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25 Keto Fat Bombs that Will Satisfy Your Hunger


Keto fat bombs - Dr. Axe

It’s funny that many of us spent years avoiding fat at all costs when, these days, we’re understanding more all the time about the benefits of a high-fat, low-carb diet, also known as the keto diet. If you are following a high-fat diet, then keto fat bombs are about to be your new favorite keto snacks.

So what are keto fat bombs? They’re similar to energy balls, but instead of relying on the carbs that make up the bulk of energy treats, like grains or rice, fat bombs are packed with — you guessed it — fat.

They’re usually made up of about 80 percent fat, making them handy for a quick breakfast, pre- or post-workout snack, or a little afternoon treat. Bonus: They won’t kick you out of ketosis!

What if you’re not on the keto diet? You can absolutely still enjoy keto fat bombs!

Healthy fats should still make up between 20 percent to 30 percent of your diet, and a fat bomb is a good way to get those calories in. Bonus: Because fats break down more slowly in the digestive tract, they can actually keep you feeling full for longer!


Keto fat bombs are pretty simple. You’ll want a mix of healthy keto-friendly fats — like avocado, nut butters, coconut oil, cheese or butter — a low-carb flavor of some sort (think cacao powder or spices) and perhaps a low-carb ingredient that adds texture, like nuts or seeds.

To make chowing down on keto fat bombs easier still, I’ve rounded up my favorite fat bomb recipes. Whether you’re keto or not, you’ll love these keto fat bombs!

25 Keto Fat Bombs

1. Almond Joy Fat Bombs

If you’re a coconut fan, you’ll love these no-bake treats. Made with coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut flakes, there’s no denying that tropical flavor. Topped with a chocolate coating and almonds, these chewy fat bombs are great for satisfying a sweet tooth.

Almond Joy Fat Bombs
Photo: Keto Connect

2. Almond Pistachio Fat Bombs

I love this keto-friendly take on fudge! This version is made from cacao butter and firmed coconut milk.

It has no added sweeteners but has a ton of flavor thanks to the vanilla extract, chai spice and almond extract —  yum. Topped with pistachios, this fat bomb could double as a  healthy dessert.

almond pistachio fudge
Photo: The Healthy Foodie

3. Avocado & Egg Fat Bombs and Deviled Eggs

Love deviled eggs? You’re going to enjoy these keto fat bombs.

In this version, you mix avocado chunks with egg yolks and process them along with mayo, lemon juice and seasoning for a smooth filling. Spread these onto veggie slices, or even better, fill those discarded egg white halves for some extra protein.

These keep for up to five days, so they’re great to make and enjoy for a work week’s worth of breakfast.

4. Caramel Apple Pie Fat Bomb

Enjoy the flavors of a caramel apple pie minus the hassle with this easy fat bomb recipe. You sauté the apples with cinnamon while blending coconut cream, oil and butter along with toffee-flavored stevia. Pour into a silicon mold, set in the freezer and you’re done!

5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

Try a new take on chocolate chip cookie dough with these keto fat bombs. They’re packed with butter, cream cheese and MCT oil, plus your favorite nut butter and chocolate chips. Best of all, they’re ready in under an hour, and no baking is required!

Photo: Fit Mom Journey

6. Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs

Forget a long ingredients list or complicated instructions. These chocolate fat bombs are made with just five ingredients you likely already have: coconut oil, cocoa powder, raw honey, vanilla extract and salt.

Even better? These keep indefinitely in the freezer. Make a massive stash, and have fat bombs on hand all the time.

7. Cinnamon Bun Fat Bomb Bars

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a sugar-laden dessert. After all, these keto fat bombs include not one but two types of icing! Have no fear, though. These bomb bars are super keto-friendly and made just with coconut oil, almond butter and cinnamon.

Try them next time you’re in the mood for a cinnamon bun!

8. Coconut Oil Fat Bombs

Sweet, refreshing coconut finished with chocolate goodness? You won’t want to skip these coconut oil fat bombs. They’re made with just a handful of ingredients, including shredded coconut, coconut oil, raw honey, dark chocolate and vanilla.


Combine all the ingredients except the chocolate together to form the balls. As for the chocolate? You melt that, and drizzle over your fat bombs.

Heck. Yes.

Coconut Oil Fat Bombs
Photo: Paleo Hacks

9. Coconut Berry Fat Bombs

Berries and coconut are always a good combo, and these keto fat bombs are no different. Made with just four ingredients, they’re a lovely way to sweeten up an afternoon without hidden nasties.

10. Craving Buster Fat Bombs

If you’re struggling to curb sugar cravings or give processed foods the boot, these tasty fat bombs can help. Made with just three ingredients, they’re like a sugar-free version of an almond butter cup.

I also love that this healthy recipe includes a one-serving option for those times when you just need a quick fix!

Craving Buster Fat Bombs
Photo: Living Well Mom

11. Easy Lemon Cheesecake Bombs

This low-carb dessert recipe is so good, even family members who aren’t following a keto diet will love it. These cheesecake bars are made with cream cheese, butter, coconut oil and all things lemon (juice, extract and zest) and are crazy easy to prepare: Just blend all the ingredients, pour into cupcake tins, freeze and enjoy.

12. Fat Bomb Pumpkin Pie Patties

You can’t go wrong with pumpkin-flavored treats, and this fat bomb recipe is no exception. It’s made with pumpkin puree, vanilla extract, coconut oil and shredded pumpkin and even adds collagen for an extra health boost. It’s a pumpkin lover’s dream.

Photo: Healthful Pursuit

13. Frozen Chocolate Whips

When you need a frozen treat, these chocolate whips are hard to beat. Essentially frozen chocolate whipped cream, they satisfy ice cream cravings while sticking to a healthy, low-carb diet.

Make and share a batch, or keep them in the freezer for a cooling snack on those hot summer nights.

14. Fudge Fat Bombs

Most of us already think of fudge as fat bombs, but with this keto recipe, they’re good-for-you fat bombs! Made with almond butter, coconut oil, cacao powder, coconut flour and stevia, these fudge bites are a great snack — kids will love them, too.

Fudge Fat Bombs
Photo: Real Balanced

15. Ginger Fat Bombs

This one is for the ginger fans. The spice adds a refreshing zing that some fat bombs lack, while ensuring you get enough healthy fats to keep you satisfied.

And did I mention this is ready in 10 minutes?

16. Keto Fat Bombs with Cacao and Cashew

Are these truffles, or are they fat bombs? When they taste this good, does it matter?

These cacao and cashew fat bombs will be one of your go-to recipes. You need only five ingredients, but the winning combo — including chopped cashews — gives these a decadent feel.

Photo: Kettle and Fire

17. Keto Pecan Pie Clusters

These fat bombs are the ones to reach for when you’re craving a pecan pie. Made with dark chocolate, butter, heavy cream and, of course, chopped pecans, they taste like the filling you’d find in your favorite pie, without all the hassle of baking — and lots more (health) fat!

18. Keto Peppermint Coffee Fat Bombs

If you enjoy a morning cup of coffee, why not add a little fat to it? These fat bombs were designed especially to enjoy in a mug with your favorite brew.

With the addition of peppermint extract and unsweetened chocolate, there’s no way you’ll be sleepy after having a cup with these bombs in it!

19. Key Lime Pie Fat Bombs

Pretend you’re in the Florida Keys with these lime fat bombs. Not only is this recipe keto-friendly, but it’s also vegan, making it easy to share with others.

If you can get your hands on them, definitely opt for fresh key lime juice for an even more intense flavor.

20. Maple Almond Fudge Fat Bombs

Need something sweet but eating low-carb? These maple almond bombs will do the trick!

They have just four ingredients, and you don’t even need to turn on the stove. Just melt your ingredients in the microwave, pour into a muffin tin and freeze until hardened. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Photo: Buns In My Oven

21. Mocha Ice Bombs

These ice bombs are the perfect pick-me-up on warm days. The mocha filling is made from cream cheese, cocoa, powdered sweetener and strong coffee, and then covered with a chocolate coating. Each bomb has just the right amount of coffee taste and chocolatey goodness.

22. Raspberry Almond Chocolate Fat Bombs

These keto fat bombs look like chocolate bars, but because they’re full of so much goodness, they’re actually better! This recipe uses walnuts and almonds, but you could swap in your favorite nuts, like macadamia.

I love the berry flavor and gorgeous color the raspberries add — don’t be surprised if the kids want a bite of this one!

Raspberry Almond Chocolate Fat Bombs
Photo: My PCOS Kitchen

23. Samoa Fudge Bombs

Inspired by everyone’s favorite Girl Scouts cookies flavor, these fudge bombs are tough to resist. The caramel coating is what really takes these over the top.

Made with molasses, butter, heavy cream and vanilla, these are a treat you can feel good about. There are several options, too, whether you’re just keeping Paleo or going full keto.

24. Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Almond Cluster Fat Bombs

This recipe combines cocoa butter and powder with whipping cream, monk fruit sweetener, sea salt and raw almonds (or for a nut-free version, pumpkin seeds instead). It makes for a satisfying treat for the chocolate lovers out there.

25. Keto Fat Bomb with Cinnamon and Almond Butter

If you’re looking for a simple fat bomb recipe, this four-ingredient one is for you. This tasty treat calls for almond butter, cinnamon, vanilla extract and grass-fed butter … and that’s it! it take a bit to cool, but you can put it together in a matter of minutes.

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