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Cat Parasite Prevention + 8 Natural Toxoplasmosis Treatments

Did you know that in the United States alone over 60 million adults and children currently have a parasite called Toxoplasma living inside their bodies? This is a a really large number of people and we’re talking about a parasite that makes the list of 4 Parasites That Want To Invade Your Brain! Brain parasites are nothing to take lightly. Luckily for most people with a … Read More

Chlamydia Symptoms - Dr. Axe

Chlamydia Symptoms + 5 Natural Treatments

It’s the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can be cured. Chlamydia infects both men and women across the globe. And the challenge with treatment, and keeping it from spreading, is that most people do not experience chlamydia symptoms. But, not having symptoms doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned. In fact, chlamydia can cause serious and permanent damage to … Read More


Fish Oil During Pregnancy Lowers Asthma Risk

Today, about 24 million Americans suffer from asthma symptoms. (1) The condition brings about trouble breathing, coughing, wheezing and is brought on by certain stimuli that irritate the immune system and air passageways, bringing on an asthma attack. In fact, nearly 2 million Americans wind up in the emergency room each year because of an asthma attack. (2) But there … Read More

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5 Dangers of Birth Control Pills, Plus Side Effects & Alternatives

In industrialized nations today, synthetic hormonal oral contraception (aka the birth control pill) is the most common practice for preventing pregnancy. Despite evidence suggesting that there are many possible dangers of birth control pills, millions of women choose to take these hormonal medications every year. In fact, 67 percent of all women who report “practicing contraception” currently use non-permanent birth control methods, … Read More


Natural Birth Control Methods: Benefits & Effectiveness (Plus Which Really Work?)

Wondering how to prevent pregnancy reliably and safely, without using birth control pills? This article will cover some of the most time-tested natural birth control methods that are also now backed up by science. In addition, we’re taking a look at some risks associated with the leading way to currently prevent pregnancy: birth control pills. What’s Wrong with Birth Control Pills? … Read More


The Truth about VBAC (And What Your Doctor Probably Isn’t Telling You)

Controversy around the safety of a vaginal birth after C-section has recently prompted sharp declines in this delivery method. Unfortunately, women are often incorrectly told that they’re not allowed to have a vaginal birth after a cesarean section. Known as “VBAC,” vaginal birth after a C-section is an increasingly common way to give birth. But here’s the big problem: Even … Read More

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9 Common Questions About Breast Milk

Breast milk is loaded with exactly the right nutrients in the exact amounts a new baby needs. Research shows that breast milk is not merely nutritious, but it contains a variety of factors with medicinal qualities that have profound roles in infant survival and health. Although the industry continues to attempt to approve infant formula with the addition of compounds, … Read More


7 Benefits of Natural Childbirth & 6 Steps for a Safe and Natural Childbirth

Research suggests that the way in which a woman experiences pregnancy and childbirth is vitally important for a mother’s relationship with her child and her future childbearing experiences. Unfortunately, we are currently in an era characterized by increases in obstetric intervention and cesarean section birth nationwide. With the U.S percentage of deliveries by C-section at 32.2 percent, now is the … Read More


Prenatal Vitamins: Is Diet Enough? When & What to Supplement

I’ve talked about the best vitamins for women to take in general, but  what about the prenatal vitamins a woman needs when she’s pregnant? When you compare a woman’s multivitamin to a woman’s prenatal vitamin, the prenatal vitamin typically contains more folate and iron. A woman’s increased nutritional needs during pregnancy are the result of two things: the physiologic changes of the mother and … Read More

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6 Benefits of the Bradley Method, Including High Rate of Natural Birth Success

The CDC reports that in the U.S. today, and many other industrialized nations too, up to 70 percent of women (depending on the state) receive epidurals, spinal blocks or a combination of the two during child labor. It’s believed that only around 10 percent to 20 percent of births are carried out naturally without medicated interventions. (1) The Bradley Method … Read More