Homemade Rosemary Mint Shampoo

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  1. sarah says:

    Been looking for a good natrual shampoo for a long time, can’t wait to try this thankyou:)

  2. Karen says:

    Any thoughts about creating this with fresh rosemary? Just wondering as I have much more than I ever use!

    • It would be hard to get the essence of rosemary out of the plant and into the shampoo. I believe it would still smell good but you may not get all the health benefits that you would using a highly concentrated essential oil.

  3. Gosia says:

    Hello Dr. Axe! I like and appreciate all informations you are providing for us to improve the quality of our lives! Thank you! I have though a one question that is very important to me and to which I can’t seem to find the answer. I’ve read lots about pH of our bodies, for some reason it is very difficult to rise the pH of my body to the right number which is 7.3 – 7.5. I tried everything including using pH drops and pH stick and nothing seem to help. I’ve been eating very healthy, lots of salads, little dairy, almost no meat and 95% of food I buy is organic. The pH of my urine is usually ok but the pH of my saliva is way to low and sometimes the yellow strip does not change the colour at all! Would you have any suggestions, I often worry that my body is too acidic. Please help!

  4. Leah says:

    I’ve made and used this shampoo; however, it makes my hair dry, stringy and unmanageable. Do you have a conditioner that I should be using also our just a vinegar rinse?

    • As of now we just have the vinegar conditioner posted but you can use this recipe that I’ll be posting on the site soon!

      1 cup coconut oil
      1 tbsp jojoba oil
      1 tsp vitamin E oil
      1/2 cup yogurt

      Blend all the ingredients until whipped and use after the shampoo. Rinse well!

    • helene says:

      once youve used the baking soda on ur hair, altho it is a weak alkali, u want to neutralize it with an acid such acv. dont use white vinegar tho…thats too acidic. and ur hair will take a good week to stop overproducing oil from using shampoo on it. it wont look too bad but it wont feel that clean for about a week. stick with it! i dont bother putting EOs in my wash as the scent will lost in the acv rinse. put the EOs in ur diluted acv water. :)

      • Karis says:

        There is a lot of advice all over the internet advising against the bs/acv routine. Aparently, the Ph shock from alkaline to acidic weakens the hair and makes it brittle. However, since aloe is a Ph balancer, you could try mixing your acv with aloe instead of water. This will be much gentler on your hair, and acv is a good conditioner.

    • Sharvani says:

      You might try Dr Bronner’s conditioning rinse. I have fine hair that gets very stringy and this has citris oils and juices that help bring back shine and softness. Plus it’s completely natural and comes from a company with great business ethics.

  5. Lovi says:

    I have made rosemary shampoo…must b doing something wrong…didn’t clean my hair…it was like doing nothing.


    • The recipe isn’t supposed to get “soapy.” Most shampoos contain chemicals that are harsh on your hair and strip the hair of it’s natural oils and these are the things that produce the suds. We commonly associate the suds with soap and cleansing but you can absolutely clean your hair without them. It may take your hair a little bit to get used to the shampoo as well, especially if you have been using normal shampoo for a while.

  6. Lovi says:

    I need to wash my hair every other day
    .it is very oily. I will try again and see what happens..ty

    • Many times hair can become oily because your body is trying to supply your hair with the natural oils it is stripped of through conventional shampoo. The more you wash your hair, the more oil your scalp will produce. It may take a little time for your scalp to normalize oil production and realize it’s not being stripped of oil and stop producing as much.

  7. Lovi says:

    The consistency of the shampoo is kinda watery, is that the way it’s suppose to be..ty

    • It is more that way in comparison to conventional shampoo. You can add more aloe vera juice to make it less “watery.”

      • Margaret says:

        In looking for “aloe vera gel” for this recipe, I’ve been finding aloe vera juice (to drink) and aloe vera for skin use. I’m assuming it’s the juice. It’s a perishable item once opened so I wanted to be sure I’m selecting the best one for DIY shampoo. Did I assume correctly? Thanks!

      • Yes, it is perishable but should be a little thicker similar to a gel. You can see the one I use by clicking on the link in the ingredients.

  8. Carly says:

    Could you use this if you have some human hair extensions? Thanks

  9. lorraine says:

    Hi, may I pls ask for clarification. One website states folk with high blood pressure must never use Rosemary. Do you agree with this??
    Thanks again for an amazing web. I’m seventy odd and loving the new green life, still early days and lots to learn.
    May our Lord grant you all the wisdom and blessings

    • I don’t think that in small amounts it would be much of an issue. For high blood pressure I think the best oils to use are Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Lavender, and Helichrysum. Glad you’re enjoying the site, thanks for your encouragement!

    • Amy says:

      Don’t forget that studies show that a treatment plan of chiropractic adjustments lowers blood pressure as effectively as blood pressure medication. Something to think about as blood pressure medication may cause kidney failure.

  10. Cindy says:

    I just mixed up the rosemary mint shampoo recipe and it is awful runny. Not near gel like at all. I clicked on the link for the aloe vera jel, in your on-line recipe, and it goes to a aloe vera juice listed on Amazon. So that is what I ordered. Am I getting the wrong link or is this the right one?

  11. Cindy says:

    I recently made this shampoo and my hair is so oily. My hair feels like it is plastered to my head. What is the deal? I followed the recipe except I ordered the Aloe Vera Juice instead cause the link took me to that and I bought it off Amazon. That is the only difference.

    • You could decrease the amount of olive oil used in the recipe. Conventional shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils so your scalp increases oil production to try to keep up. When we stop stripping the oils away, it may take some time for your body to notice the oils have not been removed and adjust the oil production.

  12. Matt Warnock says:

    What a great recipe. If you do want a little suds try adding a little Dr. Bronners soap. It’s all natural, but being a real soap it will wash away oils from your hair and scalp. I’m a soap maker and have been formulating different all-natural shampoos and it’s hard to use true soap and not strip your hair of its natural oils. Aside from processed chemical surfactants, shampoos add in lubricants to allow you to run your fingers or a comb through your hair when rinsing out the sudsy surfactants. If the natural liquid soap strips you hair “too” clean, the conditioner recipe with the coconut oil will be super hydrating. Thanks Dr. Axe for such cool recipes!

  13. Michelle says:

    How long will this last before going off? What is the best way to store it – does it need to be kept in the fridge or is the bathroom OK?

  14. Kati Reyburn says:

    Just wondering if the olive oil can leave your hair greasy? Could it be worse for someone with already very oily hair?

  15. Maria Collazo says:

    May I use coconut oil instead of olive oil?

    • Yes, just make sure you use a small amount and add more as your hair tolerates it. Also, make sure it is stored in a place where the coconut oil remains in liquid form.

  16. Rebecca says:

    I find that this shampoo is very difficult to rub into your hair. I have a difficult time getting to the roots and feeling like I’ve cleaned all my hair with this shampoo. It is also very grainy, which I think makes it all the more difficult…any feedback or help with this these problems? Thinking I might find a different way to shampoo my hair…

    Also, I know that you’re supposed to give it time, but it’s been a week and my hair still so greesy feeling and it looks so wet like I got out of the shower…..even after it being a day of my hair being “dry”

    • Try adding in a little of the Dr. Bronners mild soap (found here: http://amzn.to/1ptdhew). This should help it rinse out and also give you more more of the clean feeling you’re looking for. It will also help wash out more of the oil so your hair won’t be greasy

  17. Rebecca says:

    ok, that’s a good suggestion. I should be able to do that easily, as I already have the soap from other products I’ve made. I will give it a try.
    This to me, however, still begs the question: what would really make me want to choose this shampoo over any other shampoo? Wouldn’t it be just as good (and easier) to just buy the hair soap from dr. bronner’s website? https://www.drbronner.com/DBMS/category/ORGANICHAIRCARE.html
    I am trying to find something natural as I have lyme disease and am doing everything i can to get my body healthy. i want a product that is all natural, but also works.

    • You can but then won’t be getting the benefits of the rosemary and peppermint oils or the aloe vera. I like making my own recipes so I can control exactly how much of each ingredient is in the shampoo. Many people have found that using Dr Bronners shampoo to be too much on their hair causing it to be dry. In making your own, you still have control and are able to add in ingredients specific to your health goals.

  18. Carrie says:

    My hair is very thin and tends to look stringy and greasy very quickly. I thought a shampoo that would help my hair look thicker would be good.
    I made this shampoo. I didn’t have Rosemary, so I used Tea Tree oil. I have used it every day for five days. My hair looks so greasy, it looks wet! I read all the comments and had full intentions of sticking it out the full week so my body can adjust and stop making so much oil. It is Sunday morning, do I do my hair up today again and wait it out? I don’t have any of the mild soap mentioned above, but I did add more aloe Vera gel to my bottle. (I haven’t tried it yet) I think the olive oil on my hair has been accumulating all week. (I can hardly stand myself!)
    I have been using a quarter size portion and dispursing it the best I can. Rinsing it immediately than spraying my hair all over with the ACV conditioner and letting it sit 5 min than rinsing very well.
    Any tips?

  19. Terah says:

    For about a month I’ve been using the Baking Soda/Water wash that a lot of people recommend, with an ACV/water/tea tree oil rinse. But, I think the Baking Soda is making my hair fall out by the handful! Is there a difference between your recipe and simply the baking soda/water mixtures? Or should I just stay away from Baking Soda Shampoos?

    • You could try decreasing the amount of baking soda in the recipe. It would be rare for this to be caused by baking soda but could be hard on your hair if you are using too much at a time. The aloe vera gel in this recipe could be beneficial along with the rosemary for your scalp and hair. I would also assess your diet to ensure you aren’t lacking nutrients that could cause that.

  20. Corrie Ann Gray says:

    I have not used store bought shampoo in year, only non-chemical and natural. I tried this recipe and by mid-day my hair was greasy. I normally only have to wash my hair every other day bit with this it is daily. I allowed the olive oil to separate over night and removes it to try again. Hair is very weighed down and more falls out.

    Dr. Axe. I noticed in the aloe vera gel you use that it has carrageenan. What are your thoughts on this? I avoid carrageenan in my alt-dairy products. Can it be bad if it is absorbed through the skin?

  21. Matthew says:

    Dr. Axe, if I add tea tree oil to this mixture is it still safe to keep in plastic? I LOVE the DIY recipes you’re providing!

  22. Melissa says:

    Would this be safe to use on color-treated hair? I’ve been switching to all-natural products, but coloring my hair is something I haven’t been able to give up on (as I’m in my early thirties and more than 75% gray). I also try to wait as long as possible between colorings and don’t want to use something that will strip the color. Any thoughts?

  23. Doylene says:

    It must have been the aloe I tried. This is all gelled and will not come out of the bottle. Will have to try again. Any recommendations on the aloe to use??

  24. Peggy A says:

    These products should be stored in glass – – essential oils should never be stored in plastic containers as they are absorbed into the plastic and lose the efficacy of the product.

  25. Lillie says:

    What could I add to this recipe to make it a *conditioning* shampoo? :) Thank you!

  26. Arliss says:

    I have made the shampoo and used it for three days, and my hair looks so oily it looks dirty. I quit using it as I am so ashamed how my hair looks. I have used Dr Bonners liquid Castile soap for years and it always keeps it looking nice. I thought I would use this to try and help with my hair loss but am so unhappy with it I have stopped. Any suggestions?

  27. Dawn Smith says:

    i’ve been using the “No Poo” method for 2 years. I tried this last night. Left my hair so greasy I had to rewash. I’d suggest decreasing the amount of olive oil to one tablespoon.

  28. Angela Tate says:

    I have thyroid issues, my hair is very fine and very thin. My scalp is naturally oily but my hair is dry and brittle. My hair falls out a good bit. I work in the public eye so I don’t want to walk around with oily hair or nappy looking hair. Any suggestions on natural way to clean it. I have thought about seeing what ingredients are in the wen shampoo and try to make it as close to it as possible

  29. Victor says:

    Dr Axe, my 6 yr old son has alopecia, where he loses his hair annually beginning in September and it grows back although not completely in the Spring. His dermatologists prescribed Protopic and Fluocinonide. What would you recommend for children?

  30. ALICIA says:


  31. lorie devlieger says:

    I have been getting hard itchy sore bumps on my head. And some on my face and neck. Also my hair is falling out like crazy. My docter was no help at all. Just said i was getting older. And my scalp was getting oil. Ive tried so many things nothing is helping. I have bought some oils. Please help?

  32. Carrie says:

    I have made and used this shampoo according to the recipe and used it for a full week everyday and still my hair has been extremely oily. I have since made the shampoo again and eliminated the olive oil. I love the way my hair feels after I use it. I follow it with the ACV rinse, also on this site. Since I have eliminated the olive oil, will my hair get dry and damaged over time? Or will the aloe vera provide enough moisture to my hair. My hair is very fine.

  33. Claudie says:

    Instead of buying the aloe vera gel, can I just use my aloe vera plant and “shave” the gel off the leaf? Would that mean a shorter shelf life for the shampoo? Thank you for all the great ideas and recipes!

    • Absolutely! Although I”m not sure what the shelf life would be using it from the plant. I would only make enough to last a few days to keep it fresh and keep it refrigerated.

  34. elodie says:

    Dr Axe thank you very much for the work you do it is really excellent congratulations
    i would like to know if there is an alternative to lessen or eliminate fibroids and cysts which are, to my understanding, an issue regarding hormone imbalance could you gear me alternatively on those matters please as i would like to avoid being operated on if something can be done beforehand, thank you very much

  35. Sarah says:

    Do you know the ph of this cleanser? I want to use something a little on the acid side, as I understand that is the ph needed for hair and skin. Thanks!

  36. Veronika says:

    Hello Dr. Axe,
    A quick question many I susubstitute olive oil with vitamin E oil to make my hair thicker?

  37. Cindylou says:

    Hi Dr. Axe, this sounds lovely! However, I have very dry, brittle curly hair which is also super frizzy and was wondering if you think this shampoo would work for me? I do use a homemade organic olive oil and rosemary intensive conditioner once a week. Thanks :) Cindy

  38. Neeka G says:

    Is the mix suppose to separate, liquid on top and baking soda on bottom? Also how many times can I wash my hair with this?

  39. Deborah says:

    Hi, I did make this three weeks ago and today more oily and how to reduce oily or it is normal? Or anything is miss? I did make all of the list..