Anti-Inflammatory Juice Recipe

Anti-inflammatory juice recipe - Dr. Axe

We now know that most diseases today are due to inflammation. (1) Inflammation damages your cells and arterials walls and can cause all kinds of problems including chronic inflammatory conditions like cardiovascular diseases and arthritis. (2)

By reducing inflammation, your body is better able to heal from disease. One of the top ways to decrease inflammation is to follow The Healing Foods Diet and consume plenty of anti-inflammatory foods.

If you’re looking for anti-inflammatory diet recipes or anti-inflammatory juices for arthritis, this delicious drink I’m about to share with you has you covered on both fronts. This anti-inflammatory juice recipe is the perfect blend to help support your body’s natural defenses and reduce inflammation — plus, it’s absolutely delicious!

Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Foods

Some of the best natural anti-inflammatory drinks come in the form of fresh juices. Juicing for inflammation and weight loss are very popular these days, but it’s very important that you choose the right combination of foods. Anti-inflammatory fruit juice can be healthy, but a fresh juice that includes vegetables such as cucumbers and celery is even better in my book because it’s typically much lower in sugar!

Pineapple is definitely one of my favorite anti-inflammatory which is why I made sure to include it in this recipe. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of pineapple and pineapple juice for inflammation thanks to its high bromelain content. (3Ginger is another ingredient shown by scientific research to possess potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can even help to decrease muscle pain after an intense workout. (4)

Anti-inflammatory juice recipe - Dr. Axe

Why include green apple in this juice recipe? Aside from its delicious flavor, like pineapple, it’s also a rich source of quercetin, a natural antihistamine and an anti-inflammatory. Low-sugar lemon is also added. In studies using animal models, extracts of lemon peel have been shown to decrease inflammation related to arthritis. (5) So when you’re making this juice, I highly recommend using the whole lemon, peel and all!

If you’re looking to make a smoothie anti-inflammatory, you can include some of the fruits and veggies I use here.

Nutrition Facts

If you’re juicing for health, anti-inflammatory juice recipes like this are not to be missed! One serving of this tasty juice includes about: (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)

Anti-inflammatory juice ingredients - Dr. Axe
  • 114 calories
  • 2 grams protein
  • 0 grams fat
  • 28 grams carbohydrates
  • 5.5 grams fiber
  • 16 grams sugar
  • 112 milligrams sodium
  • 81 micrograms vitamin K (68 percent DV)
  • 1,512 IUs vitamin A (30 percent DV)
  • 27 milligrams vitamin C (30 percent DV)
  • 532 milligrams potassium (11 percent DV)
  • 32 micrograms folate (8 percent DV)
  • 1.3 milligrams iron (7.2 percent DV)
  • 66 milligrams calcium (5.1 percent DV)
  • 12.5 milligrams magnesium (3 percent DV)
  • 0.2 milligrams zinc (1.8 percent DV)

How to Make This Anti-Inflammatory Juice

As long as you have a juicer on hand, this recipe, from start to finish, only takes a few minutes.

Anti-inflammatory juice recipe - Dr. Axe

Once you have all of the ingredients ready, you simply combine them all in the juicer. Then give your final product a quick stir and it’s ready to be enjoyed! Remember that fresh anti-inflammatory drinks like this one are best drank immediately.

Anti-inflammatory juice recipe - Dr. Axe

This drink is so full of beneficial nutrients and enzymes that it will feel like you’re taking an anti-inflammatory juice shot with each and every sip. Enjoy!

Anti-inflammatory juice recipe - Dr. Axe

Total Time

5 minutes




  • 4 celery stalks
  • ½ cucumber
  • 1 cup pineapple
  • ½ green apple
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 knob ginger


  1. Add all ingredients to vegetable juicer.
  2. Gently stir juice and consume immediately.

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  1. Judy Schaefer on

    Still waiting for my VIP access to the three things I saw when I AGAIN registered, which I was told would only take 5 minutes to reach my inbox, but it’s been almost 24 hours. What is the problem??? I always used to receive emails and now NOTHING…very frustrating.

  2. Jackie Desormeaux on

    the first website that I really was attracted to, visually appealing and very understandable and easy to use, LOVE EVERYTHING so far and I am reading more, Thank you :)

  3. Lauren on

    Should you have this once a day? Three times a week? How often should you have one for it to be beneficial to your health?
    Thanks :)

  4. Barb on

    In the anti inflammatory juice it calls for 1 cup of pineapple,I am allergic to pineapple is there anything I can substitute it with ? And still get the same benefits .

      • Marie on

        there are more people then you would think, thats not nice. You dont know any better so its best to look into the reasons someone might be then just starting off sounding not just like a jerk but some one with out knowlege. I realze i am not the smartest. i probably suck at grammer. No one should find faults in one. encourge , be mindful. Im sure your a great person , just think first.

    • Sara on

      Yes. You can buy the bromelain supplement at a vitamin store. But be careful imbecause if you’re allergic to pineapple you could be allergic to bromelain. If you try it just be prepared to counter a reaction.

    • Michelle on

      Barb, I’m not sure if this helps you, however my son is allergic to apples. We substitute beets for the apples. The juice will be red and that is helpful to get my older kids and husband to drink it.

  5. Sara on

    You are amazing. And my new and only doctor! When it comes to dropping the pills and picking the food instead! Bless you! What’s your YouTube? Loved the videos!! Gotta sub!

  6. Dani L Dixon on

    I have been on medicines for depression and anxiety for years which don’t seem to work. I have severe bloating in my abdominal area. I live being constipated. When I have some movement it is hard, thin and very sticky. Constantly with headaches and nausea. Fatique and general aches and pains. Recently I started having psuedo seizures. Blood test shows my ANA count indicates possible Lupus. I had Raynauds several yrs. ago after 12 surgeries for MRSA infections. I have also been diagnosed with having a redundant colon. I feel so sick that I believe I will die soon without help. My family is also alarmed at the shape I’m in and talk openly about how poor my countenance is and especially the lack of life in my eyes. I have stopped taking vitamins that I once took daily (15-20)because the bloating is so severe it is difficult to want to swallow anything. I greatly value any advice and will follow any suggestions. Please help!

    • Frances on

      Dear Dani,
      I am not a doc, just a fellow human who does not want you to suffer. You deserve much better medical treatment and help that brings actual improvement. You deserve to be vibrantly healthy and happy.
      I hope you can find a doc who can give you nutritional IVs. These are NOT the kind one gets in a standard hospital. I am talking about things like IV vitamin C, IV glutathione and such. This puts need nutrients directly into the blood, bypassing the need to digest, but it is very much a rare/”boutique”/ non-insurance ($$) sort of thing. Docs who treated lyme sometimes offer this treatment. God bless (or whatever you believe in.)

    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      Hi Dani,

      I am so sorry to hear of your struggles. Without knowing your complete medical history, I cannot give you a proper recommendation. You can, however, find a like-minded practitioner in your area here:

      I am wishing you health and happiness! Blessings.

      • susie on

        Dr. Axe, you wrote “You can, however, find a like-minded practitioner in your area here:
        I’m puzzled because this link appears to be mainly about chiropractic, which I don’t want, and the locations link doesn’t give any info about doctors’ locations, doctors who use your kind of knowledge and treatment. Another poster said the same thing about a different link that did not get to what it was supposed to. Are there some glitches in the links you offer?

    • Selina on

      In addition to Dr Axe inflammatory can you also consider looking at Mannatech products especially Ambrotose powder form or capsules supplements. Look it up on mannatech websites

    • LV on

      Hi Dani,
      I found Dr. Terry Wahls protocol helped a lot of people including me. I have inflammation issues and auto-immune disease and I followed her protocol and I was able to manage my inflammation without pills. I bought the book and followed what she said. She has a podcast as well if you are interested. Here some examples of what you can find online: “What I Eat In A Day: Functional Medicine Doctor Terry Wahls Tells All”, “About The Wahls Protocol | Dr. Terry Wahls, MD & Author” – Just google her and you will find a lot of info about her. This is a game changer for me. Hope it will help you too.

  7. ronda on

    What are your recommendations for uterine cancer(sarcoma) removal. It was a stage 1. It’s considered rare and aggressive. I want to stay cancer free.

    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      Hi Ronda,

      You can find varies articles on cancer from my site you may found helpful here:

      I cannot give a proper recommendation without knowing your full medical history and the scope of your condition. I highly recommend you consult a local specialist.

      I am wishing you all the best in your health journey. Blessings to you and yours.

  8. Ron on

    Need to rework the main page i was reading. In one paragraph it talks about the anti inflammatory diet and it is highlighted as a link. When you click it, it takes you to the juice recipe not the diet. Should state that the diet info is further down on the main page. Would keep people from wondering why they don’t get the diet info when the click the link.
    Thank you

  9. Vickie Westbrooks on

    Both my husband and I are using this and it not only works, it works FAST!!! Seeing relief in in about 1/2 a day.

    I am also doing your Secret Detox drink. I have found that if I do both of these that my planter Faciatis is taken from a level 5 in pain to about 1.5. So yes, these two work, work fast and work well.

    An added bonus is that I had some really bad acne on my face. It cleared up by 75% in two days. Unbelievable. And I am on the Keto diet and couldn’t get rid of it!!!!! Thank you Dr. Axe. You are such a blessing to so many. God richly bless you!

  10. David Vespie on

    When I lived in Nashville I use to go to Dr. Axe. He is one of the most amazing guys and I love following his career along with his advice on doing stuff more natural. I was able to cut my cholesterol levels in half thanks to him and my normal doctor was blown away. Keep up the great work!

  11. Linda on

    Thank you for sharing, my son has cancer and I was looking for things to make to help him to over come it because I will not give up. I think if the food is high in vitamins and proteins will help him to get well . Thank you !

  12. TRACY on

    Hi Dr. Axe & “The Wanting To Get Better Dr. Axe Followers😊🤗😊,

    I just wanted to drop a little thankfulness for firstly, Dr. Axe…I am sooo very Grateful for all
    of the Incredible, Useful, and Applicable Information❣️❤️❣️
    The way you’ve Organized it all for sooo many different diseases/illnesses/symptoms and of course the supplements and diet aspects❣️❤️❣️
    Thank you sooo very, very much for helping the general public better care for themselves and others❣️❤️❣️
    You are an Angel❣️❤️❣️😘🤗😘

    As for the many Dr. Axe Followers…
    I’ve read many posts and comments❣️❤️
    You’re doing the human race a Massive Favour, by not only helping each other, but you also help the many people who just read the posts by giving them your feedback and sharing your knowledge and your advice❣️❤️❣️ Thank you all from the bottom of my heart❣️❤️❣️😘🤗

    Best wishes always,
    Tracy L. P. ❤️❤️❤️

  13. valencia on

    hi i have been diagnose of deffuse b cell lymphoma cancer and have a problem with my kidneys can i add beetroot to the ingrediens

  14. Mary on

    I have also not received my VIP access but I have a questions. What if you have a sensitivity to celery? what can I add instead to the anti inflammatory juice?

  15. Linda Rose Stahl on

    I have more than plaque psoriasis I have gastroparesis type 2 diabetes osteoarthritis fibro and am looking for health care not keep doing sick care ugh HELP!!!

  16. Trevor on

    Your star rating system has problems. I clicked it to see if I could see a breakdown of the ratings and it registered it as a vote. I was unable to remove or change the vote. This could explain why the juice recipes have low overall ratings.

  17. Penny on

    What if you don’t have a juicer & can’t afford one – any worth its salt is expensive. Can you just blend it until its almost like juice even though it will have all the fibrous parts still in it?

    Also, how can a person get to where the star ratings already registered can be read? Clicking on a star only registers it as a vote & a click on a low star could mess up the accuracy of the rating system & turn people away from using the recipe. Thank you.

  18. Bev Horrigan on

    My husband n I make these juices every morning and have done so fo 30 years. We are mid 70, s and never get sick and don,t look old, we have smooth skin and a healthy body. We use a cold press juicer as the wizzbang juicer get hot and kill the enzimes….

  19. Lurdes Franco on

    Hi Dr Axe…. am on keto diet.., not having fruit. I have sore hands,fingers . I think its inflammation / arthritis. Can i have this juice , it contains apple & pineapple. Thanks for your advice.

  20. Shelby Lyn on

    I have made a ” smoothie “, similiar to this juice, for a number of year. .., I use celery, cucumber, ginger, green apple, lime, and the pineapple. It is delicious!! And the most beautiful pale green colour, it kind of looks like a pistachio coloured milkshake! Thank you Dr. Axe !

  21. Marjorie Huit on

    I suffer from undifferentiated connective tissue disease. My rheumatologist has helped me get back to a healthy me again however, he also recommended reading Dr. Axe anti-inflammatory recipe and Celery juice as well as a good diet with lots of vegetables. No flour or sugar and low carb. I gained a lot of weight being on Prednisone for well over a year. Being correctly diagnosed and seeing a specialist I am now able to loss weight again and care for myself with out the fatigue and other symptoms that go hand in hand with this disease.
    I am very excited about this anti-inflammatory drink. I have read some comments about pineapple and allergies….maybe berries such as blueberries or strawberries can take the place those are both anti-inflammatories too. Just a thought.

  22. Linda on

    Can u freeze this juice with compromising the effectiveness. Was hoping to make a week supply at one time and freeze.

  23. Tammy Richardson on

    Thank you for your wisdom and sharing it. I need recipes for carotid arteries narrowing and Hypothyroid, and weight loss. Thanks again, Tammy

  24. Mohammed on

    I have a doctor’s question about these juices. Is it suitable for ulcerative colon patients?
    I have downloaded a pdf about anti-inflammatory diets and lie for ulcerative colon patients eating these diets. Thank you, Doctor, for your assistance


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