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Rosemary hair mask

DIY Hair Mask with Lavender and Rosemary Oil for Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Have you ever wondered, “what is a hair mask and do I need a hair mask?” First, let’s be clear that it isn’t something you wear on your head. But it is something you put on your hair, and it can help you have the locks you’ve longed for. A hair mask is an easy and simple way to improve … Read More

Dish soap

Homemade Dish Soap with Lemon and Lavender Oil

I know it is so easy to just grab that bottle of dishwashing soap off the shelf at the grocery store like you’ve always done, but have you given thought to what might be in that bottle of soap? Yes, there are some great options among eco cleaners that offer clean ingredients, but they can get pricey. What’s great is … Read More

Lemon and baking soda

How to Lighten Hair Naturally — 6 Natural Ways

Dying hair is very popular among women, and even some men, especially as they get older and the gray starts to show. According to some statistics, 69 percent of women say that they feel more attractive right after having their hair dyed. (1) Another study showed that 50 percent of women dye their hair regularly. According to the study, both genders … Read More


DIY Bronzer with Rose Oil

A bronzer is often the makeup of choice over blush because it offers a natural sun-kissed glow to most skin tones. It can add dimension to the contours of your face and provide a little shimmer and glow. While you can easily purchase bronzer over the counter, the problem with conventional bronzers is that most contain a long list of … Read More


Age-Defying DIY Blush with Beets & Lavender Oil

Blush, sometimes called rouge, is one of the the most popular makeup products out there. It’s used to redden the cheeks and cheekbone area with the intention of providing a more youthful appearance. Blush goes way back in history. Initially, anyone who wore blush was thought to have less than desirable ethical behavior. This is when the pinching of the … Read More

Lavender oil

DIY Stress-Reducing Solution

Stress is so common that many feel it on a daily basis. It could be related to work, family problems, feelings of inadequacy or simply overload with that long to-do list that never goes away. And when the holidays come around? Well, it often gets worse at a time when we really just want to feel the comfort and relaxation … Read More

Relaxing bath recipe

Relaxing Bath Recipe with Lavender Oil & Epsom Salt

The idea of a relaxing bath and taking time to de-stress is essential to our busy lives. A relaxing bath recipe can offer rejuvenation that is way cheaper than massage therapy and can be easily accessible on a frequent basis. By using the best ingredients to detox in the bath, you can not only get the benefits of relaxation, but if your body is … Read More


DIY Sleep Aid with 4 Essential Oils

Essential oils have long been known to help with numerous ailments and celebrations, and that includes the birth of Jesus! The wide array of benefits is endless and helping you get a restful night of sleep is one of them. What’s great about essential oils is that you don’t get that groggy feeling or other side effects that often comes with a … Read More


Tea Tree Oil for Acne DIY Recipe

Acne is caused by four key things: oil production, dead skin cells, clogged pores and bacteria; however, hormones, medications, diet and stress can can all make acne worse. Home remedies for acne can be a great option to avoid putting chemicals on your skin. While daily cleansing and using the right ingredients on your skin can help, such as tea … Read More

DIY eye shadow

Shimmery Holiday DIY Eye Shadow

Eye shadow can be an amazing eye-enhancer, but if you are using an eye shadow loaded with toxic ingredients, that beauty enhancer can wreak havoc on your skin and eyes! Some of the common toxic ingredients included carbon black, ethanolamine compounds, BAK (benzalkonium chloride), prime yellow carnauba wax, formaldehyde, parabens, aluminum powder, retinyl acetate or palmitate, heavy metals and titanium … Read More