Homemade Face Wash

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  1. Dinah says:

    What brand of essential oils do you recommend?

  2. Almita says:

    Coconut melt at body heat temp. If made in smaller quantity, can melting at low temp be bypassed, or does it adds a desired effect?

    • The melting point will not change

      • Sherrill says:

        I think she was asking, can the action of melting it over heat on the stove be bypassed if you’re just making a small quantity?
        I was wondering the same thing.. I prefer to avoid applying high heat to precious things whenever possible

  3. Kelly says:

    Do you put this on and wash it off with a washcloth? Also, can you do fractioned coconut oil?

  4. Kathyann Snavely says:

    Do you know anything good for head cold. I’m stopped up on one side. Feel like I’m running fever.

  5. Beulah says:

    Sounds good! I’m keen to try it. Just want to know whether I need to avoid the sun after using this or is the lemon oil sufficiently diluted not to be photo toxic?

    • I haven’t had a problem with that but if you’re worried about it, you can definitely substitute lemon with tea tree oil!

      • Leigha says:

        What I understand is coconut oil has a natural SPF of 8. I would think that would dominate the lemon oil due to the much higher quantity of coconut oil.

  6. Beulah says:

    Sounds good! I’m keen to try it. Just want to know whether I need to avoid the sun after using this or is the lemon oil sufficiently diluted not to be phototoxic?

  7. patty says:

    @ Dr. Axe What names of stores sells coconut oil, lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil, lemon essential oil and tea tree essential oil)

  8. Margaret says:

    Will try this. Word of caution. Coconut oil will stain cotton washcloths and I haven’t found anything to remove the stains. You may want to get some that you use just for face washing so as not to ruin ALL your washcloths.

    • Roshini says:

      Try soaking the washcloths in a hot water solution with Washing soda. They are great at removing oil stains of all kinds.

  9. Shirley Schultz says:

    Hi Dr! I loved your recipe and thank you for printing it. I used Young Living Essential Oils to make this, I hope that was ok. If you don’t want this recipe made with these oils, I apologize to you. I just didn’t want to post this unless you thought it would be ok. Thank you so much for your posts and recipes. I really like them!

  10. Barbara Stone says:

    Where do I get the coconut oil, lavender oil, frankincense oil, and lemon oils for the natural face wash? What do you use?

  11. wacky one says:

    You can put it in witch hazel too, couldn’t you?

  12. Jennifer Scott says:

    I’m allergic to coconut. Is there an alternative I can use?

  13. Rachael says:

    Is there a trick to getting the baking soda to blend with the oil! Or am I just being impatient and I need to keep stirring, and stirring, and stirring? Haha.

  14. Justine says:

    Do you still use a toner or moisturizer after washing with this face wash?

  15. Ruth says:

    I’m having to use soap to get the oil off my face. Any suggestions? Wash cloth just smears it around:-) I’m really enjoying your home-made items. Thanks for all your hard work.

    • I would try adding in a little more baking soda. Also make sure you are using warm water and a small amount. Thanks for the encouragement!

      • Ruth says:

        I wanted to follow up with you about this. Once I got use to using the product, I love it! Just had to figure it out. I’m surprised but I still need some more moisture afterwards, I just use coconut oil and all is good. Thanks again. (Making my second batch.)

      • Great! Thanks for following up, Ruth!

  16. Debi says:

    I made this the day before yesterday for the 1st time and I love it! I put it in a recycled amber glass jar and I allowed it to set up and then used the handle of a tsp. to stir it all up so that the baking soda mixed throughout. After using it the 1st time I decided that I wanted a bit more baking soda in it so I added more and stirred it all up again until well blended. I love that after using it, it leaves a soft moisturized feeling on my face. Yesterday after working in the garden I decided this would be therapeutic for my hands. Wow! It was great, cleaned thoroughly and left my hands very soft. Next up on my list to make – shampoo, conditioner and household cleanser. I ordered some glass spray bottles yesterday. One more area of my life being detoxed! Thanx Dr. Axe :-)

    • That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!

      • Ruth says:

        Agreed, this stuff is great on hands and I use it on my legs too for shaving. Feet…everything. Still working on getting it right for the face though. I think I need more baking soda and to use less.

        Would sugar be better or worse than the baking soda? I need a scrub. Thanks!

  17. Caryn says:

    I have Rosacea on my cheeks, chin and upper neck. It can be just a small bit of redness OR much larger areas that get bright red and sensitive to touch. Will your homemade face wash be gentle and calming for my skin?

  18. Sylvia says:

    I would love to try this recipe, I have oily skin can I add tea tree oil? And my concern, is has anyone had drain issues with coconut oil? I do oil pulling but I spit it in trash because im not sure. Thank you

  19. Lillie says:

    I’ve been using this recipe for about 2 months now and love it! I substituted the frankincense and lemon for the tea tree oil since i”m prone to acne. Is there a reason I couldn’t have all 3 essential oils together? I have scars and browns spots that I would like to get rid of and I know that frankincense would help with that, no?

  20. Luis says:

    Made a batch of this today and trust me this is way better than using those other face wash products which have a bunch of chemicals which can potentially harm you.

  21. Brandy Rager says:

    My Mom and I made this recipe on Saturday and we are in love with it!!! We are on day 3 of using it and are completely addicted to the way it leaves our skin feeling. We will no longer be spending our money on expensive soaps and lotions! We love it so much that we made another batch for my Cousin, Aunt and Grandma. I’m sure they will love it too. Thank you Dr. Axe for sharing your knowledge with us!! You are awesome! :)

  22. Ayisha miles says:

    What can I substitute the baking soda for? Won’t it be too harsh on a teen’s skin (alkaline)

  23. cristina says:

    Hello. Dr, baking soda used every day in this face wash is not to aggressive for skin face? Thank you.

  24. monica says:

    Hello. If I use baking soda every day it is not harmful for my skin face?Thank you.

  25. Chasity says:

    Hi Dr. Axe! Can I use organic expeller pressed coconut oil? Or do you suggest something else? :)

  26. Lillie says:

    Has anyone had issues with the baking soda settling to the bottom?

  27. Chasity says:

    It solidifies, right? My is kind of bubbly but has solidified as today has gone on (made it last night).
    When you say to mix before each use, how much do you use? And do you just mix that small amount in your hand before each use? Or do you mean to stir the whole mix? :)

  28. Catherine says:

    Hi, am I correct in assuming this solidifies after cooling? Assume then when you say mix well re baking powder issue, you just churn up with a spoon? And to get on your face, you’re mixing with warm water? Thank you, looking forward to trying…

  29. Marilyn says:

    I have a 13 year old son who has pretty bad acne. Can you suggest which oils would be best for this?

  30. Dawn says:

    My daughters are 8 & 11. My 8 year old has had subsabacious acne for a couple years now. I don’t want to use the retin A the Dr. prescribed. My 11 year old is starting her puberty acne on her forehead. Do we have to remove the Lemon and Frank, can we just add the tee tree oil to the original recipe? Just curious as to why the substitution.

  31. Sandra says:

    Thanks – I’ll try it – I have to wonder – does it feel like your face is actually washed afterward or does it feel oily from the coconut oil?

  32. Jenny says:

    Hi DR Axe….I watched your video on hairloss. Im hypothyroid and want to know is it ok to use all the supplements you recommended for the hairloss?

    Thank you kindly

  33. Fofo says:

    I made the face wash and I loved it but my question is when I put it on my face should I rinse my face with water after or should I leave it on ?

  34. Fofo says:

    Hi Dr Axe ….. I did the face wash and I loved it but I’m not sure if I did it right because when it is done I can’t mix it it is hard and you said mix it after each use?

  35. SHelums says:

    My mixture didn’t solidify after mixing everything together. I made it last night and today it’s still liquid. Do you think I didn’t something wrong?

  36. evette says:

    What fo you recommend for hair loss? Dr. Axe

  37. kanwal says:

    Dr. Axe

    Hope you are fine. Dr. I see daily your post on Facebook really this post helpful for me.

    I want to know natural treatment for pigmentation if you suggest me, I am very thankful to you


  38. Brandy says:

    Wouldn’t coconut oil resolidify in your pores causing them to create comedones?

  39. Michelle says:

    A big thank you Dr Axe from across the pond in the UK, Liverpool. Love all the advice you give us xx

  40. valentina says:

    I have very oily skin and so does my 12yr old she has acne also. What would u recommend?

  41. Jessica says:

    I’m trying to wrap my head around this and am a bit confused:

    1) Do we rinse our faces after this is used? Or wipe it off?

    2) Does this also remove make-up residue?

    3) I absolutely LOVE my store bought facial cleanser as I have acne prone skin (esp to olive oil) but am interested in trying the natural method. Any way to test this before I risk a full face break out?

  42. Kristin says:

    Should I have any concern about tea tree oil being suspect as a hormone disruptor? I hear a lot about that and I’m curious. Your thoughts?


    Plan on making this face wash recipe but I’m allergic to lavender oil. I have very dry skin…what should I use in place of lavender?

    Love your webpage…am learning so much. Have had serious depression for years. Am trying to get off of antidepressants and think I am B12 deficient…have all the symptoms of malabsorption. Hair loss, insomnia, very dry skin, lack of focus…the list is too long. I underwent surgery for hiatal hernia and am trying to bounce back. Doctors just prescribe proton pump inhibitors that I am trying to get off of as well.

    Let me know what you think and thank you for your website…I plan on sharing with my friends and frequenting it alot!


  44. Ayu says:

    Essential oils and baking soda are horrible for your skin. If this concoction can eat away plastic, imagine what it will do to your face.

    • Chris says:

      Our face is not made of petrochemicals. These natural compounds are helpful to the skin, essential oils are very healing, helpful for reducing scarring, and soothing. Too much baking soda could be harsh. Mixed here, not an issue

  45. Dawn says:

    i am very allergic to lavender. What would be a good substitute?

  46. tanya says:

    This seems similar to oil cleansing method. With that, you must steam face for a minute or so before wiping off. Hoping that isn’t necessary here since not mentioned. Maybe adding the baking soda changes it all up? Thank you in advance!

  47. Kerstin says:

    what could i use instead of baking soda to mix things?
    I have to color hair and using baking soda on my face, sucks hair color out on hairline and brows even way faster..

    also any hair dye recommendations, or even better no more gray hair magic pill? lol

  48. Felicia Arce says:

    I just can’t get the layers of dirtyness off my face. My skin tone is very uneven and blotchy. Please help. I just bought cocoonut oil. Any suggestiobs?
    Thank you for your time.
    My skin is very dry too.