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Homemade Frankincense Soap Bar


Homemade Frankincense Soap - Dr.Axe

This homemade frankincense soap bar recipe is great for your skin! It provides hydration and vitamins while cleansing your skin! It’s easy to make and free of harmful chemicals! Try it today!

Homemade Frankincense Soap Bar

Total Time: 30 minutes
Serves: 30



  1. Put soap base in glass bowl then place that bowl in sauce pan with water.
  2. Heat stove to medium and allow base to melt.
  3. Remove from heat and let cool slightly. Then add the frankincense and pomegranate oil
  4. Mix well and transfer to a soap mold
  5. Let mixture cool fully before popping bar out of mold. Keep at room temp

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  1. Raelene on

    Shouldn’t only organic essential oils be used? What are your thoughts on that vs. conventional? Who do you recommend for organic oils? Thanks!

  2. The Oily Analyst on

    Hi Dr. Axe, this soap doesn’t make your skin SQUEAKY CLEAN does it? I normally use Dove for Sensitive Skin because I have dermatographism. I can tell a difference, before I get out of the shower because, if my skin feels like it’s squeaky clean before I get out of the shower, I know that my skin is going to be very dry afterwards. Dove doesn’t dry my skin out, so I’m looking for a homemade version of soap that is comparable to Dove. Thanks!

  3. Silvia Machado on

    Good afternoon Dr.,

    I live in Brazil, and I wonder if there is another word to explaim frankincense, I understand incence (what I aprecciate very much)…would it be a kind of oil made from incense?…so shy, but I love to make my own soaps and really liked this recipe. Looking forward to understand it.

    Thanks in advance and have a great day!


  4. Rhea on

    Are organic blue corn chips allowed to eat if trying to adhere to your food list? Or is all corn not recommended?

  5. Cindy on

    I have severe psoriasis on my fingers. Which would be better for this the pomegranate oil or the raspberry oil. Or is there a better homemade soap recipe for psoriasis. Thanks

  6. Penny on

    I was so excited to see this recipe and ordered all the ingredients. The soap base came today and needless to say, I am very disappointed to see it is made with coconut and palm oils….which I am allergic. I thought making my own soap, lotions, etc…is the only answer to get away from all the products using variations of the palm family. It does not state on amazon or in the picture what the ingredients were, but thankfully it did on the bars, so I will be returning them. My question, is there another soap base that you recommend? I have never even heard of such a thing until I found this recipe. HELP!

    • Jesse on

      I make soap from scratch. Making as batch without the oils your allergic to is very possible. Not sure about a base, but I can make a batch, send it to you void of any ingredients and you can rebatch it very similar to soap base procedures. Grate the soap, double boiler heat pieces with tablespoon I’d the aforementioned oils, put in mold and viola. I’m very willing to help. Contact me if it’s something that interests you. Otherwise, good luck

  7. Christine on

    I love all the DIY recipes you post! I see that the ingredients that are highlighted lead you to a website for purchase. Are these the websites and or brands that you recommend? Thank you!!

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