Homemade Body Butter Lotion

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  1. Tammy says:

    I am trying to change my diet an daily living! I noticed that as I age lil things are changing in my brain.
    I’m by far old at 53… But I repeat myself, I hear but forget….I it seems to be a serious focus problem–
    Are their essential oils or particular vitamins? It

    • Crystal Flynn says:

      Essential oils are great for any health issue, just have to make sure you find some top grade oils for best results.

    • jane heath says:

      Thank u for raising this question Tammy if it is any consolation I am 50 and experiencing the same thing …I look forward to hearing the.reply….best wishes jane

    • jane says:

      Wow Tammy I hope somebody has answered you by now. TRUE essential oils can do amazing things for your memory and every other aspect of your life. If you haven’t been helped with your question yet contact me. By the way I an 53 as well and that is the issue I had that got me started using eesential oils.

  2. Keri says:

    Take jar of coconut oil and remove 1/3 jar. Add back 1/3 with cacao butter. Melt and mix. Lovely. Leave out essential oils if your skin is highly sensitive.

  3. Vicki Serwick says:

    how long does this body butter last.

  4. trish says:

    My daughter-in-law has psoriasis and I thought your body butter lotion could help her. I had read that Melaluca and Roman Chamomile could be helpful. Which essential oils do you recommend for psoriasis and how many drops? Looking forward to a solution for her. Thank you so much for sharing you wisdom!

  5. sbg says:

    What can I use instead of shea butter? I am allergic to shea butter and any oils from seeds and nuts.

  6. Andrea M says:

    I made this body butter for my mom with Lavender essential oil and de-scented coconut oil and she loved it. Here’s what she said, “I wanted to tell you that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the new lotion that you made. It smells so good and my skin is much smoother. I love it! Best lotion ever!!”

  7. Everett says:

    How much water?

  8. Damali says:

    What is the measurement for the water in the bowl for the body butter?

  9. Barbara says:

    Hi Again :)
    I have watched the documentary by the Doctor that treated her husband that had alzheimers – her dosage was 2 1/2 T – How does one take all that at once?

    Thanks Again!