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Butyric Acid

What Is Butyric Acid? 6 Butyric Acid Benefits You Need to Know About

You may not have realized it, but chances are you’ve consumed something called butyric acid before, and believe it or not, your body produces it as well. It’s true — butyric acid, also known as butanoic acid or BTA, is a saturated short-chain fatty acid found in butter, ghee, raw milk, animal fats and plant oils. It’s also formed in and therefore found in our colons … Read More

Algae - Dr. Axe

Top 7 Algae Benefits that May Surprise You

Algae are some of the most primitive life forms found on Earth and have been consumed as food and medicine for centuries. Human consumption of the blue-green algae called spirulina actually goes back to the Aztec civilization of the 14th century, and this type, including spirulina and chlorella, is the edible variety most commonly used in supplements. In fact, algae benefits are so … Read More

Butternut squash nutrition - Dr. Axe

Butternut Squash Nutrition Benefits Bones, Immunity, Energy & More

Sometimes, the best foods are underrated, but I hope that’s not the case when it comes to butternut squash. This creamy food hasn’t been around long, but it’s quickly become an incredibly common (rightfully so!) part of many healthy diet routines thanks to all the wonderful things butternut squash nutrition provides. Why is this such a good thing? Could it … Read More

Balloon Weight-Loss Pills - Dr. Axe

Balloon Weight-Loss Pills: It’s Really a Thing

What if you could take a pill that helped you eat less so that you would lose more weight? That’s a reality that might soon become mainstream. The Obalon 6-Month Balloon System was approved in September by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. And according to research presented at ObesityWeek 2016, the largest international event focused on obesity, these balloon weight-loss … Read More

Bariatric Surgery

The Pros & Cons of Bariatric Surgery + Healthier Alternatives

For a country obsessed with losing weight, spending more than $60 billion a year trying to shed pounds, Americans are failing miserably. Even though we know the health risks that come with being too overweight, almost 78 million adults and 13 million children are obese — that’s one in three adults. (1, 2) It’s obvious that people are trying, but … Read More

Glucomannan - Dr. Axe

Glucomannan: A Super Fiber for Weight Loss & More?!

In recent decades, glucomannan has been introduced to the United States and European markets as a food additive and dietary supplement. What is glucomannan? It’s a beneficial, soluble and fermentable dietary fiber derived from the root of the konjac plant, which is native to Asia. People in East Asia have used konjac fiber, also known as glucomannan powder, for thousands … Read More

Drinks that leave pumpkin spiced lattes in the dust - Dr. Axe

5 Drinks that Leave Pumpkin Spiced Lattes in the Dust

As the cool breezes and gusty winds of autumn set in, there’s no doubt grabbing a pumpkin spiced latte at a local coffee chain sounds like a great idea. But maybe you’ve been warned about the one pumpkin spiced latte ingredient you always need to avoid. Or maybe you’re already aware that a typical 16-ounce pumpkin spiced latte contains a whopping 50 grams … Read More

Ugli Fruit

Ugli Fruit Benefits the Heart, Waist & Immune System

It doesn’t seem very nice to name a fruit based on its appearance, but I’m going to let it slide this time with ugli fruit — because this very unattractive fruit is only ugly on the surface. Ugli fruit is a crossbred fruit found in a tropical climate, and it’s an incredible source of vitamin C, fiber and other nutrients, … Read More


The SlimFast Diet: Why It’s Bad for You + What’s Better

Imagine a diet where you can magically slurp on drinks that leave you feeling full, so that you can enjoy a healthy, well-balanced meal later in the day. You’ll sneak in a few snacks, lose weight quickly, feel great and you’ll never struggle with the scale again. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? That’s the fantasy that diet food giant SlimFast is peddling. … Read More


What Is Saffron? Saffron Benefits & Recipes to Try

Saffron is one of the most valuable and expensive spices known worldwide, thanks to its color, flavor and medicinal properties. What medicinal properties, you may ask? The list is extensive and continues to grow. As one of the top 14 herbs of the Bible, experimentation is underway when it comes to exploring the new potentials for this versatile spice, a spice that’s been … Read More