Homemade Body Wash

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Homemade Body Wash


Homemade Body Wash - Dr.Axe

Most conventional body washes contain toxic chemicals. Instead, try this homemade body wash recipe! It cleanses your skin and kills bacteria while providing nourishment and vitamins to keep it hydrated and healthy! Try it today!

Homemade Body Wash

Total Time: 2 minutes
Serves: 30


  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 2/3 cup liquid castille soap
  • 30 drops lavender oil, chamomile or geranium essential oils
  • 1 teaspoon vitamin E
  • 2 teaspoon jojoba oil
  • BPA free plastic lotion dispenser or glass bottle with dispenser


  1. Mix ingredients until smooth and store in 8 oz plastic bottle.

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  1. Helen on

    Hi Dr. Axe…. I would like to try and make your dyi recipe for ” Body Wash “. Can i possibly mix those 3 EO’s together like 10 drops each of the Lavender, Chamomile and Geranium EO’s instead of just 30 drops of one kind ?

  2. joy scurlock on

    My 88 year old mom had a stroke in Dec of 3013. She has recovered remarkably well but her bladder. She has UTI infections all the time and they say she is not totally emptying her bladder and urine is staying in there and thus bacteria is developing. I have her on 30 billion probiotics. What else can I do? I was also wondering if she needed magnesium. They have her on a good bit of diuretics also.

  3. Baysa on

    Hi. My mum diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and she has a 2 viruses which is B,C do u have any suggestion about treatment. Thanks

    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      I would consult with a physician who practices functional medicine and check these out:

  4. Beth on

    Won’t all the oils in the body wash make the bottom of the tub slippery? I would love to try but am afraid to use it. Both my husband and I are 65, so so falling for us :-)

  5. Connie on

    Would like to know what can my pregnant daughter do for those very bad asthmas attacks doctors want to induce her at barley going on 7months they hv put her on 2 different medications one is a inhaler the other a type of steroids. This 2 medication r very expensive she can’t afford them if u can please let me know what remedy will help her i woyld really appreciate it a lot

    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      Check these out:

  6. Renne on

    For the water, does it have to be distilled water? Or can I boil the water let it cool and use instead of the distilled water?

  7. Calvin on

    Any tips or advise on dealing with anxiety? It’s made my life miserable for the last 5 years. Everyday I literally feel as if I’m going to die. I know I’m not but still….

    I just want to feel normal again. I noticed this about the same time my dr loaded me up on medication (which makes me very anxious to take) and my father’s death 5 years ago.

  8. Sandy Davis on

    ASEA should be in your daily regimen. It has helped a lot of people’s bodies heal and recover from adverse health conditions. It’s truly a remarkable health science technology.

  9. Dee on

    Way too watery for body wash (???). I’ll use this as a hand soap and would suggest NOT adding ANY water for a body wash.

  10. Lisa on

    My blood pressure is in prehypertension range. How can I lower my pressure so that I don’t have to take a medication. I’m 39 yrs, woman, weight 150 and 5’1 tall.

  11. Pearl Brown on

    Hi, have been reading lots of your remedies/recipes and would love some direction on the best foods and supplements for my daughter. She has crohnes disease and almost died 5 years ago, it came on suddenly and within months she was emaciated and hospitalized 26 times, that does not count the number of times we spend the day/night in the ER to just be sent home. She was finally put on Humira and it saved her life, within just a few weeks of her first mega dose we saw a turnaround in her health. She has been back at work for about 2 years now and has developed Interstitial cystitis which is causing her a lot of pain. Along with that she has plantar fascitis..so between the two her diet has been very restricted and so has her exercise..she is grouchy, irritable and depressed. We have been talking about going gluten free and are working in that direction. If you had to name one thing that would be the greatest step in helping her regain her health what would it be? I have read a little bit about making bone stock and thought that I would give that a try immediately, but our finances are limited and we will need to take small steps. Thanks for your help!

    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      Check out these articles:
      I would also consider a GAPS diet:

  12. rosemary gaddy on

    my doctor wants me to start taking lipitor again for cholesteral control as well as aspirin for heart/stroke prevention. I stopped taking the lipitor when I could no longer afford it. I have been researching natural alternatives I have come across nattokinase for heart health and have been taking lemongrass and cassia for colesteral. she wants to see the research regarding anything I take that is not a pharmecutical as well as the side effects. do you have any suggestions as to what else I can add. I use lemon and lavender e.o. daily also. Thanks for your imput

  13. dawn beaven on

    My mum has bin diagnosed with diverticulutis is there anything she can take to ease her suffering dawn beaven

    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      Check out these articles:

  14. Suzanne on

    What about pancreatic cancer. Any support tips for that. I know three ginger and tumeric tea us recommended ……

  15. lisa on

    Would this work with other, less flowery, oils? I know citrus makes you sensitive to sunlight … but what about peppermint? The bacterial killers aren’t the oils in this, are they?

  16. Nancy on

    Would love all the information I can get on Chronic Kidney Disease. My husband is in stage 3. He has been told to eat on 2 cups of vegetables a day and mostly white bread, pasta etc. All the foods that are so healthy he is only supposed to have very small amounts. This just does not sound healthy. I wonder what do you think of the kidney diet. His potassium is too high and most healthy food is high in potassium. The junk out there has a little. Thank.s

      • Lisa on

        My Dad was just diagnosed with the same stage 3 at 84 yrs old. Docs told him if it goes to a 5 he would go on dialysis. We stayed at a Hacres lifestyle center for 6 days. He radically changed his diet and next appt was at a 1 with nothing wrong with his kidneys. Hallelujah!

    • Estrelita on

      The reason why is his kidneys have to work harder to remove all toxins from his body, I am in my renal stage of kidney disease, and I too had to change my diet and can only eat a certain amount of food, you might also want to try juicing

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