Bronchitis Natural Remedies

Bronchitis Natural Remedies - Dr.AxeBronchitis is a deep cough that usually comes on with another type of upper respiratory infection such as the cold or flu.

Antibiotics either conventional or natural are the most common form of treatment, but these medications can lead to damaging side effects like leaky gut and loss of probiotics.

Some people can develop chronic bronchitis which is the result of a reaction to environmental irritants, allergies or food intolerances.

Top Foods For Bronchitis

Water – Drink a glass of water every 2 hours to help thin mucus.
Raw fruits and vegetables – These foods will provide important vitamins and minerals in the diet and also do not produce mucus.
Garlic and onions – Contain allicin an antioxidant that may help improve symptoms.
Bone broth – Homemade bone broth provides critical minerals for healing and does not produce additional phlegm.
Probiotic rich foods – If you have to take antibiotics for your bronchitis, eat foods rich in probiotics such as kefir, sauerkraut, or kimchi to replenish healthy bacteria.

Bronchitis Foods to Avoid

Conventional dairy – Pasteurized dairy is mucus producing and can plug the airways in the lungs.
Sugar – Sugar is pro-inflammatory and mucus producing, so try to avoid any forms of concentrated sugar when possible.
Processed foods – Processed foods are generally high in sugar, salt, and low in nutrients. They may also contain toxins that can make coughing worse.
Chocolate – May increase mucus production.
Fried foods – Are mucus producing and should be avoided.

Top 5 Bronchitis Natural Remedies

#1 N-acetylcysteine (NAC 300-500 mg daily)
Thins phlegm so it’s easier to expectorate.

#2 Echinacea (500 mg 2x daily)
Boosts immune function. You may also try a formulation that includes Goldenseal.

#3 Vitamin C (1000 mg 3x daily)
Vitamin C helps reduce symptoms of bronchitis.

#4 Oil or Oregano (500 mg 4x daily)
Oil of oregano acts as a natural anti-bacterial and supports bronchial health.

#5 Astragalus (500-1000 mg 2-3x per day)
Not recommended with a fever, but helps strengthen weak lungs and increases the body’s ability to fight infections.

Essential Oils for Bronchitis

Putting eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil on the chest with warm compress can relieve bronchitis symptoms.  Also, you can apply a homemade essential oils vapor rub to open up the lungs and improve bronchitis symptoms.


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