mite. I have not only struggled to treat my little dog and myself (have done and tried everything on YouTube and Googled) but the whole house has been infested with dust mites as well as scabies. From the time I get up till it’s time to go to bed (which I DREAD) I am washing clothes and spraying each room with this product I found online called Kleen Green (it has really helped). I have dusted with Diatomaceous Earth (what a mess) and doggie and I both have been eating it (for detoxing) for 2 months. I started steaming veggies and no sugar. I have basically lost my appetite (but fasting some is good). I am culturing Keifer for probiotic help and drink it twice a day (doggie too).

    I dread going to bed at night because I feel bugs crawling inside and out. I bought a steamer and this has really helped me to clear a place to be able to sit down in one chair to watch some TV (until the chair get infested again). I also had the ducts cleaned but every time the A/C goes it feels like it just dumped a bucket load of mites all over me.

    Coconut oil and Tea Tree Oil mixed has really helped the row of scabies bites down my spine (I think its drying them up – face is looking better). I just want to KILL these things. It seems I take 5 steps forward and 10 steps back this past few weeks.

    Then I found YOU Dr. Axe. I am going to make this Turmeric Antiseptic Scabies Cream today.

    I guess what I need now is your prayers please.

    Thank you,
    On the Mend

    • Your not alone on

      I hope you have found a treatment that annihilated the mites . I too have been battling these mites for over 6months now , just keeping them at bay.
      Using all items on this site, utube. Permethin, eurax, sulfur, tea tree oil and on and on.
      I found a site called DrScabies and will be trying this program, oh I pray this ends once and for all.
      You are not alone. None of my dogs have this thank God.
      I just cant figure out how I keep getting reinfected. I throw my towels away each shower, I wash bedding and clothing in hot water daily and dry the recommended time of high heat for at least 30, I keep every load in for 60 mins.
      It is driving me crazy and very depressing. I send prayers to you and all who are suffering from this prison of mites.

    • Evelyn on

      Bless both of you and all who get scabies it’s horrible I’ve had them over a year tried so many things finally with much reluctance I tried the permethrin and it worked and was able to sleep again and not scratch all night now after a few months I started getting a bump here and there and a couple of weeks later was itching at night but I could sleep some, I don’t want to do poison again and turned to dr axe which I thank god for as does my family as he has helped with so many issues that going to many different doctors has not helped as they know so little and just pass you on to specialist after specialist it’s disgusting! Well this time dr axe had a recipe that I made and as soon as I put some on the critters went berserk and I guess getting killed I could even see some trying to get out and seemed to be drying up and dead in just one day! My question though is did I put on too much I, my pajamas and bedding were all a beautiful shade of yellow😂 and it didn’t all wash out would rather have that than scabies! The ointment is also very gentle and my skin was so smooth and soft but a little too yellow, I looked a little jaundiced but so happy as I think this is going to do the trick🙏🏼🌈 thank you dr Axe, you’re the Best!

  4. BR on

    umm..doesnt work. does not killed scabies or skin mites. it actually made it worse. Turmeric did cool the skin a bit and give very temporary relief, but did not clear up the bites.

  5. Melinda on

    I just found out my grandbaby has scabies but i have heard neem is not not safe for children under 4 (he is 16 months) is this safe for him?

    • BR on

      neem can be irritating to the skin, especially babies’ skin. Ask a naturopath for advice. Permethrin creams are toxic and DONOT work for scabies, slowly they are being banned..they cause cancer. Plus turmeric is so messy and stain everything! Good luck! we’ve been trying for 3 years to get rid of scabies..I hope yours clears up! It can be stubborn. Best of luck and healing!

      • Ange on

        Yes.. permethrin is toxic!!! I used it & it caused acute kidney injury… spent 5 days in the hospital… still trying to “hopefully “ reverse the damage it did to my kidneys.

      • Nma11 on

        People like this really get under my skin, pun intended 😂 seriously? 3 years with scabies? GO TO THE DOCTOR!! The cream your so afraid of shows possible cancer in animal testing after extremely high and long periods of use. A one time treatment on your body is not going to cause cancer and will get rid of the bugs that have been breeding in your skin for 3 years! That is crazy! And disgusting! Truly!

  6. Loredana Linden on

    In my experience it is possible to catch this from pets. I discovered that I could clear it fast using Ti-tree essential oil on its own, providing I didn’t scratch the skin. The scratching spreads it. I rubbed the itchy area with Ti-tree oil on cotton wool and the infection healed after about 3 days.

  7. Anit-Witchcraft on

    It is so important to try conventional medicine first to cure scabies, which makes everyone so miserable, and which spreads to other people. Using useless non-medicines (like this nonsense) HURTS OTHER PEOPLE.

    This medicine also makes you turn totally yellow and stain everything you touch. It is ridiculous and useless.

    Save your family and friends and try what YOUR PERSONAL PHYSICIAN prescribes first before some witch-doctor here.

  8. Sandra on

    I just want to say that people most certainly can get scabies from their dogs. We got it from our dogs 20 years ago. A friend’s family got it from their dogs 2 months ago and another woman that I know got it from their dog 2 weeks ago. Those are 3 cases that I personally know of where people got it from their dogs.

  9. Alicia on

    What about vitamin with tumeric, would that help? I take a supplement that has tumeric, ginger root, vitamin c two more ingredients,which forgot.

  10. Lori on

    Got scabies from visiting often with a sick relative in the hospital. I made the antiseptic cream today, be careful it stains anything it comes into contact with including clothing, furniture- stained my leather couch, and my fingernails are still yellow after showering & washing my hands 2-3 times. I’m going to use up the rest but the cream isn’t too practical, most likely wouldn’t use again.

    • Lori on

      I actually decided not to use the rest of the cream, your fingernails stay yellow for days – stained some of my clothes too. I went to see a dermatologist today he prescribed Permethrin Cream…at this point conventional medicine might not be a bad idea.

      • Apryl on

        Permethrin cream can cause prostrate cancer. It’s a pesticide. Neem oil and soap works, but takes months to get rid of it.

  11. MP on

    Is this safe on infants less than 3 months of age? My sibling visited us, held my sweet baby and then told us a week later he had scabies…. curious about the neem oil and conflicting information regarding liver toxicity and encephalopathy in infants.
    Thank you

  12. Norman on

    Is Dr Axe formula ,coconut oil, tumeric, neem oil, tea tree oil, lemon juice identical to the proven formula used by scientists and doctors in India? If, what is the formula they used?

  13. Anna on

    It’s simply not true that you cannot get scabies from animals with sarcoptic mange. You can. I got it from a puppy and have had it for a month now. This is the 5th time I have got it this year, and decided to try a natural route this time instead of using permethrin cream. The methods I have been using have soothed the symptoms. I hardly have any bumps and itching is minimal, but the mites are not completely gone yet.

    I have used this cream the past 4 nights. I only use it at night because it will turn you completely yellow and stain EVERYTHING you touch. I put plastic dropcloth over my couch, and use an old sheet, blanket, and pillow case. All of these will be stained, so I wash them each day and use the same ones each night.

    I only got 4 uses out of the cream (although it says 30) and I am a small person who used it sparingly. I’m not going to make another batch. If you live a modern life (not in a tent) I would not recommend using it. If you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, you will stain your toilet seat and light switches yellow. If you wake up wanting a glass of water, you will stain cabinets yellow.

    I don’t believe this is any better than other methods I have been using. What I was doing before is soaking in a cayenne pepper bath each day, applying tea tree oil to skin in the morning and neem oil each night. These help, but I have yet to completely get rid of these boogers naturally. Hopefully, I will not have to use permethrin again, but it is looking like I might have to. Someone told me to try hydrogen peroxide and MMS first, so I will try.

    I know how hard have this can be which is why I am leaving this comment to help others who are going through the same thing.

    • Ken D. on

      Here in Mexico, the people use pure lime juice to cure scabies and it works.
      You can alternate pure tea tree oil (which also lowers the itch) and lime juice (which can exacerbate the itch).
      I also contracted scabies from touching infected dogs on the street.

      • Cynthia on

        Have with tequila lots and lots.. I found medoxicin quest gel and zimecterin gold. Horse wormers taken at the same time or quest gel plus if you can find it. Kicks bugs butts. And amitraz mix with coconut oil. And taking baths with 20 mule team borax cider vinegar and peroxide and bleach and sulfur powder and eat sulfur tablets. Cut out the sugar as much as you can. God bless.

  14. V. Salib on

    1. Age 70, knees have osteoarthritis, Drs want to do knee replacements, esp on the one knee that I fell and injured weeks back and is painful to walk on. Any urgent advice or ideas would be verrrry appreciated as I hestitate to do surgery that is irreversible at my age. I had been walking up and down 4 flights of stairs
    to walk my dog a lot, 2 yrs ago, prior to getting plantar fasciitis and then knee injury.

    2. Son age 37 has had terrible plantar fasciitis in one foot and seems to be starting in the other, for about
    1 1/2 yrs and he just keeps trying to work out and run on it, he says the pain is excruciating, what is your
    opinion about such a devastating problem?

    • Jennifer on

      Please please don’t get knee replacements!!! My mother had a horrible experience, ended up falling several times, hospitalized for compound fractures where rods came out, got staph infection, and ended up dying of liver failure because of so many antibiotics and medications. Horrible.

  15. Anna on

    I don’t understand how it’s not true that humans can’t get scabies from pets. I have got scabies multiple times this year from two different dogs I rescued that had obvious mange-hair loss, intense itching, etc.

    I would recommend to others to stay on the safe side and quarantine their pet with mange, wear gloves when handling them, and only let them out after they are certain the mange is gone.

    I have been using tea tree oil which has been helping. Now I will try this recipe. Thanks.

    • Kris G on

      Hi Anna and Dr. Axe,

      I would like to second that the information that humans can not get scabies from pets in inaccurate. Our entire family, including my mother and daughter who had a horrible reactions to it, contracted their cases of scabies from our dog who had canine scabies / scarcoptic mange. And your recommendations about quarantining and using gloves should be well advised.

    • Kim on

      I agree with you. I got it from some rescue dogs . I do know that the canine version does not reproduce on humans

    • Bob on

      There is more than one type of scabies mite that cause these conditions. While some types of mange cannot be transferred from dogs to humans, sarcoptic mange mites from dogs can DEFINITELY infect humans, causing scabies.

      The same mite – Sarcoptes scabiei – creates problems that have two different names: sarcoptic mange in dogs, and scabies in humans

  16. Geneva Greenaway on

    I would like any or all the treatment for fibromalagia.l am suffering terribly from the flareups and severe burnings.The tablets give very little relief. ( Tabs Lyrica 150 mgs bd )

    • David Woods on

      Baking soda. 1 leveled teaspoon twice a day in a glass of water. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/4 of hard boiling water to reduce CO2 then add cold or room temperature water to fill the glass and drink the whole glass. Do this twice a day on an empty stomach and watch and feel the miraculous recovery from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and more…

    • Paulette Williams on

      Kratom and wild lettuce will help relieve those flare ups. You can find them online. Also, Formula 303 does relieve much pain. It doesn’t help when you feel fluish.

  17. Sarwat Khan on

    I like your reserch .u really help to other peapoles. Know medical treatments are very expensive .Every medicen have a lots of sidefacts .it,s mean treated one problem create other. That’s why natural treatment better with a no Sidefacts .Thanks Dr Axe.


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