Reduce Acidity, Lose Weight and More with This Pepper

Red Fresh Cayenne PeppersCayenne pepper can stimulate your body’s circulation and reduce acidity. It’s a powerful, spicy little pepper and touts many health benefits like helping decrease appetite and retarding or slowing the growth of fat cells. This is one of the reasons why I included it as an ingredient to my Secret Detox drink, and why it holds the number one spot in my list of the top 7 fat burning foods.

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

In the U.S. today, cayenne pepper is mostly used as a spice, but in many different societies and parts of the world, it goes far beyond just flavoring food. For Native Americans as well as ancient Chinese, cayenne pepper is consistently used for therapeutic reasons. Cayenne has gained some popularity in the U.S., in part, because of diets like the Master Cleanse (a diet in which you drink Lemon, Water, Cayenne, and Maple syrup).

Cayenne pepper also helps the body’s diet induced thermogenisis or production of heat. Studies on cayenne pepper also indicate that it aids in the increase of lipid oxidation. Lipid oxidation is when fat is burned for energy – a highly desirable action for weight loss.

So now you know that cayenne is helpful for reducing acidity and weight loss, but I also want to share some of the many other benefits that Cayenne can have on your health.

1. Cayenne pepper has anti-irritant properties which make it very effective in easing ulcers, upset stomachs, cough and even diarrhea.

2. Can help boost metabolism and lower blood sugar. For years, it’s been used to treat ailments like diabetes, osteoarthritis and pain. Cayenne pepper has been found to effectively boost the metabolism, suppress hunger and normalize glucose levels.

3. Cayenne pepper contains natural vitamin E. Vitamin E is very effective in treating different heart conditions and helps prevent cancer. Vitamin E also helps protects men from prostate cancer and a new study conducted by the Texas Woman’s University suggests that it may combat lung cancer as well, the leading cancerous killer.

4. Fight the cold and flu. When you’re suffering from cold and flu symptoms, it’s best to take some cayenne pepper ASAP. Because it can help break up and move mucous, it can be expelled from the body. Once the mucous is gone, the symptoms are soon to follow. An easy way to get it in your body is by mixing it in a drink with water and lemon.

5. Can help prevent migraines. Researchers suggest that cayenne pepper, due to its spice, is able to stimulate a pain response in the different part of the body. Once this happens, the brain’s attention  towards that new site, and will not concentrate on the pain on the head. After this initial pain reaction from the cayenne pepper, the nerve fibers have a depleted substance P, or pain chemical, and the sensation of pain is lessened

6. Cayenne pepper can help prevent allergies. This is because cayenne pepper has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, its strong taste can help relieve allergy symptoms.

7. Helps with digestion. Cayenne pepper helps produce saliva, which is important for excellent digestion, as well as for preventing bad breath. Taking cayenne pepper stimulates our salivary glands into producing more.

8. Help prevent and treat blood clots. Cayenne encourages fibrinolytic activity and helps prevent blood clots. This is also the reason why cayenne pepper is effective in preventing heart attacks.

9. Cayenne pepper may be a possible anti-cancer agent. Recent studies from California’s Loma Linda University found that cayenne pepper was effective in helping prevent lung cancer in smokers. Cayenne pepper has high amounts of capsaicin, a substance that can stop the formation of tobacco induced tumors in the lung. Similar effects have also been found in liver tumors when they were exposed to cayenne pepper.


As I mentioned earlier, my secret detox drink is an easy way to add cayenne into your diet. Also, here’s some other great recipes that include cayenne.

Gluten Free Buffalo Wings

Raw Walnut Tacos


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