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Dr. Axe’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide (Including the #1 Mattress I Trust)


Healthy holiday gift guide - Dr. Axe

With every holiday gift you give, you have the power to transform a person’s life for the better — and create positive ripple effects around the world. Since wellness means different things to different people — maybe it’s a solid night’s sleep, clean beauty products or exercise gear they’ll actually want to use — I put together this healthy holiday gift guide with the intention of including wellness gift ideas that range from affordable stocking stuffers they’ll love to pricier, big-ticket items if you’re in a position to splurge.

I use many of these products in my own everyday life and know firsthand the benefits they bring to people’s lives. I’m confident that you’ll find something for every wellness seeker on your list. Happy holidays! -Dr. Axe

Healthy Holiday Gifts: Bedroom

Healthy holiday gift guide - Dr. Axe


I’m always willing to test out something new, so when Intellibed offered me a mattress to test out at a discounted rate, I gave it a shot. The rest is history. This is now the bed I sleep on at home each night, and I consider it the best health and wellness mattress on the market. The nontoxic gel matrix layer contours to your body, and the bed is guaranteed not to sag or dip for the first 20 years.

Get it: $3,199 and up, intellibed.com

Dr. Axe Exclusive Offer

  • 10 percent off an Intellibed Organix mattress
  • Free shipping and setup (value: $269 to $369)
  • Free OmniGuard mattress protector (value: up to $199)
  • 2 free Intellibed pillows (value: $378)
  • Free bamboo sheets (value: up to $239)
  • Offer valid until December 31, 2018

Weighting Comforts Blanket

Do you know someone who suffers from symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, restless leg syndrome or depression? As it turns out, weighted blankets may offer drug-free relief for many of these ailments, triggering a kind of calm-down cue for the nervous system. In fact, a recent study found weight blankets led to 63 percent lower anxiety after use.

Weighted blankets work like a deep tissue massage. The pressure releases serotonin in the body and some of that serotonin becomes melatonin. Melatonin helps us relax and sleep. Started by a therapist, Weighting Comforts intentionally hires refugees in Nashville to sew this blanket so they create a better life for their families.

Get it: $60 and up, www.weightingcomforts.com

Healthy holiday gift guide pillow - Dr. Axe

Avocado Green Pillow

You and your loved ones spend (hopefully) eight hours a night on a pillow. That’s nearly 3,000 hours a year. Finding a top-notch pillow is key, but finding the best pillow can be challenging. The Avocado Green Pillow makes it easy. These pillows are truly nontoxic, made from natural latex and natural kapok fill, not plastic-based filler. Finally, the inner portion is wrapped in a certified organic cotton cover for a medium-plush feel. With a high-standard Greenguard Gold certification, this Made in the USA pillow is also vegan, so you can rest easy knowing no animals are harmed in sourcing and producing this product.

Get it: $79, avocadogreenmattress.com

Healthy Holiday Gifts: Workout Clothing

Healthy holiday gift guide icebreaker - Dr. Axe

Icebreaker Running Tights & Baselayers

While you may not equate your workout gear to the plight of the oceans, the reality is that plastic-based workout clothing is creating waves of microplastic pollution. And these microplastics — tiny bits of fibers from tech clothing — are actually turning up in the food chain.

That’s why finding workout clothing that works and uses high levels of natural fibers is key. Icebreaker utilizes a high percentage of naturally antimicrobial wool to create a more sustainable workout experience. Women’s Comet Tights, left, and Men’s Tech Trainer Hybrid Pants, right, are staples for any workout enthusiast’s closet.

Get it: $130 and up, icebreaker.com

Healthy holiday gift guide guppyfriend - Dr. Axe


When we wash plastic-based tech clothing, the fibers wind up going down the drain and inevitably make their way into the oceans. Did you know that on average, there are 4 billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer of the deep sea? The GUPPYFRIEND washing bag helps capture that pollution before it winds up in waterways, where it’s doing serious damage not just to animals, but humans, too.

Get it: $29.75, patagonia.com

Healthy Holiday Gifts: Caffeine, Libations & More

Birds & Beans Organic Coffee

This coffee is for the birds. In fact, it saves critical habitat for some of our favorite backyard birds that migrate south every winter. This coffee carries the Smithsonian Bird Friendly seal, guaranteeing it’s organic, fair trade and grown under biodiverse forests in the shade, like coffee’s meant to be. (You’ll taste the difference. Everyone does.)

The most popular roast? The Scarlet Tanager. It packs a smooth, creamy mouth feel with the savory sweetness of chocolate. Available in 12-ounce, 2-pound and 5-pound bags.

Get it: $13 and up, birdsandbeanscoffee.com

Healthy holiday gift guide dry farms wine - Dr. Axe

Dry Farms Wine

Dry Farm Wines only sells wine that is non-irrigated, all-natural, additive-free, organically produced, below a certain level of alcohol (< 12.5%) and guaranteed to be pure because it is always lab-tested. The company doesn’t operate its own vineyard but imports organic, natural wines from small family farmers located across the world. The imports mainly come from Europe, where winemakers traditionally create wines in this manner and have for thousands of years).

The grapes are hand harvested and created with wild native yeast. Share a one-time order of 3, 6 or 12 bottles or gift a temporary membership.

Get it: $88 and up, dryfarmwines.com

Healthy holiday gift guide frey wine - Dr. Axe

Frey Wine

A pioneer in the organic wine industry, Frey is America’s first organic and biodynamic winery. True stewards of the land, Frey works with nature, not against it, and invites sheep, goats and chickens into the vineyard for natural pest control and soil building. Its biodynamic wines are created by tapping into the harmonious rhythm of the planet, so naturally, no pesticides or preservatives are used. Check out Frey’s Merry Mixed Holiday Gift Pack, or create your own combination to gift.

Get it: $9 and up, freywine.com

Mulled Mind Reusable Straws

Unfortunate estimate: Americans use about 500 million plastic straws a day. We can do better. Take The Last Plastic Straw pledge, and then pick up a set of these food-grade, stainless steel, reusable straws for everyone on your list. They’re handmade in the USA.

Get it: $4 and up, etsy.com

Healthy Holiday Gifts: Exercise

Healthy holiday gift guide peloton - Dr. Axe

Peloton Bike

I’ve already called the Peloton bike the most addictive piece of exercise equipment on the planet. With a touchscreen that connects to your internet, you’ll be able to take thousands of on-demand or live classes with top-level instructors from the Peloton studio in New York City. And trust me, there are classes for whatever musical mood or shape you’re in.

The high-tech bike also keeps track of your stats, including heart rate, calories, your rides and much more. Earn badges along the way as you connect with others and start hitting your goals.

Get it: $2,245 + $39/month class subscription, onepeloton.com

JadeYoga Mat

Dubbed the first “green” and “nontoxic” yoga mat, JadeYoga mats are made from natural rubber, a renewable resource, not chemical-laden vinyl or other cheap plastics. With a variety of thicknesses, colors and widths to choose from, this is a mat any true yogi will appreciate. Side perk: JadeYoga plants a tree for each yoga mat it sells. (1.5 million and counting…)

Get it: $39.95 and up; jadeyoga.com

Healthy holiday gift guide triggerpoint - Dr. Axe
Trigger Point Nano Foot Roller

Perfect for runners and people who work out hard or spend a lot of time on their feet, this self-myofascial release roller mimics a massage therapist’s fingertips to help work out tension and trigger points on the bottom of the foot. I also recommend it for people who wear high heels and are at risk for plantar fasciitis, a nagging condition characterized by inflammation of the thick fascia tissues of the heels.

Get it: $19.99 and up, amazon.com

Rogue Foam Roller

Foam rolling is where it’s at. And why not share that with your loved ones? Foam roller exercises improve flexibility, joint range of motion and circulation, while reducing exercise-related muscle soreness and preventing injuries. Emerging research even suggests foam rolling reduces cortisol and anxiety.

I especially like these Rogue rollers for beginners because they’re less dense than rigid versions, giving your muscles time to get used to the pressure. These rollers are also Made in the USA, an added plus. Remember, if you give this as a gift, make sure the gift recipient uses it correctly. (See No. 4 in my workout mistakes article.)

Get it: $19.99 and up, roguefitness.com

Healthy Holiday Gifts: Personal Care Stocking Stuffers

Healthy holiday gift guide eye balm - Dr. Axe

Hush + Dotti Eye Balm

This under eye moisturizer penetrates. And it does so using zero toxins. No wonder it’s rumored to be a must-have item professional makeup artists’ kits. This natural blend is infused with cucumber oil to reduce puffiness, along with soothing essential oils, smoothing olive squalene and repairing arnica. Zero toxins. Proudly created and manufactured in the USA.

Get it: $36, hushdotti.com

Dr. Brite Mint Activated Charcoal Whitening Mineral Toothpaste

Skip the health hazards in a tube and reach for this natural toothpaste, one of the first to achieve Environmental Working Group’s EWG Verified certification. EWG boosts a long history calling of out toxic ingredients in products. Since launching its Skin Deep Cosmetics Database more than a decade ago, it’s easier than ever to find safer personal care products — and avoid the worst ones.

The EWG Verified seal ensures the product meets strict labeling and ingredient criteria.

Get it: $7.99, drbrite.com

Healthy holiday gift guide purelygreat - Dr. Axe

Purelygreat Unscented Charcoal Deodorant

A perfectly little holiday stocking stuffer, this mild deodorant cream helps neutralize sweat and odor for hours, thanks to its activated charcoal ingredient. Made out of simple ingredients: corn starch, baking soda, glycerin and charcoal powder, you can rest assure there’s no aluminum, phthalates, fake fragrances or other harmful chemicals in this nontoxic formulation.

Get it: $10.99, amazon.com


Healthy holiday gift guide exfoliating grains - Dr. Axe


Hush + Dotti Sugah Sand

Remember those pesky microplastics we talked about earlier? Although popular for years, there’s a problem with plastic microbead exfoliators. They wreak havoc once down the drain. Thankfully, there are much better options today. I like this exfoliator from Hush + Dotti because it taps into natural exfoliators like bamboo powder and dried Moroccan orange peel to gently scrub away dead cells. Made in the USA.

Get it: $36, hushdotti.com

Healthy Holiday Gifts: Garden


Many garden tools on the market simply aren’t built with a woman in mind. So Green Heron Tools set out to develop ones that work well for female growers. In fact, the scientifically designed HERShovel is considered the first gardening tool ever designed specifically for women. The reviews say it all … and side perk, this high-quality shovel is made in America.

Get it: $69.49, greenherontools.com

Seed Savers Exchange Gift Card

Seed Savers Exchange is a noble nonprofit that’s so much more than just a seed catalog company. Here, the seed collectors are focused on preserving heirloom varieties that many of our great-grandparents planted in their farms, fields and gardens. Featuring organic and non-GMO seed, this is a go-to source for some of the most delicious heirloom veggie seeds available. And know that by gifting these seeds, you’ll be enabling a gardener friend to help keep a cherished variety alive.

Get it: $10 and up, www.seedsavers.org

Healthy holiday gift guide mushrooms - Dr. Axe

Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Grow Kit

A really fun experiment for adults and kids alike, this kit will prove you can grow organic culinary mushrooms in 10 days flat. This kit features original and pink oyster mushrooms, antioxidant-packed fungi shown to help lower cholesterol and inflammation. Black thumb and worried you won’t succeed? Back to the Roots offers a 100% Guaranteed to Grow Promise.

Get it: $39.99, backtotheroots.com

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