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18 Green Bean Recipes, Including Stir Fries & Salads!


Green bean recipes - Dr. Axe

Most people don’t mind nutrition-rich green beans, but they aren’t particularly inspiring. Many of us have flashbacks of canned green beans served at Thanksgiving, limp, overcooked string beans that have been steamed out of all flavor, or beans that taste delicious because they’ve been drowned in butter.

It’s a shame, because this budget-friendly food actually comes with a ton of benefits, ranging from preventing and fighting cancer cells to keeping bones strong. That’s where these creative ways to prepare green bean recipes come in handy. They’re tasty, they’re easy to prepare and they’re a step up from the normal “steam and serve” treatment green beans receive. Get ready to go green!

18 Green Bean Recipes

1.  Baked Green Bean Fries with Balsamic Yogurt Dip

Why is it that anything served with a dip just tastes better? These green beans are coated in seasoning then baked in the oven to transform them into crispy fries. Served with a cool and creamy yogurt-based dip, you’ll have a hard time eating just one of these.

Baked Green Bean Fries with Balsamic Yogurt Dip
Photo: The Dinner Mom

2. Chicken and Green Bean Stir Fry


Green bean recipes can often mean stir fries, as the veggie softens up during cooking without losing its natural crunch. When paired with boneless, skinless chicken breast and Asian sauces, you’ll have a dinner that goes from stove top to table in 20 minutes.

Chicken and Green Bean Stir Fry
Photo: The Lemon Bowl

3. Crispy Beef and Green Bean Stir Fry

The ginger marinade in this recipe adds a ton of flavor to the beef and beans and, luckily, requires just 15-30 minutes to soak it all up. It’s a yummy way to add healing ginger to your diet, too.

4. Eggplant String Bean Stir Fry

Vegetarians and meat eaters alike will enjoy this dish. It calls for just a handful of ingredients, like garlic, ginger and soy sauce (I suggest you try coconut aminos instead), but produces a ton of flavor. Go for local eggplant and green beans in this one if possible — you’ll taste the difference!

5. Fresh Green Bean Salad with Balsamic Vinegar

This simple green bean salad is so simple to make, but really packs a punch with flavors. The green beans are cooked then blanched, so they retain that beautiful green color. Next, they are tossed with balsamic vinegar, feta cheese, fresh tomatoes and bacon (use turkey or omit). It’s best served chilled or at room temperature, making it a great choice to take to a potluck meal.

Fresh Green Bean Salad with Balsamic Vinegar
Photo: Mel’s Kitchen

6. Greek Green Bean Salad

The ingredients in this green bean salad are similar to others: tomatoes, feta, red bell pepper. But what makes this recipe worth making is the homemade Greek dressing. Made from extra virgin olive oil, Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar and herbs, it’ll have you licking your fork and then drizzling on everything!

7. Green Bean and Quinoa Salad with Maple Citrus Dressing

This make-ahead salad is main dish worthy, though it’s designed as a side. It combines green beans with powerful, protein-rich quinoa, roasted almonds, feta and mandarin oranges — I love the zest that the citrus fruit adds! The homemade maple orange dressing is just the icing on this healthy green bean recipe.

Green Bean and Quinoa Salad with Maple Citrus Dressing
Photo: Peas & Crayons

8. Ground Turkey Skillet with Green Beans

This turkey skillet is a delicious option on those busy weeknights. Lean ground turkey, green beans and a variety of veggies are tossed and cooked in a homemade tomato sauce (or canned if you’re short on time). The meaty mix makes a great base for tacos or goes nicely with brown rice or roasted veggies.

9. Homemade Green Bean Salad

It’s a bean party! You won’t be lacking in fiber after enjoying this three-bean salad. It combines fresh green, kidney and garbanzo beans with celery and onion, and then finishes it all off with a sweet dressing. If you’re into beans, you’ll love this one.


10. Italian Green Beans

Green bean recipes can also be Italian, as these buttery green beans are a delicious way to make any meal taste better. They’re coated in garlic, Italian seasoning, breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese, then quickly pan fried to achieve maximum tastiness. I love that they can be prepared with frozen green beans, for those times when fresh isn’t an option.

11. Mean Green Pesto Pasta

This bowl of hearty green pasta is just what the doctor ordered. It serves up three green veggies — beans, asparagus and peas — along with walnut pesto. Really, could you get a better pasta? Serve with a brown rice, gluten-free or whole grain orecchiette variety and enjoy.
Mean Green Pesto Pasta
Photo: Noming Through Life

12. One-Sheet Pan Honey Mustard Salmon with Green Beans

It’s hard not to love green bean recipes with fish. It features one of my favorite brain foods, salmon, and it comes together in one pan. Plus, it’s ready in 30 minutes, including a short marinating time. The honey mustard sauce will have you drooling for sure.

13. Paleo Spicy Green Bean and Mushroom Skillet

This creamy green bean skillet just might earn a spot on your holiday table this year. It’s dairy-free, but gets that creamy consistency thanks to coconut milk or cream. The ‘shrooms soak up the lovely sauce while raw walnuts add a little crunch at the end.

14. Peanut and Green Bean Curry

Sometimes, I love to make my green bean recipes spicy! A good curry is one of the best ways to warm up on cooler nights — you have to try this one. While the ingredients list doesn’t sound particularly impressive, when you combine the green beans, home-roasted peanuts and Indian seasonings, you are rewarded with a fragrant, delicious curry that will leave you licking the spoon. The garam masala and turmeric make a big difference here, so be sure not to skip ’em!

Peanut and Green Bean Curry
Photo: Quite Good Food

15. Quick Refrigerator Pickled Green Beans

You’ll have to plan ahead for these pickled green beans, but they are worth it. Pickling can take up to several weeks usually, but these green beans are ready in just two days. They are a super side when you’re barbecuing dinner, to nibble on as a snack or to serve in weekend bloody Mary drinks!

Quick Refrigerator Pickled Green Beans
Photo: Flavour & Savour

16. Slow Cooker Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans

Slow cooker meals can be a lifesaver during hectic times. This one combines chicken, hearty sweet potatoes and green beans in a simple, tasty meal. The best part about this one is that nearly all of the ingredients can be combined then frozen in a freezer-safe bag. When you’re ready to cook, just thaw and dump in the slow cooker — no prep required!

17. Summertime Caprese Green Bean Salad

Caprese gets an upgrade with this green bean version. All the usual suspects, like mozzarella, basil and tomatoes are here, but now they get an extra veggie boost. I don’t know if I can go back to the normal way of preparing a Caprese salad after trying this one!

18. Turkish Stewed Green Beans

This Turkish-inspired dish absolutely works as a main. It’s extremely easy to make and you probably have the ingredients already — diced tomatoes, onions and green beans, anyone? It’s served over basmati rice, but you could try brown basmati or even substitute quinoa instead for extra staying power without the carbs.
Turkish Stewed Green Beans
Photo: The Minimalist Vegan

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