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38 Healthy Smoothie Recipes


40 healthy smoothie recipes - Dr. Axe

Ahh, the smoothie. It’s gotten a bad rap in the past for being a sugar-laden drink more closely resembling dessert than anything remotely healthy, but while that might be true for some smoothies purchased at juice shops, you can make healthy smoothie recipes right at home for a fraction of the price in just minutes.

Why do I love smoothies so much? They make a great breakfast or snack anytime of the day and can usually be made ahead of time. Plus, these delicious healthy smoothie recipes can help you refuel after a great workout.

You can also load them up with nutrient-dense foods and supplements to help boost your immune system or to give you an energizing power-punch to your metabolism. They require minimal equipment (just a blender), and by storing them in a reusable drink bottle, you can have an on-the-go meal in minutes.

Ready to make one of these frosty concoctions? I’ve rounded up some of my favorite healthy smoothies. Whether you want to satisfy a sweet tooth, detox with a green smoothie or indulge in a chocolate drink, I know you’ll love these healthy smoothie recipes.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes


1. Carrot Smoothie

This is the perfect healthy smoothie recipe if you’re craving something with citrus. You get a giant heap of vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium and magnesium with the carrots. With the orange juice, you get loads of fiber, vitamin C and potassium.


Be sure to use fresh-squeezed orange juice to ensure you avoid unnecessary sugars and organic carrots to ensure that you get the most nutritional value. This is perfect for early mornings or a midday break to give you the boost you need!

2. Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie

A rich antioxidant superfood, blueberries are good for your brain function and your immune system. With this truly customizable base, this simple but perfect blueberry smoothie can be tweaked to your liking, though I love the suggestion of serving it in a fancy glass!

Smoothie recipes - Dr. Axe

3. Strawberry Papaya Smoothie

High in fiber and antioxidants, papaya is one nutritious fruit! Blended with coconut kefir to keep your gut and immune system going strong, plus whey protein to keep your metabolism up, it makes for a great start to your morning. For variations, throw in a little bit of pineapple or a handful of spinach.

4. Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Smoothie

Why should the only pumpkin recipes be pies? In this healthy smoothie recipe, canned pumpkin provides extra fiber and a lovely orange color, while apples and oats also help you feel fuller longer.

While it’s got “breakfast” in the name, I think this smoothie makes a great meal anytime. Try substituting the Greek yogurt with goat milk yogurt!

5. Cherry Almond Smoothie

Reminiscent of a cherry cobbler, this smoothie is loaded with good-for-you ingredients like cherries, almonds and coconut oil. You’ll never believe how healthy this sweet treat is!

6. Metabolism Boosting Blueberry Smoothie

This is a simple healthy smoothie recipe that’s quick and delicious. Raw blueberries support your digestion and add a heap of vitamin K, vitamin C and manganese to your daily vitamin intake. You can add or take away the spinach, but I recommend keeping it because spinach leaves are loaded with vitamin A and vitamin K.

All you have to do is place all of your ingredients in the blender and go. It’s perfect for a hectic morning, but you can enjoy this smoothie recipe any time of the day.

Photo: Jessica Gavin

7. Super Healthy Fruit Smoothie

This concoction of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, raspberries and pomegranates creates a delicious and nutritious smoothie. With all of the ingredients combined, you get loads of vitamin A and vitamin C.

This smoothie is delicious by itself or paired with granola and fresh fruit to create a smoothie bowl.

8. Rise and Shine Skinny Coffee Smoothie

Kick-start your morning with this dairy-free coffee smoothie. It’ll provide the caffeine you’re craving along with banana and coconut milk for natural sweetness.

9. Watermelon Berry Smoothie

No liquid is necessary in this recipe thanks to the inclusion of juicy watermelon. With three types of fruits and a cup of ice, you’ll love this frozen smoothie on a hot summer day.


10. Cherry Vanilla Green Smoothie

Naturally low-calorie, high-fiber cherries disguise the taste of kale in this tasty smoothie. If cherries aren’t in season, feel free to use the frozen variety in place of fresh.

Smoothie recipes - Dr. Axe

Photo: Two Peas & Their Pod

11. Coconut Green Smoothie

This green smoothie gets a tropical flavor thanks to the inclusion of coconut milk and shaved coconut. Be sure to swap the Greek yogurt for raw, full-fat yogurt or goat milk yogurt for optimized nutrition.

12. Green Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

This pumpkin pie smoothie recipe is loaded with protein and fall-inspired flavors, like cinnamon, nutmeg and (of course!) pumpkin. Create your own pumpkin puree to avoid the high amounts of sugar found in canned pumpkin puree.


13. Dreamy Chocolate Chip Mint Smoothie

This drink is chock-full of healthy fats, protein and all-around deliciousness. If you’re craving a milkshake, make this your go-to smoothie.

14. Kale Shake Recipe

Whether you indulged too much at dinner or just want to get nutrients flowing through your system, this wholesome, healthy smoothie — packed with cinnamon, kale leaves, grapes and just a little cayenne kick — is just what the doctor ordered.

15. Detox Green Smoothie

This mega-green smoothie has a long ingredients list, but I promise it’s worth it. You’ll get a serving of veggies, loads of vitamins and antioxidant effects. If you’re looking for a healthy smoothie that packs a lot of punch into each serving, this might be the one.

16. Green Smoothie Bowl with Mango and Hemp Seeds

A fruit bowl that’s beautiful and delicious … Mangoes are rich in fiber and great sources of vitamin C and A.

If you don’t have any hemp seeds (although I highly recommend you get some because they are a great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that promote cardiovascular health), you can always substitute them for flaxseeds.

17. Sweet Spinach Smoothie

Satisfy all your vitamin A needs in just one meal with this sweet green smoothie. The drink is creamy thanks to Greek yogurt and smooth avocado, while fresh pears, grapes and lime juice disguise any spinach taste. The result is a protein- and veggie-packed smoothie perfect for an AM start.


Enjoy the rich tastes of chocolate and nuts with this “melt-in-your-mouth” smoothie. With its smooth, creamy texture and healthy protein kick, it will get your morning started right.

19. Chocolate Almond Oatmeal Smoothie

This single-serving smoothie requires just four ingredients but tastes incredibly decadent. It’s like a milkshake that’s good for you!

20. Chocolate Banana Smoothie

A handful of simple ingredients blend together to produce a smoothie with hints of chocolate, banana and vanilla in this recipe. If you’re not following a vegan diet, feel free to use organic, dark chocolate chips in place of the vegan variety.

21. Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

Chocolate and cherries go hand-in-hand as ingredients in one of the tastiest healthy smoothie recipes. Fresh or frozen fruit is fine — either way, this will be delicious.

22. Healthy Chocolate Smoothie

How can a smoothie this good be so good for you? Baby spinach charges up your health; banana’s potassium wakes you up; avocado comes in swinging with potassium, magnesium and glutathione; and chia seeds will help get your metabolism moving fast — all this with the great taste of chocolate for a sweet treat that will keep you satisfied for hours.

Smoothie recipes - Dr. Axe
Photo: Tastefulventure

23. Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

If you’re craving a simple chocolate smoothie, look no further! This recipe is extremely simple to make but complex in all of the nutrients it provides.

The cacao powder is an excellent source of fiber and natural, healthy carbs and has less added sugar than regular cocoa powder. Not to mention, the avocado is rich in magnesium, potassium, iron and copper. You’re sure to enjoy this smoothie and be pleasantly surprised you don’t taste the avocado.

24. Healthy Hot Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

Get the comforting flavors of hot chocolate with the added nutrients of avocado, chia seeds and raw oats with just a touch of honey (my favorite is Manuka honey) in this nourishing smoothie recipe made with warm milk. (Ensure that you use raw milk.)

It’s wonderful on chilly mornings or as a bedtime treat.

25. Bone Broth Protein Mocha Fudge Smoothie

If you’re looking to get the benefits of bone broth from one of the many healthy smoothie recipes out there, this is a real winner sure to satisfy your tastebuds and boost your nutrition. This one uses bone broth powder — your choice of vanilla or chocolate — and combines it with banana, cashews, cocoa, carob, coffee, coconut milk and raw honey for a delicious, chocolatey shake that’s also good for you!


Smoothie recipes - Dr. Axe

Photo: Oh She Glows

26. In the Buff Smoothie Bowl

A smoothie bowl that’s packed with healthy fats and protein is a perfect way to get your morning started and keep you full. This smoothie bowl is vegan and gluten-free. You can always tweak the smoothie bowl to your liking!

27. Blueberry Almond Butter Smoothie

This smoothie is creamy, sweet, nutritious and has a beautiful color, thanks to the blueberries. You can substitute the almond butter for cashew butter or even sunflower seed butter depending on your preference. You can even add protein powder to give this smoothie an extra boost if desired.

28. Cinnamon Roll Smoothie

Skip the food court kiosk, and get a dose of cinnamon roll goodness right at home. This version, made with almond milk, will curb those cravings and leave you feeling great. Use freshly ground cinnamon for the best flavor.

Need protein? Add two tablespoons of almond butter for more staying power.

29. SkinnyLicious Protein Smoothie

Wake up and smell the greens with this eye-opening smoothie that has all the vitamin C, antioxidants and a touch of natural caffeine to perk you up and get you going!

30. Figs and Almond Butter Smoothie

Figs tend to be underrepresented in healthy smoothie recipes, but these fruits are rich in fiber, potassium and calcium. They take center stage in this fresh, vegan smoothie.

Use soaked, dried figs if you can’t get your hands on fresh ones. This will still taste great.

31. Health Nut Blueberry Smoothie

Superfood blueberries shine in this super healthy smoothie. They’re blended alongside greens and bananas, with dried coconut flakes adding texture and almond butter ensuring the mixture is creamy. You’ll love this one!

32. Monkeylada Smoothie

If you’re dreaming of warmer climates and umbrellas on the beach, try your hand at this monkeylada smoothie. The addition of pineapple and coconut will evoke reminders of the beach — but instead of a hangover, you’ll be treated with nutritious ingredients.

33. Almond Butter Spinach Smoothie

This is a perfect smoothie for the warm seasons. The pineapple in this recipe adds the perfect amount of sweetness, and you can add chia or flaxseeds to help fill you up to keep you going.

Smoothie recipes - Dr. Axe
Photo: Fit Foodie Finds

34. Pumpkin Cashew Butter Smoothie

A smart way to use up pureed pumpkin you may have left over from another recipe, this healthy smoothie is like autumn in a glass. The addition of blueberries, banana, flaxseeds and cashew butter means it’s nutritious — and delicious. Add a little crunch by sprinkling granola on top.

35. PB & J Smoothie

This smoothie is filled with flavors of your childhood: nut butter, berries and oats. Ensure you use raw milk, almond milk or coconut milk for this recipe. This smoothie is one of my favorites, because not only is it absolutely delicious, but it fills you up, too!

Smoothie recipes - Dr. Axe
Photo: Fit Foodie Finds

36. Vanilla Cake Batter Smoothie

A cake batter you can feel good about eating? That’s the case with this wholesome, healthy smoothie. Made with vanilla extract and coconut flour, it’s a cake splurge you can feel good about.

Don’t have coconut butter on hand? Use almond or cashew butter in its place.

37. Velvety Butternut Cinnamon Date Smoothie

If there is one smoothie recipe that screams, “Autumn is here!” then this is it. Roasted butternut squash, Medjool dates and spices comprise this cozy smoothie.

38. Keto Smoothie with Avocado, Chia Seeds & Cacao

Full of healthy fats, this keto smoothie recipe uses coconut milk, avocado, whichever nut butter you enjoy most, chia seeds, chocolate powder and coconut oil. It’s sure to give you energy and leave you feeling satisfied.

With so many healthy smoothies to choose from, you can try a new smoothie every day!

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