Guest Post: Raw Revolution

June 21, 2017

Raw Food Revolution Protest Illustration This guest post is written by Ginger Dunham, owner of Living Raw based in Franklin, TN. She and her husband make amazing raw truffles!

The Raw Revolution!

What is all this talk of “RAW” food, living RAW, going Raw, etc? There is a Raw Revolution going on around us–and for good reason!

Though there are many different levels of “Eating Raw,” one thing is for sure: including more raw fruits and vegetables into our diets can only be a good thing. Raw food is unprocessed living food, complete with all of the enzymes and vitamins it was born with. Think fruits, veggies, nuts and sprouted grains. There is no blanching, chemical bleaching, pasteurization or altering of any kind happening to food that is Raw.

Eating food in it’s natural state is a simple way of eating and it’s easy to incorporate into our daily lives. Making wise choices at each meal will add up to make a profound difference in our lives and in our bodies.

So, what are some benefits of eating Raw Living food?

  1. The body experiences a flood of much needed enzymes and vitamins.
  2. Hydration
  3. Regular bowel movements
  4. Brighter, clearer skin (the Raw glow)
  5. Increased energy (Who can’t use that?)
  6. Clearer minds
  7. Alkalizes your body

Those are just a few benefits! We haven’t even touched on the antioxidant content of some of the yummiest raw foods on the planet (that’s another day). There are simple ways to get started down the path of Raw living:

  1. Juice fruits and vegetables for an anytime pick-me-up.
  2. Replace packaged snacks with fruit, veggies and nuts.
  3. Start your meal with a big salad.
  4. Eat your veggies first. If you leave them til last they won’t get eaten.
  5. Make your own smoothies with fresh fruit, nut milks, green leafy vegetables and natural sweeteners (stevia, raw honey)
  6. Plan ahead. Don’t wait til you’re so hungry you can’t think straight.

The sky is the limit when it comes to eating Living Raw food, so have fun and enjoy your new glow!

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