Top 10 (Riboflavin) Vitamin B2 Rich Foods

October 12, 2017

Top 10 Vitamin B2 RIch Foods - Dr.Axe

Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 is also a water-soluble vitamin involved in energy metabolism. It helps the body utilize the other B-vitamins all of which assist with helping our body use energy from food.

It may also help protect cells from oxidative damage.

Generally, riboflavin and thiamine deficiencies are seen together.

Vitamin B2 Deficiency symptoms include cracks in the corners of the mouth, sore throat, and hypersensitivity to light.

One of the most common side effects of vitamin B2 deficiency are migraine headaches.

A deficiency in riboflavin effects the formation of collagen, needed to maintain healthy skin. It is found in many foods, especially those of animal origin. The RDA for men is 1.2 mg/day and 1.1 mg/day for women. The Daily Value is 1.7 mg.

Consuming theses vitamin B2 rich foods can help you overcome many health issues and improve cellular function.

Top 10 Vitamin B2 Rich Foods

1) Beef liver
3 oz: 2.9 mg (over 100% DV)

2) Lamb
3 oz: 3.9 mg (over 100% DV)

3) Milk
1 cup: 0.45 mg (26% DV)

4) Natural yogurt
1 cup: 0.57 (34% DV)

5) Mushrooms
½ cup: 0.23 mg (14% DV)

6) Spinach
½ c: 0.21 mg (12% DV)

7) Almonds
1 oz: 0.323 mg (19% DV)

8) Sun-dried tomatoes
1 cup: 0.285 mg (17% DV)

9) Salmon (wild)
3 oz: 0.135 mg (8% DV)

10) Eggs
1 large: 0.228 mg (13% DV)

Top Health Benefits of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Cancer prevention
Due to the role riboflavin plays in preventing oxidative damage, it may also be connected to cancer prevention. Cancer is thought to be initiated by damage caused by oxygen forming free radicals. Sufficient intakes of riboflavin may help reduce free radicals and therefore cancer risk.

Migraine Headaches
There is some evidence that riboflavin may help treat or prevent migraine headaches. A high dose of the vitamin (under the care of a medical professional) has been shown to reduce the frequency of migraines.

Healthy Hair and Skin
Since riboflavin plays a role in maintaining collagen levels, it has an effect on healthy skin and hair. Collagen is needed to maintain structure and prevent wrinkles in the skin. A riboflavin deficiency can also result in slower wound healing.


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