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I Tried Keto for 30 Days — Here’s What Happened


Keto testimonial - Dr. Axe

Like many of you, I dreamed of having a magic diet bullet that could solve (almost) every health problem that I struggled with, from IBS to mood swings and stubborn weight gain. And after years battling these conditions (along with hormonal imbalances and chronic fatigue), I finally found the diet plan that worked for me.

It’s the keto diet, also known as the ketogenic diet or low-carb/high-fat diet.

Despite its long history of use and efficacy, the keto diet has absolutely exploded in recent months. But to be completely honest, I was skeptical, as fat has been so demonized over the past decades. I wondered how a high-fat diet could actually help me lose weight, but when I thought about it more closely, I realized that the low-fat diet craze (and all the accompanying 110-calorie snack packs) did practically nothing to help us deal with obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

But this keto testimonial is not intended to go into the details of how the keto diet works, as I am a big proponent of empirical results rather than theory. And after trying the keto for 30 days, I have plenty of that. I was truly amazed at the results I achieved, and I must admit that I did not expect to see such profound changes so quickly!


My Keto Testimonial … and Results

Ready for the details of my keto testimonial? Here’s what happened when I tried keto for 30 days:

1. My IBS vanished overnight!

After merely 24 hours of ditching almost all sources of sugar (especially gluten), my flatulence and severe bowel discomfort disappeared into thin air — and never returned! I have been dealing with this painful irritable bowel syndrome for more than a decade, and keto helped me feel a radical improvement almost instantly.

I should also note that the cause of my IBS has been a mystery to all the doctors I visited in the past, and they all prescribed the same low-fiber diet plan that only made things worse. For me, the real cause of the problem appears to have always been gluten-packed sweets, bread and pasta.

2. I lost my extra weight — without counting calories

I know this sounds too good to be true, but it truly is. (And this is coming from a person who had been struggling to keep the extra pounds off for quite some time.) Once I started digging deep into the physiological side of keto, it all started to make sense.

By lowering the consumption of carbohydrates, we prevent the rise of blood sugar level, which then prevents the rise of insulin levels. And insulin is the main culprit behind sugar cravings, the storage of fat tissues and the energy fluctuations we experience.

Also, our bodies are more adapted to use carbs as fuel rather than fat. So, eating the same amounts of energy through carbohydrates only maintains our current weight or causes it to increase, instead of helping us drop those extra pounds. On the other hand, relying on healthy fats for energy has the opposite effect. 

3. I have stable energy levels throughout the day

Have you even eaten a meal and instead of feeling recharged and energized, you feel sleepy and sluggish? This was my problem for many years, and I struggled to find a solution. In fact, many doctors I saw argued that this is the natural state of human beings after consuming food.

I refused to accept this statement, however, and after adopting the keto diet, I noticed a profound difference in my energy level after eating sugary foods vs. keto friendly foods and meals. In the first case, I experienced a roller-coaster ride from the sugar high to the subsequent rapid drop of the blood sugar from the insulin secretion. But in the letter case, my energy was much more stable because of the lack of carbs and subsequent blood sugar fluctuations. I now feel so much more productive and energized on a daily basis.

4. No more mood swings

I have heard time and time again that sugar disrupts your hormonal balance, which causing severe PMS and moodiness. And through my personal experience, I found that to be 100 percent true. From my very first month on keto, my menstrual cycle became more regular, my pre-menstrual discomforts (including period cramps) almost disappeared, and my mood swings vanished rather quickly.

It is no wonder that experts in women’s health advise us to stay away from carbohydrates and sugar (also known as the “white killer”) and to, instead, load up healthy keto friendly fats like coconut butter, avocados, fish and extra virgin olive oil. You truly start to feel much more balanced, clear-minded and emotionally stable.

5. My varicose veins are history

When starting the low-carb, high-fat diet, I wondered whether the one varicose vein that I’ve had trouble with for years would improve. I honestly assumed that the issue would progress rapidly because all the fats I’d be consuming, but after merely two weeks on keto, I saw a significant improvement on my troublesome vein — it had shrunk and was no longer giving me any discomfort.

I asked friends and family if I was imagining things or if it had actually shrunk, and they only confirmed my suspicions. And I wasn’t the only person getting rid of varicose veins with keto, either, as I’ve read numerous stories from others reporting the same phenomenon.

Final Thoughts

So, should you try the keto diet? After reading my keto testimonial, I hope you say “Yes!” If you struggle with gastrointestinal issues, obesity, insulin resistance metabolic syndrome, brain fog, chronic fatigue or varicose veins, I definitely recommend you try this eating plan, as it just might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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