Discover the Best Oils for Cooking

June 26, 2017

Coconut oil We are all barraged by a host of so called healthy cooking oils to choose from. But with so many different oils on the market and so much conflicting information about the different oils it’s a challenge to know which one you want to be reaching for as you make your next delicious meal.

The Best Oils for Cooking

Most of you have heard about the Mediterranean diet and the much praised use of olive oil. Olive oil is a great, healthy oil to use in its raw form, but you must not use it to cook with. More on that later, but first let’s find out what olive oil is and how it is made.

Olive oil is made from the fruit of the olive tree. There are several types of olive oil and the type, in part, determines how the oil was made and what it should be used for in cooking or other genres.

3 Types of Olive Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Ordinary Virgin Olive Oil

Although olive trees have been around for thousands and upon thousands of years. The olive tree only made it to our continent in the 1560’s when it began to be cultivated in Mexico. After that time, a few years later, olive farming spread to California, Peru, Chile, and Argentina.

One of the biggest dangers surrounding olive oil is that it begins to decompose at around 200F. Research also shows that olive oil heated repeatedly or to a very high level can oxidize and become hydrogenated.

An important thing to consider with any oil is its smoke point. The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil actually begins to smoke which is an indication of decomposition.

You’ll want to know the smoke temperature of the various oils so you can select the correct oil for the cooking job at hand.

Coconut Oil for Cooking

Coconut oil is derived from the kernel or meat of the coconut from the coconut palm. Coconut oil has been the primary source of fat for millions of people across the world for thousands of years. This slow to oxidize, therefore resistant to rancidity oil is one of the best oils not just for cooking but for overall body health.

Coconut oil is beneficial in many ways; almost too many to mention. In brief, coconut oil is helpful to the body in the following ways:

  • Hair Care
  • Skin Care
  • Heart Disease Prevention
  • Weight Loss Aid (Short and medium fatty acid chains help with weight loss as well as its ability to help balance the thyroid and enzymes in the body.)
  • Digestive Aid (The antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial traits of coconut oil fight off bacteria that cause indigestion.)
  • Immunity Booster

The main reasons why coconut oil is so healthy is the content of the following components:

  • Lauric Acid
  • Capric Acid
  • Caprylic Acid

These components have vital properties that make coconut oil protect the body by utilizing the following characteristics:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Antioxidant
  • Antifungal
  • Antibacterial

These properties are what aid in fighting fungus and viruses in the body leading to improved health and vitality. In my opinion, cooking with coconut oil is one of the smartest health choices you can make.

There are many oils to choose from today; good, bad, and ugly. It’s important to make an educated decision about what oils you choose to cook with as well as what oils you allow to be in the foods you are eating.

Check your labels and look for high quality oils that are not hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. It’s vital to select oils that are good for you and not fall into the media hype surrounding the next oil that you should ban from your diet.


Every time you turn on the news there’s a story about what type of oil you should avoid and which type you should use. Discover the truth about cooking oils and which ones are the best choice for you and your family.

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  1. JAMIE HESS on


    • Jim on

      Jamie, I agree! This site has turned into a marketing tool more than an information site. Especially with the MLM company that he is pushing so hard!

      • Dr. Axe on


        Beyond Organic is a company started by a man who is committed to providing the best, most healthy food on the planet. I have been to the ranch where the cattle are being raised, seen (and tasted) the meat and dairy products and found them to be of the highest quality around.

        I only promote those companies and products I firmly believe in and this is one of them. With all of the health problems facing our world today, this is one of the beacons of light that is trying to show us a better way.

      • Steve on

        >>Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above may be “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. <<

        That says it all. Dr. Josh, you are no longer an unbiased and creditable source.

    • Jane on

      Well, would you really expect him to sponsor things not good for any one? Of course, he will make available only the good things to us. You can go elsewhere and get other products — your choice!!!!

    • Dr. Axe on


      You are correct, this article is mainly focused on the benefits of coconut oil. There are so many oils that can cause serious health concerns when cooked. I use coconut oil in almost all of my cooking and believe strongly in its benefits. All of the products sold in my store are a reflection of what I personally use and recommend to family and friends.

      My mission is to explain, promote and make available the healthy alternatives to our society’s incredibly unhealthy norms.

      As for other healthy cooking oils, you can use raw butter, grapeseed oil or sesame seed oil.

    • Joanne on

      @Steve, Dr. Axe promotes products and foods that are nutritious and beneficial. After reading the Makers Diet and having Jordan Rubin visit our church and talk about this diet along with his products, I have no doubt that Garden of Life products provide some the highest quality ingredients that you will find on the market. A lot of research has gone into Garden of Life and the way these products are made.

      For you to say that his promotion of these products makes him a biased and uncreditable source is accusatory to say the least.

      HOWEVER, Garden of Life products are pretty expensive and I’d like to know Dr. Axe if there are any other brands out there that you would recommend or endorse for people that are on tight budgets, that would love to have amazing supplements that are close to what Garden of Life offers.

      • John on

        @Jamie,Jim, Steve:
        I shared some of your thoughts at first when I first discovered Dr. Axe, but then I analyzed my thoughts before jumping to a conclusion. If Dr. Axe was strictly about self-promotion and profit only, he wouldn’t offer access to his very informational website for free. You can tell he genuinely wants to help people become healthier.

        Basically, he has done the research on products and suggests to get Garden of Life because it’s a proven brand he believes in and feels comfortable recommending it. Obviously you can buy another brand if you want to compare the ingredients yourself to make sure it isn’t compromised.

        Can you blame the guy for wanting to make a little bit of profit for promoting a specific company? He has to make money somehow, otherwise this website wouldn’t exist. Do you do your job for free? And how is him making a couple bucks on G-of-L any different from doctors making money off of pharmaceutical companies and their harmful products?

        Simply put, if you come across a big word you’re not familiar with…..would you rather track down a dictionary and look for the meaning, or simply ask a qualified person that knows what they’re talking about for a definition of the word?

      • Steve on

        John, Joanne,
        The biggest problem I have is that 6 months ago he was promoting the Mediteranean diet with lots of olive oil. He was telling us to eat olive oil. Go look at his recipes and you will find olive oil in the majority! Now he’s changed gears and says that will kill us. Does Garden of Life sell olive oil? Nope. Now I’ll change gears- GOL just had a major recall of their RAW VITAMIN C. Did he tell us about that? I never heard him. FDA says they were putting undeclared soy proteins in it! He hates soy protein. Last year he was selling Axe Naturals- what happened to those? He continually quotes and refers to Dr. Mercola. Do you know about Mercola? He is constantly running foul of the law. A true snake oil salesman. Be careful of who you model yourself after Dr. Axe. You may become like them. I recognize the good advice helping us eat, excercise and live better lives just as I recognize biased advice where there’s a buck to be made. I’ve listened to Dr. Axe since he came on the air. I’ve listened to Dave Ramsey since he was on AM radio with Roy Matlock. I saw Ramsey go from just offering good advice to selling any and everything he can put his name on to those people who truly don’t get it and are willing to give him their money. And they do! Ramsey is laughing all the way to the bank. Is Dr. Axe heading in the same direction? Will Dr. Axe be selling baseball caps and key rings next? There’s a big difference between advising we should excercise and eat right and advising we should excercise and eat this product that I have for sale. And notably so when the olive oil was fine until GOL started selling Coconut oil. Nothing wrong with making as much money as possible, I do. That gives me an idea for a new show, I’ll call it “Maximize your Wealth!”.

  2. ramon on

    Whats your opinion on avocado oil and other kinds of oil? i believed that we should have options to choose about

    • marcia on

      Dr. Axe should be one source of information for you as you learn how to improve your health through food and exercise. He is not saying don’t eat olive oil!!! He is saying do not cook with it because when you heat it, olive oil becomes a trans fat…eat it raw!!!! It is important to buy cold pressed oils…all of which I believe have benefits…like avocado oil…just don’t heat them to high temperatures. They all have different uses and benefits.

      If you do any research coconut oil is one of the best oils you can cook with…that is true! You don’t have to buy the one he mentions. Go to Whole Foods and get the best deal. Do buy organic and cold pressed oils. We order alot of products through Swanson Vitamins on the internet. I have fallen in love with all things coconut. I use coconut oil on toast, and I just take a tablespoon or more every day. I cook bison burgers in it and eggs. It is so beneficial.

      Josh Axe has a wonderful wealth of information! His website is free!! You do not have to take his advice.

      • Gail (regular Gail) on

        Excellent, Marcia.
        You covered it all and very well.
        I don’t see any ‘pushing’ – I view it all as suggestive sharing.

      • Kelli on

        Thank you Marcia! You are so right. The brand anyone chooses is just that……..a choice. If you (and I mean anyone who left a comment or not) came on this page on purpose or by accident it is safe to say you are looking for knowledge about what is healthy and what is not. Dr. Axe has shared his knowledge for free and given you recommendations on what he likes.
        There are many healthy oil options and yes, a lot of them are expensive and most of the specialty or exotic oils are meant to be used with very little to no heat. Hemp seed oil is another great one that should not be heated and really needs to be refrigerated due to a shorter shelf life. You cannot prevent rancidity in lipids, you can only delay or slow the progression.
        Coconut oil has a very high heat tolerance. Like Marcia says, if you find a good USDA Organic option that is cold processed and a price you like then that is the one you should buy. The same goes for any other thing you decide to put in your mouth as a food source. If you are researching and don’t like the advice or suggestion someone makes, you can always find another source of information out there.

    • Kelli on

      Grapeseed Oil is a good choice but not for cooking. It also has a very short shelf life of about 3 to 6 months and we may not know the time frame of the product from manufacturing/production to the time it gets to the store and we buy it. This includes USDA Organic also. I wouldn’t recommend buying a very big bottle of this.

  3. Jadrian on

    Thanks for all of the great FREE information you provide to so many people! I love the products you recommend and highly promote you and your website all over Nashville and everywhere else. Thanks for investing into so many lives! Blessings to you!

  4. Beverly Chapman on

    Dr. Axe,
    I use olive oil because it is recommended for blood type A diets. Blood type A diet states to avoid coconut. So I am assuming this means coconut oil as well. Please offer your advice. Thank you.

  5. Kindra on

    If he did not share the brands he used some would complain. And if I helped many thousands of people, and guided them toward the proper tools to help them gain health, I would want some boot too! He has sent those companies many customers and I am sure the companies that he supports and advertises for are grateful for the publicity! And I am grateful for the info i receive even though I may not be able to follow to the T, I do appreciate it all!

    • Kindra on

      I also would like to know the difference between “pure coconut” oil and the others? Thanks in advance!

  6. Terry on

    Dr. Axe,

    I purchased a jar of coconut oil from your website, but am not sure how to use it. It seems to be a semi-solid, so should I substitute it for oils or solid fats in recipies? Also, will it make my food taste coconutty?

    I appreciate the fact that you sell hard to find items that you have researched and endorse on your site. Thank you!

    • Beccca on

      You can put the jar in warm water to make it more liquid before measuring for your recipes.

  7. Dan on

    John nailed it. Those who whine about promotion of trustworthy products probably want everything to be free or government provided at someone else’s expense. Josh has nothing to be ashamed of yet that I’ve heard about. Again, John is right. If Josh’s work isn’t financed somehow we don’t get the benefit of his freely provided information. Grow up whiners or point to something substantial that brings Josh’s work into legitimate question.

  8. Paul on

    ATT: Complainers

    Dr.Axe did say to check out what’s best for you and your family, he is pointing us in the right direction.

    Is his time not worth anything to you? You are getting free information to improve your health and life, is that not priceless?

    So he makes some money and what? He earned it!

    You whiners love to buy but are scared to death of being sold!

    Thank you for the free information Dr. Axe!

  9. Gail on

    I use coconut oil and grapeseed oil for cooking; olive oil for cooking on very low temperatures quickly; and for non-cooked items.
    You get used to the coconut taste and after awhile you don’t taste it at all. In fact, now I actually prefer it.
    It starts out solid, so use a dollop in your pan. On hot days, it liquefies in your kitchen. I always buy two jars at a time – one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom counter – for my skin.
    Dr. Josh doesn’t push anything – he only shares and recommends. I buy some GL items and a mixture of other brands of other things. Basically, after 33 years of being into good healthy things, I pretty much have found what I like and what works, and what I can afford.
    Now, let’s talk about marketing. I have a particular local mall in mind. On one end is a car dealership. Then there’s a Target, Sporting Goods, Penney’s, etc – all ‘retail’ places. There’s also a TJ Maxx/Home Goods, and a franchised place to eat.
    The car dealership operates on commission. This is my least favorite of all.
    Retail is my second least favorite. The companies mass-purchased product for a price and then did a large markup to sell publicly. Often times you get what you get and your sales person may or may not know anything about the product. Also not my favorite, but it is convenient.
    TJMaxx/Home Goods buys overstocks, irregulars, etc for a greatly discounted price and marks up at a lesser percentage to the public. It’s called treasure chest shopping because you really do have to dig, in order to really get the deals. It can be fun if you love to shop. I don’t.
    Then there’s multi-level marketing. In 35 years, I have not only been a MLM customer to numerous companies/products but I’ve also marketed them. My experience has usually been that the product is a superior product that surpasses anything found in the retail stores. The information is incredible, thorough and heavily researched and usually presented by someone who is also interested in being well informed themselves.
    We are all familiar with some of the oldest names around: Tupperware, Avon, Amway, Mary Kay, etc. were some of the first ones uttered.
    Over the years we have seen some of the highest quality products in healthcare products, skin care, natural cleaners, childrens products, kitchen items, educational toys and materials etc.
    This has always been my FAVORITE means of purchasing an item because I want the best of the best for what I can afford to buy.
    I also LOVE that I am helping someone (particurly in this economy) be able to stay at home; or have a second income; or supplement their income by selling a product I am going to buy ANYWAY.
    Just as I have a hairdresser, a mechanic, a doctor, a veterinarian..I also have an Avon lady, a Mary Kay lady, a Pampered Chef lady, and so on. I buy the products because I love them.

    • Jim on

      Gail, I hate to inform you that MLM products are often grossly overpriced for the value when they report that there is no “retail overhead”. People sign up with these MLM companies, and it is marketed as such to “get in on the ground level” so that you can become rich off of all of the folks below you. I think the profits should be offered as mid-level pricing for everyone from the company, not in the “pyramid” fashion.

      • Gail on

        You’re not informing me of anything I don’t already know, but I don’t get duped, schemed, coerced, convinced into anything or do anything blindly without already having done all my research.
        I only buy products I actually like and have used for years that work better, are better, are of greater quality, AND fairly priced – or not at all.
        How a company is structured is irrelevant to me because I make the appropriate choices so I am unaffected by its structuring.
        It’s funny how much the “pyramid fashion” gets people’s panties so in a wad, and yet all corporate structure is a ‘pyramid’; the military; REAL ESTATE, and insurance. (Yes, AFLAC, btw is also ‘multi-level’ but the public doesn’t know that). And yet, does that seem to bother anyone?
        The basis of why MLM’s or the ‘pyramid’ bother people is fear. Fearing of being foolish, fear of being duped, or used. If someone is well informed and understands what they are doing, there’s no fear.
        MLM’s don’t bother me. I usually TELL THEM a thing or two.
        If I were to have any fear or great distaste for anything it would be the US Government, and US Corporate.
        Now THAT is something worthy of a rant.

      • Eric on


        MLM and affiliates are two different things. Josh is a great guy and genuine. His passion for good nutrition came from personal experience. Why would you begrudge anyone of making money selling products? Jordan Rubin is alive today because the medical model failed and he started to follow the diet prescribed by God’s Word. I applaud his efforts and support what Josh is doing on this website. He works hard and is offering life-saving advice.

  10. Dr. Axe on

    I appreciate everyone interacting on the site and think it’s great to hear both positive and negative feedback. I operated the website for 2 years without offering any products and continued to get the question: “Dr. Axe, what products do you recommend and what do you personally take?” So I began to offer some basic supplements and make recommendations with articles.

    As for some other healthy oils. I have used Avocado Oil but wouldn’t recommend you cook with it because like Olive Oil can oxidize with heat so can this oil. I use Coconut Oil about 90% of the time, but depending on the recipe will sometimes use raw butter, ghee, grapeseed oil, or sesame oil. Not to say these are the only good oils just the one’s I feel safe using. Also, I have used some nut oils in the past like macadamia nut oil when I make my homemade nut butters!

    • Aileen S. Hanson on

      Great info. I just came across your web site and love it! Yes.. for us we either cook with coconut oil and about 90% of the time too. If it is a recipe where I do not want to impart the tropical flavor I use Grapeseed oil. It is good to read info. from you which confirms that we are on the healthiest track for the oils we chose for cooking.

  11. Carita on

    Hi, I use butter to cook with….how healthy is that?( or unhealthy) I do not really enjoy cooking with coconut oil, any other oils or substances I could cook with?

    • Gail on

      Cook with whatever you want – just be informed of its health effects and what your other options are.
      I do like ghee (clarified butter) for certain things, too.
      You might try something different once in awhile and see what you think. You might be surprised.
      I get a really good deal on the coconut oil I buy and I do like it. I still use olive oil, but not at high temperatures anymore.

  12. Gail on

    Part of being an informed, educated consumer is being able to DISCERN.
    I gloss over people like Dr. Mercola and Dave Ramsey, taking what is ‘good’, and what is ‘right’, and tossing that which is not.
    Quite often I read some of Dr. M’s stuff and shake my head. Nope. Then other times, he brings up something that is worth looking into.
    I greatly appreciate what Ramsey has brought to the world of the financially challenged folks who have never been taught any solid principles or who have gotten into a bind. For that he has done a great service. I also was impressed with hearing some of his solutions to our country’s deficit problems. That, too, was an almost ‘gifted’ response. BUT, at the same time, I find him to be a gloating, ARROGANT SOB, who is rude as hell. (pardon me..)

    And honestly, isn’t that true for just about anyone we relate to? Friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, Pastors?
    You learn about a person, learn to accept them for who they are; appreciate some things, and don’t waste time on the rest.

  13. Rita Maggi on

    After opening, all cooking oils should be stored in the refrigerator to keep them fresh and keep them from becoming rancid…As for olive oil, it’s an excellent cooking oil, and as for ALL oils, keep your eyes on your cooking so the oil does not burn and become oxidative. That’s the bottom line.

  14. Aileen S. Hanson on

    I absolutely love coconut oil for cooking and raw coconut butter for snacking and on lightly toasted sprouted bread. It is funny because as a kid I would never eat candy or cookies with coconut in it. Raw coconut butter is a great choice over jellies for toast.

  15. Carol Dozier on

    I don’tthink coconut oil is very tasty. Certainly not as good as olive oil. I’m from an Italian family. My grandparents are from Italy. My grandfather lived to 92, and he doi not watch his diet! I, however, am 65 and look 15 years younger. )(So I’ve been told many times) Good genes! I have always eaten well and right. I lift weights ,and Iam in better shape than most women much younger with no health issues and no medication. I guess I’ll continue using extra virgin olive oil! Thanks for the tip!

    • marcia on


      I am 64 and in good health…always researching new findings in the area of nutrition. Your reply sounded a little closed minded. Dr. Axe is not saying don’t use extra virgin olive oil…just don’t use it when you are cooking at high temperatures. Olive oil then becomes a trans fat…we are trying to avoid those.

      • marcia on


        Grape seed oil is a great oil to use when you are cooking at high temperatures. It has no real distinct flavor and doesn’t turn to a trans fat. I use it a lot when I don’t want the taste of coconut in my recipe.

  16. Francis on

    In the past Dr. Axe HAS discussed the benefits of not only coconut oil, but grape seed oil as well. He did a whole article on grape seed oil in fact. I have not seen him trying to sell grape seed oil in his clinic or online. Even at his clinic, which I receive my adjustments, he does not push products. I have asked him about beneficial oils and vitamins and he advises what he thinks is best and leaves it at that. I then go out on my own to research first before I make a final decision and I don’t feel pressure to purchase his recommendations. He really isn’t trying to PUSH or pedal “snake oil” And don’t use the word snake oil so lightly. “snake oil” is a label that was created for peddlers who sell a product that they claim will cure an ailment, they take your money and then disappear knowing that the product will do no such good for the body. None of the products mentioned are claims to cure ailments, they are merely products that have a lot of health benefits. Dr. Axe does not claim that they will heal or cure any one disease, and let’s get real here, there is no drug, natural herb, etc. that will keep us alive forever or cure every person of the same disease. There are medicines, herbs, etc. That will help us live healthier longer lives but all of our bodies were created to degenerate and die no matter what we do. My advice… stop looking for that magical cure, take healthy advice when it is given, do your own research and make a decision of what is best for you. Realize that there are people out there just trying to help and in order to survive in this world they have to make a living. If they put the work into this sort of living they should be paid for it.
    As far as the costs of natural vs. medical products goes, I buy the garden of life prenatals, and while those are costly I can say that they cost a lot less than the prenatals that my OB had prescribed me in my past pregnancy, and some of those ingredients were synthetic. The fake, chemically engineered vitamin supplements cost $60.00 a bottle. Imagine that bill alone for nine months.
    We all want what is best for ourselves and our families and it will always cost more if you don’t want to do the work and the research yourself. This is a free site that promotes products that are thought to be the best for our bodies, and the work and research put into the product is only paid for when you decide to buy it.

    • Gail - Regular Gail on

      I like your post. In particular, your last paragraph:
      “We all want what is best for ourselves and our families and it will always cost more if you don’t want to do the work and the research yourself. This is a free site that promotes products that are thought to be the best for our bodies, and the work and research put into the product is only paid for when you decide to buy it.”

      The hecklers, nay-sayers, skeptics, and negative people are usually the ones who have some sort of ‘fear’ (as I mentioned before); and are also not well informed, and yet at the same time not willing to do the research as well as look for accurate information.
      Then, rather than either appreciate the research that others have done; or offer a worthy discussion, as they are unable to do either, it can only come out in defensive, or attacking criticism.

      • Francis on


        I have been enjoying your comments posted above as well, especially the one about MLM’s and the pyramid scheme. It’s so true that if you have done your research the marketing tools used to sell the product won’t matter. You have already made up your mind on the product and there is no fear of the tactics that are used to sell. It’s part of business to use sales tactics. That’s just how it is. And amen to the following statement that you made “If I were to have any fear or great distaste for anything it would be the US Government, and US Corporate.
        Now THAT is something worthy of a rant.” That is totally worth ranting about!
        And like you, I have a distaste for “fearful negative hecklers” who attack. If you have a question or a concern about something that makes you feel uncomfortable just ask politely. No need to attack someone about it.

  17. Rick on

    Sorry Steveo but you are sounding pretty lameo. The fact is that yes olive oil and the med diet are good for you and the article is only about what’s good for you to cook with! when you heat the oil up,! in the pan!, The next logical thing that happens is someone says well what do you recommend, there ya go. Sounds like somebody is just mad and coveting their neighbor for helping out other people. Have you ever been to a doctor??

    And as far as the GOL co. goes they are pretty much the best company out there and the purest. Honestly how many coconut oil brands are out there. Seriously, and the recall you are talking about with the vitamin C was the fault of one of their manufatureres. I’ve included the article below to show the other side of the coin here. GOL actually did the right thing. GOL recalled the product because they don’t and will not tolerate it. If they were scammers or greedy they would not have recalled the product and offered full refunds for a little soy residue. Would you have recalled the product steve? Here’s the article steve googled. It actually reveals GOL’s integrity and Dr. Josh Axe has integrity as well. I didn’t see him slam you after you took a couple of shots at him. You showed your true colors by even commenting on this site the way you did. I think it’s time for you to run along and go be miserable somewhere else or start drinking the kefir every morning that GOL has coming out! You know you’re gonna want to. Wait I’ll send you my link to sign up! You know you want to, you’re gonna miss it.

    Garden of Life, LLC announces that it is voluntarily recalling its Raw Vitamin C because these products may contain undeclared soy proteins.

    “It has come to Garden of Life’s attention that one of our unaffiliated third party manufacturers for this product also processes soy in its facilities. Because Raw Vitamin C does not utilize any ingredients originally derived from soy, we were surprised to learn that some bottles of our Raw Vitamin C tested positive for significant amounts of soy proteins

    Any consumers concerned with soy and not fully satisfied with their Raw Vitamin C purchase should return the unused portion of the product to the place of purchase for a full refund.”

  18. larry beasley on

    i have been using coconut oil for cooking for three months the past week i had blood work done my hdl was 48 my ldl was 130 twice the suggestion it the coconut oil

  19. Kristy on

    What about saturated fat in coconut oil? My husband just had double by-pass surgery and I’m looking for the best cooking oil. Mostly I use olive oil, but that is a little strong for baked goods.

    • Karen on

      Just asked my Mother in law and she reccomends that you read the books
      coconut miracle by bruce fife
      know your fats by mary enig
      hope this helps

  20. Julie Toews on

    My friend told me about the “ills” of vegetable oils, and got me to use rice oil when I need to cook with high temps. I do love coconut oil, use it and organic butter and organic palm fruit oil. But what about the rice oil is it a decent choice or not. I really care and cannot find info on it. Thanks for the health info.

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