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Salt Water Flush Recipe


Salt water flush recipe - Dr. Axe

Are you like 20 percent of the public that suffers from constipation? It’s nothing to be ashamed about, so even if high-fiber foods don’t always do the trick, consider a salt water flush. Sometimes called a “salt water cleanse” or a “master cleanse,” it’s designed to help you cleanse your colon and digestive system by bringing on a forced bowel movement.

The key part of a salt water flush recipe is salt itself, as it’s needed for many biochemical processes. The official salt water flush has become more popular over the past decade as a “hack” to facilitate digestion and cleansing as part of a kick-start when doing a “master cleanse” program. Drinking a salt mixture ignites the body’s own mechanism of natural detoxification and waste elimination, helping to get your digestive system back on track and in the process making you feel lighter, less sluggish and less weighed-down.

The salt water flush is most effective if you perform it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If you do it later in the day, just make sure you haven’t eaten anything in the past one to two hours.

To perform a simple sea salt flush at home, start with 2 teaspoons of sea salt, which can be colored salt, such as pink Himalayan salt or “gray salt.” (Make sure it’s pure salt, for you don’t want to use iodinated salt — so always make sure there is no iodine added at all.)

Heat up 1 liter of filtered water. You want the water to be warmer than room temperature, but not boiling or very hot. It should be cooler than the temp you would use to brew tea or coffee.

Grab a glass jar with a lid and add the salt, hot water, and some fresh lemon juice or lemon water (which helps cut the taste of the salt). Shake it vigorously to fully dissolve the salt. Make sure no granules are visible, which will settle at the bottom of your jar/lid if they’re still undissolved.

Drink the mixture quickly, within a few minutes if possible (under 5 minutes is the goal). Since it doesn’t taste great (it’s very salty!), you will probably want to drink it down as fast as you can.

Lay down on your side and massage your belly on one side, then repeat on the other side. Holding in the mixture for at least 30 minutes is ideal.

Within a short time after finishing the mixture, you should start to feel the urge to go to the bathroom. Once you feel you can no longer hold out, go to the bathroom. You might have to go more than one time, sometimes needing to use the bathroom several times before you’re fully “cleansed” and your colon is emptied.

After doing a cleanse of any kind, it’s a good idea to take a probiotic supplement and load up on healthy foods, which helps establish healthy bacteria in your internal gut flora (microbiome) and provide you essential nutrients/electrolytes.

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Salt water flush recipe - Dr. Axe

Salt Water Flush Recipe

  • Author: Dr. Josh Axe
  • Total Time: 5 min
  • Yield: 1 1x


Sometimes called a “salt water cleanse” or a “master cleanse,” a salt water flush is designed to help you cleanse your colon and digestive system by bringing on a forced bowel movement.


  • 2 teaspoons of sea salt (Celtic variety better than Pink Himalayan)
  • 1 liter of hot filtered water
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice or one cup of lemon water
  • glass jar with a lid


  1. Heat up your water but not to boiling.
  2. Add your ingredients into the jar and put the lid on. Shake it vigorously to fully dissolve the salt. Make sure no granules are visible.
  3. Drink the mixture quickly, within a few minutes if possible (under 5 minutes is the goal).
  4. Lay down on your side and massage your belly on one side, then repeat on the other side. If you can manage to hold in the solution for about 30 minutes, this will help your body fully absorb the salt.
  5. Within a short time after finishing the mixture, you should start to feel the urge to go to the bathroom.
  6. Once you feel you can no longer hold out, go to the bathroom. You might have to go more than one time, sometimes needing to use the bathroom for several times before you’re fully “cleansed” and your colon is emptied.


After doing a cleanse of any kind, it’s a good idea to take a probiotic supplement and load up on healthy foods.

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  1. Mitzi on

    Surely all that salt is bad for those who have a tendency to high blood pressure. I have had HBP but I don’t have it now. I wouldn’t touch this recipe.

  2. Marty on

    Thank you Dr. Axe and Kapuna Aunty Margaret Machado, Hawaiian legend, healer, and Lomilomi teacher who made the Deep Sea Saltwater Cleanse famous. Used to do a simplified version almost 35 years ago. Vivid memories of the ‘bucket inspections’ to see the discharged impacted fecal matter.
    The full 7- or 10-day versions included Lomilomi massage, cleaning herbs, fruit and vegetable meals, sunbathing, sauna, exercise on the beach at a remote Hawaiian retreat.
    Though Aunty Margaret passed in 2009, the tradition is still being carried on.

  3. Monica on

    Thank you for the info! When you mention taking probiotics after, I feel like it infers that the salt flush ruins/removes your current good flora. Sounds similar to the negative effects of antibiotics which I’m trying to avoid. Can you help me understand better the difference?

    • Veronica on

      The ratio of salt to water is important.

      Dr. Axe didn’t say the weight range for this recipe. If you feel you may need it, make a double recipe and drink what you can. Make sure to drink lots of plain water as well!

      As with endoscopy/colonoscopy prep, the goal is to eliminate fecal matter and flush the entire GI tract with clear liquid. My GI doc suggested I take stool softeners if I was constipated prior to the prep.

  4. Sham Singh on

    Two tea spoons are not much for my body of 6’2” and weight of 205 lbs. For my machine I need 4 tea spoons that is about 24 grams it makes one table spoon = 18grams approx and plus one tea spoon about 6 grams aprox.

  5. Linda on

    I need something to help me- I have bowel movements about every 2 weeks and my right side of back hurts. Been going on for years and doctors cannot find why but I need to go!

    I have heart disease- the cholestoral one- Osteogenesis Imperfecta- DRY DRY SKIN that I cannot get rid of and skin doctor said here is more stuff to try so basically no help. It is creams to put on my scalp yet my inside of eyes and ears and nose and scalp itch all the time! No rash.

    Can you help me?

    Would this detox help or another kind?

    Bless you and yours.

    • Rebekah on

      You have hypochloridia; drink 2 oz of lemon juice (undiluted) through a straw every time you eat. Don’t drink any water or other liquids with or near (20 minutes before, one hour after) meals.
      Hypochloridia causes bloating, constipation, fungal overgrowth, cavities, and kidney stones, among many other things. The fungal overgrowth is what’s causing the itching. Incorporate coconut oil and cinnamon into your diet, and try to eat Paleo-style.
      Within 24-28 hours of starting to take the lemon juice, your gut will start emptying. After two weeks on the lemon juice you can start taking HCL capsules with meals instead, if you want. Doctor’s Best brand is effective and inexpensive.

    • Gloria on

      Dear Linda, my doctor recommended magnesium to help facilitate bowel movements. I take 1 magnesium oxide tablet with every meal and every morning, after I have a small glass of water or 1/2 my cup of coffee or tea, I need to go,
      There are many different types of magnesium, mag oxide is what you want.
      Do some searches on magnesium, it has many health benefits and a deficiency in it may be causing some of your other symptoms.
      If 3 per day makes your stools too loose, back down to 2/ day. I hope this will help you.

    • nat on

      Could possibly have something to do with the liver. Read about the liver and gallbladder flush by andreas moritz. That might give some valuable information.

    • Rae on

      Sounds like candida biofilm! Severe detox is necessary. The bodies toxicity will negatively impact liver and kidneys. I’m sure you also have leaky gut! Body needs nutrients. Start with every other day coffee
      Enemas and then Defoe Tummy. Google dr Daniels candida study

    • Janani on

      Have you ever deep cleaned your colon?? I was like this too and so weak and sick. I decided to do coffee enemas, and there were so many parasites, so I decided to keep doing them sometimes 2-3 x a day as I was releasing some really old toxic stuff. When I would feel really toxic from the die off I’d do another enema which is key when you’re this impacted, since clearing it out I have perfect posture vericose veins GONE, I can sleep, no itching no dry skin, eyes big and bright,
      I also completely stopped eating sugar white flour it and processed food or meat, whole food only. What a life saving thing. Research the hidden parasite issue we have. Everyone has them.
      They slowly take your life by blocking up bowels along with food not designed for humans. When you have old poo and dead animal inside of you, you attract parasites because they think they need to decompose you. Get it out! Pooping 3 times a day MINIMUM. Constipation is a toxic health damaging things, look up the book this famishing world and read about food and your colon health.

  6. Misan on

    Will this (salt water flush) flush out good bacteria? Like oxalobacter formigenes that can not be regained/replenished once lost?

  7. Premlatha Rajkumar on

    Thank you Dr. Axe for all your wonderful enlightening articles on health and wellbeing. I have been following your posts and buying your products for a long time now and I have never been disappointed. You are a wonderful human being and your service to humanity is greatly appreciated. May you be immensely blessed! Appreciate you for all that you are and all that you do!

    • Jo on

      I’ve read on other salt water flushes that drinking the solution quickly will make people throw up. Another detox site I use recommends 1.5-2.5 TBSP of salt and to sip slowly over 20-30min

    • Tanya on

      I used to buy the Shudh cleanse, which is no longer available. But, I still keep with the practice, though I use Dr. Axe’s recipe. I gulp 8-10 oz, then do 6 Asana yoga moves for digestion, then another 8-10oz and so on. It usally takes me 2L and 2 hrs to accomplished the task. I sometimes gag, so I’ll stop drinking at that point or take a break. I could never do 1L all at once.

  8. Emma on

    Always we were told salt water was given to induce vomiting and that works too good. Maybe enough lemon juice would stop that??

  9. Jan on

    I have been using salt water flushes since the early 1980’s. Especially when I am fighting an illness or an infection. They are life saving. I always do them first thing in the morning and also combine them with high colonic irrigation at times. I used them when I was fighting the Covid 19 battle (along with several other holistic and natural remedies) and could not have made it through without them. I do not use pharmaceuticals of any kind, not even an aspirin and especially not antibiotics which ruined my health after massive intravenous infusions for chronic childhood infections.

    • George Gavin on

      Psoriasis may be caused by a variety of circumstances. One reference you can explore is Dr. John Pagano, for real.

      I healed my own psoriasis with a 3 month mainly vegetarian diet, as much organic as I could.

      No refined foods, clean food with as few or no additives as and if possible. No dairy, white bread and no nightshade family vegetables; these include tomatoes -ketchup, spaghetti sauce etc. , eggplant and potatoes and a few other google search: (nightshade foods).

      Some daily exercise, walking is good enough and early morning early evening sunlight or vit. d supplement.

      Get his book and there is a lecture on YouTube to find out about him.

      That worked for me, and I am not dispensing medical advice.

    • tracy on

      Hi Bryan: This is my personal experience only, not a medical professional and not a nutritionist-I have found that eating keto and then went carnivore and saw my skin clear after one week on carnivore. Nutrition is best way to resolve skin problems. And not dirty keto, please. Nourishing foods that don’t contain grains or sugars or come in a packet or box. My skin would flare the worst when consuming glutens and alcohol. No troubles at all when I went back to keto after a brief trial with carnivore diet. Something to think about :)

    • Su on

      I healed mine with a combo of the following 2 things:
      (1) MSM crystals: buy the large crystals and grind into a fine powder. Avoid the MSM powders or capsules… they may contain fillers
      (2) Raw shea butter: really any natural lotion will do. But not something runny – it needs to be thick enough to “hold” the MSM powder. Avoid over-processed “mositurizers”

      Mix 85% lotion with 15% MSM powder and apply twice (or more) daily as lotion.

      My back, inner thighs, butt cheeks, arms were covered with it, it was itchy and embarassing! Suffered for YEARS! And it’s now cleared. Next Summer I can wear open-backed clothing…yeyyyy!!

      Also, I shared this with someone in my workout class who had it pretty bad on their arms and it healed theirs as well, so it’s NOT just me. Try it, and good luck!

    • Janani on

      Also look into mouth parasites. I had advanced periodontal disease and teeth were sensitive and getting loose, could not figure it out. Did a huge enema cleanse over a month and my teeth are completely healed. If you have mercury fillings get those out because the heavy metal attracts parasites.
      Rinse with high content salt water 10 x a day to kill the parasites in your gums. They also get into your sinuses and seep toxins onto the tooth roots.

    • Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN on

      As long as you keep it to a short time period, such as 1 to 2 days, yes, it would be safe. A salt water cleanse is safe for breastfeeding because toxins are pulled out very gradually, in smaller amounts, and your breast milk is largely unaffected.

    • Jolene Simmons on

      Saltwater flush is the only thing that works for my constipation. In the morning before breakfast. I add lemon and lime juice. Drink it down in 5 minutes or less and within 45 minutes it works. Concentrate on the bowel movement and not reading or the internet.

    • Rainey on

      It’s been a long time since I did the research but what I remember is that the clay beds used to evaporate seawater for the Celtic sea salt have mineral properties that add to the benefits. And it tastes better to me.

    • Dominic Feeney on

      Maybe you didn’t use enough water volume or use enough salt? I usually put in more than 2 teaspoons, actually don’t think that would make it saline enough for your gut to reject it and flush it through.

    • andy on

      maybe you were not on a completely empty stomach.

      if you do this and your stomach is empty, you’ll simply become bloated.

  10. jowpie on

    I did two cleanses in 1 day. I was super backed up. first cleanse definitely worked, emptied out everything. second cleanse, I’m 30 mins in and feel no urge to poop yet

  11. Usha Sri on

    Hi, I tried this today with one litre water It worked very well. But please let me know when can I didn’t l drink normal water? After how many hours one should consume food? And even probiotic drink.

  12. Rick on

    Your body does not absorb the salt, or as little as possible. The whole point is to make a solution that will pass through the body. The solution has specific gravity such that it ‘floats’ through the body, not being absorbed. That is what makes it able to flush the colon.

  13. Nikki on

    What would be a good schedule to follow? Salt water cleanse, detox drinks, baths, master cleanse, eat normal but healthy foods. What to do first, second, third, etc.???

  14. Sue on

    Hi I did this and it worked. However, it took me longer than 5 minutes to drink all the water. This was also my first time doing any colon cleanse. Next time hopefully I will be able to drink all the water closer to 5 minutes. Feeling great!

    • Kevin on

      I used 4 cups, which is roughly 1 liter. I was able to drink 2 cups in 5 minutes. Over the next 20 minutes I sipped 1 more cup, because of nausea. I stopped and did not drink the full liter, but still go results within the hour.

  15. Ssejuuko Richard on

    I tried it but ididnt get tthe results could be having aserious problem or it so happens and may be later it can work out just asking

  16. june seymour on

    I ate a frozen dinner with 66per cent salt, now i have a rash on my legs, very itchy, breaking out, i always try to watch how much salt i consume at any one time, no potato chips or salt on my food, have had to watch salt for several years, this just was my mistake for not reading the contents of the meal, can you suggest something to stop the itch?

    • Lee on

      A salt flush you drink the water to cleanse the intestinal tract. An enema, you insert water anally to cleanse the colon. Both have the same effect, yet the enema cannot flush beyond the colon.

  17. Aujunai on

    How can a person drink a whole liter of water…which is 33. 8 ounces of water at one time without vomiting it all back up? Are you sure these measurements are correct? this doesn’t sound right for the 1 liter part. Was this correct about the 1 liter of water?

    • Ash on

      Hi Aujunai, I’ve done this a few times and it’s been totally fine. 1 liter of water is achievable without vomiting. I pour mine out from the jar and have 4 glasses worth. I take a 10 second break between each glass which might help.

      • Harkirat on

        I tried the flush water today and just after 5 minutes I vomited. All the water I drank came out. What do you think, what could have gone wrong?

    • Walter B on

      @Aujunai –

      After working with 100’s of clients, sharing the Sea Salt Cleanse, those that end up “vomiting it all back up” were suffering from:

      1. mild to server forms of constipation (= anything less than 1 or 2 bowel movements per day depending on the type of diet)

      2. they may have slight to server forms of negative bacteria, from buggy meats, fish, and vegetables that have proliferated the upper and lower digestive tract.

      Could be other problems…

      However, after several attempts over several days, those that were vomiting were able to wash away the disturbance in their upper digestive tract and the saltwater was able to flow from end to end or from your mouth, through your intestinal tract to your toilet unhindered.

    • Kelly on

      One litre is the same as drinking 2 bottles of bottled water that come in a case. You can definitely do this without vomiting

  18. Flo on

    The indian panchakarma known as shankaprakshalana in my experience is far more effective in cleansing…it involves a series of exercises to help the intestinal movement.

  19. Su j on

    I was deathly ill with colon blockage brought about by antibiotic that previously had different name, had fda approval of name change to avoid BLACKBOX WARNING of side effects that includes death. My colon had basically stopped functional use. Unable to even keep water from vomiting, my family brought me to G.I specialist who accused me of anorexic behavior, that antibiotics were not an issue it was all in my head and suggested colonoscopy. I told him to go ____ himself. My brilliant wholistic practitioner suggested gallon of water with salt, watched me drink every drop over few hours. Saved my life. Blessings.

  20. Mary on

    Is this safe to do if you have high blood pressure or heart issues? (asking because of that is a lot of sodium)

  21. Rebekah on

    I love Dr. Axe and the many more natural remedies he suggests but I dont love how he and so many online never answer any questions asked in comments on their articles etc. Ya’d think he’d chime in at least once in a while….

  22. felicitas on

    Ist there any contraindication to salt water flush ?e.g.HTN ect?How many times to you do this?How long will drink that one liter?Any side effects after the flush?It seems scary to be drinking bolus saline water?

  23. Teresa on

    This doesn’t seem like a good idea for those with high blood pressure. Can you get the same effect with just the warm water and lemon, minus the salt?

    • Lee on

      No. The salt has purging effects. It cleans out the contents of the digestive tracts.
      As for the high blood pressure, food is thy medicine. You are the only one in charge of your health.

      • Kevin Green on

        Have done it many times with high blood pressure with no increase or ill effects. I feel better when its all said and done. Along with masters cleanse, long-term juice fasting, I was able to reset, lose weight, learn to eat better and get off all meds.

  24. Don on

    Did the master cleanse in college back in the early 70’s. No solid food for two weeks just salt water then a mixture of pure lemon juice maple syrup and cayenne pepper throughout the day.also some black organic tea. Finished it off with a quart of OJ on my last day and felt more energetic than I ever felt. Dropped 12 lbs in 14 days.

  25. Gary on

    I see three recipes #2 # 4 #6
    I’m puzzled am I suppose to graduate to higher or is it based on something else?
    I’m sure it explains somewhere I cant find

  26. CourtMc2 on

    Just tried this cleans for the first time. Drank the entire liter and almost immediately felt something brewing…ran to the bathroom, sat down and grabbed the garbage can to vomit up pretty much the entire liter. About 5 minutes later it worked out the other end. Not sure if the vomiting is a one time thing for my body or if it will happen each time, but it was not fun. Thinking I’ll just let my body recover from this and maybe try it again next weekend to see if anything changes. Anyone else have this happen with this cleanse?

      • BeeNice on

        I have done this several times and never vomit. It usually takes me 6 minutes to drink the salt water. And 15 minutes before I have to go to the bathroom. Then sit for an hour. Don’t walk away and think you just have to fart cuz it won’t be a fart.

  27. Johnmills on

    I have been taking senna one night and one morn for about 2yrs but Suddenly Suffering server pain in my
    Abdomen so visit my doctor Question

  28. Monica on

    Experiencing cleanse right now! So happy I did it! How long should I wait to eat?!?! Ice fasted for 18 hrs so far and very hungry lol thank you!

  29. Daniel on

    For all you concerned about the salt absorption… understand that the body is 0.9% salt. This is why IV fluids of Normal Saline is 0.9%. It’s considered isotonic…. It won’t draw water from the cells or increase the salt concentration in the cells. The body will do it’s own regulation of intaking too much salt or pure water. It’s osmosis. When you drink the salt water solution if it’s too salty, your body will try to make it isotonic by pulling water from the body, causing dehydration. If it’s not salty enough, your body will absorb the water to hydrate you, causing more frequent urination. Two teaspoons of salt in a liter of water will pull fluids from the body to try and dilute the salt, increasing the volume of your intestines with more fluids. Your body will try to expel the salty water as quickly as possible to keep itself from getting too dehydrated. This also carries out important bacteria’s that help regulate the digestive system. Yogurt with probiotics and other enzymes are extremely important after a flush. After your finished emptying your bowels, drink plenty of fresh water to replenish what was drawn out of the body.

    • AF on

      I’ve tried this flush several times following instructions and measurements very precisely and I just get bloated, nothing comes out. I have normal amount of Celtic sea salt in my diet. I have some type of electrolyte imbalance and every time I eat salty foods, I get bloated. The flush worked for my husband perfectly, so it’s definitely not a measurement issue. I’m very curious what could be causing me to retain water/salt. Low potassium maybe? I have a lot of it in my diet though and have tried supplementing with potassium citrate.

  30. Willie Cooper on

    Works like a charm! I actual feel energized even though I work out everyday I now really want to workout with added energy…thanks… this recipe is a life changer for me!

  31. Jeanette Nielsen on

    Dear Dr Axe
    Iam on my 8 day in a juice cleanse.
    Do i you think that the salt water flush will be a good thing to do now or should I have started out doing that?



  32. Justine on

    Hey Dr.Axe,

    Thanks for the recipe! I am having a hard time keeping the flush down, and quickly throw up after taking it. Does this mean this flush isn’t for me or is there anything I can do? I do live in Canada and our measurements are a bit different, but I do 4 cups of water (which is a lot!) and two teaspoons of Himalayan pink salt.

    Thanks again for the receipts, big fan of your website and YouTube channel!

    • CourtMc2 on

      I just experienced the same exact thing. Within a minute of finishing the salt water I rushed to the bathroom and vomited up pretty much the entire liter. But also had a ‘cleanse’ out the other end too within 5 minutes after vomiting. Sounds like you and I have similar reactions, I would also like to know if there is something that we should change about this cleanse to make it easier on our system.

    • SC on

      Justine you are the second person in the comments to say this happened to them. I wish he would answer questions so we would know. I want to try this but not sure now…….

  33. Sonia on

    I did this flush for the first time today. I was thoroughly cleaned out and I feel so much better. I do suffer with frequent constipation and stomach cramps. I think this will help. I plan to do the flush once monthly

  34. Pre on

    I read a tip somewhere that drinking this through a straw helps get it down, and I’ve found that definitely helps for me…not sure why, though!

  35. David Schare on

    To the Doctor
    I mixed this drink up just like it says and it’s been about two hours and I still have not used the bathroom i am still plugged up please help thank you

  36. luba sulpovar on

    Hi dr Axe, I have been reading your articles for more than 5years.
    I highly appreciated your knowledge and willingness to help people.
    You’re a one of a kind empathic good heart person. Than you sooo very much.

  37. Diane gonzalez on

    What does dr. Axe say about histamines? Does collegian make histamines worse? And what can a person do if they are allergic to histamines? Thank you, Diane Gonzalez.

  38. lissett bell on

    I have been drinking salt water for over 3yrs very good but I normally add bicarbonate of soda in cold water it works very fast. I never have probiotics I just have a healthy breakfast
    Thank you

  39. Debbie Boyd on

    I did the 2 teaspoons salt and lemon. Nothing happened. I did not go. I had an injury in my small intestine area, electrical current burn. Not digesting food and I eat very little and can not loose weight.

  40. Zeinab on

    I have a question, can a person who suffers from high blood pressure try this recipe? Can I use Himalayan pink salt instead of sea salt?

  41. Barry Chlypavka on

    This sounds stupid, it is not good to have that much salt added to your system. It can raise blood pressure. The article does not warn off anyone who must avoid salt for high blood pressure. This seems irresponsible and dangerous.

  42. Mary Jane Cordero on

    Hi Dr. Axe! May I please ask if I can do a salt water flush on the 4th day if my fasting. I have been drinking only pure water and two cups of warm water with lemon and maple syrup since Saturday. Thanks and God bless you!

  43. Glenn Fawcett on

    Since reading this I have been on salt water wash for three months starting first of June and tomorrow is 1 September it is the best thing I have done for my IBS I have struggled with this problem for years I swim I exercise and this is been the best thing thanks Dr Axe

  44. spencer sarlat on

    If you eat two or three a apples pet day and. Two or three green or red peppets and drink enough water. You won’t need this cleanse.

  45. Tiff on

    Is this safe for a toddler? If so how much can they take. My friends son is stopped up bad and the pedialax is not working yet.

  46. Michelle on

    Hello! Is this flush better for the body than a magnesium flush? It certainly sound much quicker as the mag one takes overbite. Thnx! U r the best dr axe!

  47. Ben on

    I did this years ago but used 2 tablespoons of salt instead. I thought I was going to die. Don’t overdo the salt.

    Symptoms: Shivering, sweating, felt cold, diarrhea, nausea, excessive thirst, inability to drink water because it added to the nausea.

    No exaggeration… it really felt like I wasn’t going to make it.

    Be careful out there.

  48. Debra on

    You have excellent info! I’m wondering what I should search out in all your info regarding this in and off diarehea along with my stomach not feeling good, sometimes chills come with it(could be dairy culprit) Other times I feel wonderful(but I’ll notice no B Movement) then then next day not feeling so good. Also, my stomach is measured 39′ concerns me. Not sure what I can do? Also regarding salt water above recipe. What’s your feelings on enema using salt Water? I’m thinking once my probiotics have empty I thought maybe I try your gut health. Thank You for leading me to article that might give me light😊

  49. Patty on

    Is this safe to do with gallstones? I am also missing my entire colin as well as part of the small bowel but seem to be very constipated considering! Thanks!

  50. Morgan on

    What if this doesn’t produce a bm? Like how powerful is this cleanse?
    My hubs has been constipated for weeks. He did this flush, and nothing.
    Time to see a doctor?

  51. James P. on

    I’ve been pooping diarrhea every 5-10 min, starting from about 1.5 hours after the flush. Is that okay? There’s been no pain. Also, how often can this flush be done?

  52. Leo Henry Bonin jr on

    after reading these comments I ran out to try to find a stoer to buy my apple cider vinager, could not find a stoer anywhere…then I tried to google it and found that I was stupid for trying to follow someones advice and my auto correct told me and I quote ” hey stupid your looking for a store, there is no such thing as a stoer”

  53. Lori on

    Does this cause the pain/cramps that normally come with a quick colon cleanse? I’m having a colonoscopy next week and don’t want to go through the prep again — had to cancel last month because the “prep kit” that I was required to order did not do the trick for me. I’d love to try something more natural.

  54. Maedell Gary on

    sounds good, “It late, need my sleep,” check back. With you tomorrow on rest of this, you have a great site here. If I can find it!
    Maedell Gary

  55. Alisa on

    I didn’t see anything about apple cider in this article. It was talking about a master cleanse which includes sea salt, lemon juice and warm water only.

    • Leo Henry Bonin jr on

      I didnt either plus there is no such thing as a stoer…you get it from the STORE just like you learn to spell from skool.

  56. KiKi on

    Is there an alternative recipe for children? Or is the original recipe ok for them? And at what age can children start this cleanse?

  57. Allie Tracy on

    I just did this and as soon as I finished drinking all the water I threw up. Every bit of it. Any tips for this???

    • Nandarani on

      Allie! Go back and look at Amanda’s comment on sole; it’s around March 18, 2018, I think, a little above this one. Do research on sole – it might help anybody looking for a regular, daily way to have things ‘move along’ in the mornings. There are several articles; we need to use the terms in her comment to pull up the articles, i.e., jar, sea salt, water. If you want to continue working with this salt water flush, which is stronger and can’t be used, according to one site, for more than 7 days (recommendation; other sites similar recommendation) without waiting several weeks – sole might be a solution (literally, it is a solution of organic salt in water, kept in a jar, and taken 2 teaspoons in the morning daily. I like the sole idea at least to try it, because it is milder and solves other ‘issues’ – one does not have to buy magnesium any more, for one! deeprootsat home was one website; another, savorylotus

  58. Kirsten Nunes on

    Your web class is having trouble with signing in, it keeps asking you to put your name in the box provided, but it doesn’t recognize when you do.

  59. Richard Hug on

    Thanks dr., you are changing the world, God bless you for providing an alternative to standard practice. I am praying for you and your family!

  60. Gretchen on

    This is dangerous advice & NOT a treatment for constipation. It’s close to a colonoscopy prep. Women in the 40’s used it all the time thinking they could control their weight with it.

  61. Linda Scarborough on

    I needed a spot in Sunday’s webinar at 5:00 p.m. but I believe it was set up for 11:00 a.m. I will be in church at that time. I am in Pacific time if that matters.

  62. Joyce Lee on

    Is it ok to take a colon cleans capsule on a daily basis? Or Can i take this everyday to keep colon clean . I’m also taking spirulina chrollea combination do I need a probiotic I also take ashwagandha and multicollegan protein powder is this too much

    • Nandarani on

      Try sole! It is cheaper than buying vitamin C for the purpose of helping elimination, and makes buying magnesium for same purpose or any other, unnecessary, according to one website. I keep commenting not sure whether comments will be posted! See Amanda’s comment above, a little above yours. Use sole, jar, sea salt, as your search terms to get the engine to find the articles.

  63. BJ Guest on

    This salt water flush “works” great!!!
    ? How often can I do this…
    Happier in Canada

    PS So enjoying Dr Axe…new Keto Book!!!

  64. Katieanna on

    I just did the flush about 45 minutes ago and I feel like im going to vomit I’m also very light headed and dizzy what should I do (^~^)

  65. Dylan on

    Just started this today, a little after thirty minutes I had my first movement, second one minutes after that. Is it normal to be mainly liquid the first time?

  66. Ryan on

    How often can this be taken, I took it today for the first time with great results. It took roughly an hour for it all kick in and when it did, it was great.

    • Nandarani on

      The answer can be found if you search on other websites. One site: no more than 7 days; then let several weeks go by before using again. Others have slightly different recommendations.

  67. NS on

    I am so happy with the Salt Water Flush! I’m in my 30’s and have CD, and I may ask to use this for my colonoscopy prep next time. This is better than the colonoscopy prep because you don’t feel icky during/after. I felt normal. I was very skeptical, but I followed the directions exactly except used lime instead of lemon (thinking margarita). It tasted okay, and I was able to drink it all in 5 minutes first thing in the morning. It took about 45 minutes to work for me, and I was completely “flushed” within 3 hours. I would only do this if you have some time to be home. 5 Stars!!

  68. Crystal on

    I tried this flush this afternoon and it definitely worked. I have had a lot of surgeries over the last year causing my system to get really backed up by all the pain killers. Tried laxatives, enemas, etc and I’d get SOME relief but not like this. My belly is still rumbling and I’m still up and down to the bathroom. I can say I already feel a few pounds lighter though I’m actually heavier but that’s just water weight. I did this cleanse to basically jumpstart a healthier diet and try to be healthy all together. I use Himalayan pink salt, warm filtered bottled water and lemon juice. First sip wasn’t great but after you drink it more, it’s not that bad and within 30 minutes, I was in the bathroom


    A quart of water will kill me. I have a low sodium issue and was told by a nephrologist I should reduce water I drink as it dilutes my blood sodium. I am 84 and have been hospitalized with low sodium. I drink about 16 oz., not including soup.

    • Nandarani on

      Try sole – recommended in a comment a little above this one. Do research on sole – it is saturated water with salt, and from what I am reading at several sites, solves several problems – it could help your sodium lack and more…

    • Ryan on

      I did it with about 80% filled in a pickle jar. Still had great results, so probably around 20-24 ounces instead of 32.

  70. Lorelei on

    I’ve done this flush twice now. There’s no polite way to ask this, but here we go. Should the “water out” be about as much as the “water in”? If not, does the amount of salt need to be increased or decreased? Or is it possible my body just doesn’t respond well to a salt water flush?

  71. Terran Samura on

    Thank you. This information could not have come at a better time. Thank you for assisting me in getting my health back on track. Blessings

  72. Tepora Tinoisamoa on

    Hi! I was just told about this method by my trainer today. I plan on doing it tomorrow morning. The thing is my diet plan has me eating every 3 hours. How will that work with the cleanse? Can I still eat while on it or
    Will I have to wait a certain amount of hours before I can eat again? Thank you!

    • Nandarani on

      Try what Amanda suggests: sole – see her comment on I think March 18, 2018; it is a little above yours. Research sole – add terms like salt water, sea salt, jar, to get the search engine to find the other articles. It seems like a use daily solution, and not only to encourage elimination naturally; salt and water helps many other aspects of health too!

  73. Hannah Murphy on

    It really doesn’t taste THAT bad. Take the end of the lemon you cut and squeeze the juice into the cup before adding water. Then add the lemon slices and let the water/salt mixture sit for a few minutes to absorb the flavor.

    I highly suggest you DON’T slam it down as quickly as possible, as that can lead you to spew it right back up. Slow sips are fine and will get the job done just as well.

    The belly massage is a great idea! Gentle digestive yoga is another thing you can try, especially if you’re drinking this in the morning—it helps wake up the body, mind, and gets you moving and limber to take on the day. It’s a great supplement to this detox tonic, and can get the show on the road much faster and smoother, if you know what I mean :)

  74. Suheil on

    I have suffer from hemrrhoids and are now experiecing other issies – liver. I would like to cleanse my gut, with this recipe is it recommended for someone with my condition? I want to start with my colon, then liver detox. everywhere Ive read, it has been recommended to detox/cleanse the gut or colon before anything. In your experience what would you recommend and is it safe.

    • Suheil on

      Additionally, can I have coffee in the mornings after a cleanse? or reduce to just fruits, veggies and water?

      I appreciate all your help :-)

  75. Sarah on

    BEWARE IF YOU GET MIGRAINES! I suffer regularly from migraines and had one of the worst of my life within an hour of taking this. I felt sick, blinding headache and 14 hours later, still hadn’t gone to the bathroom. I’m not saying that it will be like this for every migraine sufferer, but just something to bear in mind before you proceed?

  76. Gauhar Ansari on

    and actually we use iodined salt in our house ? and i dont know about how will i get sea salt or himalayan salt.

  77. Gauhar Ansari on

    condition one:
    will it work if i make it half , i mean half liter water with 1 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon lemon juice?,
    condition two:
    or what if i use 2 tablespoon lemon juice with 1 teaspoon salt in half liter ?

  78. Michael H on

    I’ve tried this on someone twice, whilst doing it myself. It worked for me but the other person just absorbed it and there was no “cleansing” effect like i had.

    What could cause that?

    • HMH on

      You may have been more generally hydrated than the other person? If a person is dehydrated the body can absorb the solution rather than it’s passing through to flush the system.

  79. Amanda on

    I haven’t tried this, but have recently started solè. It’s similar, but instead of preparing as described above you fill a third of a mason jar with quality salt, I use pink Himalayan, and top it off with filtered water. Leave about two fingers from the top and cover with a plastic (no metal) lid and give a good shake. Leave it for a day and if there are any salt crystals left that means the water has reached maximum salt absorption. If not, add more salt, wait another day. I take a teaspoon of this mixed with 8oz of water in an empty stomach every morning. The method claims to boost many benefits, but as I’ve only recently started I have yet to notice anything other than my constipation is now not an issue. If anything, that is worth the minimal effort to prepare and take this daily. Just another option for those suffering from constipation.

    • Nandarani on

      Thank you… I did some research. It would be great for every morning just to encourage things to move along. Had never known of sole. One site says ‘never buy magnesium again!’ So another ‘issue’ potentially solved, and inexpensively. All the minerals in sea salt/Celtic salt/Himalayan salt help with sleep, too, and more – . There are a number of sites recommending sole.

  80. Darakhshan on

    I am 6 week pregnant can i follow this recipe salt lemon water everymorning or not. I have constipation problem every morning plz suggest

  81. Becky on

    I did this minus the massaging as at first I felt kind of hot and sick but it’s been 30 Minutes and I don’t feel the need to go to the bathroom at all. I had some gas but that’s it.

  82. Debbie on

    Question: i have a capsule filler. Can I grind the salt and fill the capsules and take ‘home-made salt capsules’ followed by plain warm water instead?

    • HMH on

      It’s not about ingesting the salt.

      It’s about using a solution that is the same specific gravity as the cells and blood of the body (think saline solution that hospitals use for IVs).

  83. Nathan on

    I followed your directions, nothing happened. No need to go to the bathroom. Waited over an hour, went to sleep, next morning still nothing. I dont understand, I had zero noticable reaction.

  84. Liz on

    I used 3 -4 tspns Epsom salt in 3 cops of water and nothing??? NB its been 10 hours since taken. Last time had to take two lots to work and was painful. I do have diverticulosis and dairy intolerance.

  85. Jazmine on

    I have to forms of sea salt at home. One which is iodized and one that isn’t. Which one would be best to use for this cleanse?

  86. Diana on

    Can you use spring water like Evian or Fidji if you don’t have filter water to do the sea salt flush? and how often can you or should you do this?I would like to try this.


  87. D on

    Tried this and threw up all the water immediately. I couldn’t even get half a glass down!! I opted for Smootg Move Tea. I’m on the master cleanse so I think I’ll try again tomorrow with the lemon and see if that makes a difference

  88. Gauhar Ansari on

    we need to drink 1 liter of salt water at once ???
    i mean can’t we drink it with breaks like a quarter of liter first then a hour of break, then quarter and then hour of break, if we can do it four times???
    please doctor kindly tell me abut it ???

    and i dont know about where i would be getting sea salt, because in our house we use refined iodized salt ???

  89. RA on

    I drank 32 ounces of water with 2 teaspoons of pure pink Himalayan salt on an empty stomach over 2 hours ago and nothing has happened, only a small BM. Should I drink another solution to ensure it works?

  90. Barbara Martin on

    It is amazing how your body reacts to this cleanse..I did it without lemon then with lemon..I have Hashimoto’s and brain injuries, so I have delays that are evident in other ways..but without the lemon, my reaction was quicker and response was not as full..I used pink Himalayan salt..but with the lemon, fresh squeezed, the delay was 45 minutes to an hour, then everything happened, but I have always felt my brain progress, so Zi could feel my intestines as they moved down the road and my body go into sync..we are all a beautiful synchronized machine and when something is out of sync, it throws off the motor..That is why I like to read your site and see what can work..My Hashimoto’s has gotten to the point to have go down to a kinda GAPS/PALEO AUTOIMMUNE where I only eat meat, veggies and fruit right now because my body has been reacting..Now it is calming..Reintroducing needs to wait a little…We all need to listen to our body more….And finally, I do not react to essential oils, instead they work as they should…So Thank You My Road started with your site…Brain Injuries, theyare Black And white to me and being a Social Workerin Nursing Homes, I encouraged people to Rehab..heck I got to the state level before I got hit in 2001, But coming back after being in a 6 day Coma..That 7th day, waking up as a 4 year old mentally, Sure, my ex could not handle it, but you grow, GOD never makes any junk…So I am better for this and the second accident took away the horrible migraines and yeah it threw me back, but I brought myself back up to where I was from the first…My kids never knew me before my accident..they do not remember the divorce..They see me only as what my ex views me as…But I show them me…I just ask them to see me and ask GOD to show them me and to continue to use me to guide them…That is why I keep going…One of my twins is in gifted classes, the other is behind, though has no diagnosis, both were born early, but I believe she has gut issues and diet is a factor…So I continue to be a voice, use my oils to clear my apartment, run a support group for people for hope, and just continue to try to strive…,We are all here together, why not help in a positive way instead of a negative way..

    • Debbie Kane Girl Of Peace on

      Beautiful post Barbara! It is currently September 1, 2019 as I read and type… over 18 months since you posted. I wonder how your life journey has evolved during this time? May I recommend doing a YouTube search for Dr. Joe Dispenza? If you are at a point of being ready to awaken, you will understand why I am placing this seed of information in front of you.

      Peace, Love and Light,
      Debbie Kane
      Girl Of Peace

  91. Built and Defined Personal Training on

    There are a few rules to note for this like if you aren’t properly hydrated it won’t work. If you are right before a period or during it won’t work. It is imperative that you use the exact right type of sea salt. The ingredients should say: Sea Salt. It must be UNREFINED sea salt. If the ingredients have any other added words to “sea” and “salt”, it’s not the right kind. If there is not enough time since you’ve eaten or consumed anything it won’t work, I wouldn’t just wait one or 2 hours, if it doesn’t work you will drink all of that salt water and just feel bloated as it will just sit in your body. People have reposted this flush everywhere, but they don’t share some of the most important things like what NOT to do and why it wouldn’t work.

    • RA on

      Thank you for the info! I drank 32 ounces of water with 2 teaspoons of pure pink Himalayan salt on an empty stomach over 2 hours ago this morning and nothing has happened, only a small BM. Should I drink another solution to ensure it works?

  92. Daisy on

    I did try it with Himalayan salt and without lemon. After drinking about 2/3 of it within about 4 minutes I did womit about half of it out. I guess my body is not fit for this kind of cleanse.

  93. Paulette on

    I did this in the middle of the day and had probably eaten in the previous 1-2 hours and it still worked, it just took several hours before it kicked in. I can only imagine how effective it would be if done according to directions!

  94. jacquelyn Burkett on

    Braggs is not the only apple cider vinegar you can use! As long as it is organic apple cider vinegar with “Mother” It is appropriate. I prefer the Eden brand over Braggs, for detoxing and consuming in general. I order it online.

  95. Lita on

    I tried the salt cleanse today and within 30 mins I was on the stool. I want to know will I be going to the bathroom all day, should I stay close to the house all day?

  96. Anonymous on

    Of hundreds of websites about salt water flushes, your website is selling criminal medical advice. There is iodized salt on the market, not, as your website says, iodinated salt. The salt is NEVER supposed to be absorbed by the body for the sake of nutrition, that your website uses as a “selling” (pun) point, it is supposed to create an irritated response in the body order to be pooped out. I clicked through half a dozen pages to get a recipe that isn’t useable. Total ripoff using a Doctor persona, my genuine beliefs.

  97. Erika on

    I shake and shake and shake and the salt just doesn’t seem to dissolve all the way. There is always a small pile at the bottom. Is it possible that the Himalyan salt I’m using has particles that won’t ever dissolve?

    • Brian Harris on

      I actually used a tablespoon of Himalayan salt and 2 cups hot water. Took about 20 minutes before it started working. Gotta say I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

  98. Janine on

    I want to try this I have really bad constipation and now I have severe back pain the last 2 days thinking its from my constipation. But I’m scared to do this flush, maybe I will ask my doctor first.

  99. Lish on

    I followed all the directions and drank it in 5 minutes this morning around 9am and did the massage. I even waited to eat until 12 and drank water throughout the day. Nothing and it’s now 4:06 pm
    Suggestions? Why didn’t it work for me?

    • Sarah on

      The lemon, or lime, isn’t the important part. I believe it’s just for taste. I have done it without lemon and it still works.

  100. MARY on

    Dr Axe: PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!
    People are RESPONDING to QUESTIONS?????????
    in the comment section.

  101. Chalotte on

    merci beaucoup docteur pour ce passage de rinçage au sel je n’ai pas encore fait mais j’aimerais bien essayer c’est traitement

  102. Wanda on

    I plan on doing this salt water flush in the morning. I want to know, after the flush do i drink or eat anything ( and if so what) the rest of the day

  103. Andy v on

    I have just had 80 adhesion last week and was hospitalized is it safe for me to do A salt water flush just a week after The adhesion please advise I would like to flush myself out thank you

  104. Hailey on

    Super duper Salt Flush Anyone?? I got introduced to a white crystal powder called Nevalite or Montmorillionite Crystal. And I had done 2 salt flushes two days in a row. So I thought why don’t I add some to my Salt Flush? I added a couple of small crystals probably equal to a teaspoon or so if you get the powder. The first benefit its the taste! it neutralizes the salt enough to be more palatable. Making a Salt Flush mush more enjoyable. But most importantly it made my Salt Flushes much more productive big time!! I was over joyed by the the results. I also highly recommend you using Premier Research Labs Pink Salt. The quality is Superb! After you flush I recommend you rebuild your very important Microbiome with raw honey, Chickory, and Coconut water kefir or fermented veggies or juice. One is called Farm House Culture Gut Shot from Wholefoods. ofcourse on the cheap you can make it yourself. Happy Flushing

  105. Ben on

    I have watched a lot of your YouTube videos and you were the first one I thought of when I was having this “problem”. It worked great thanks Dr Axe

  106. James on

    Definitely did what it was supposed to do.
    Drank it, 30 min later, had the urge. Mostly fluid

    I’ll have to see how I feel tomorrow to really see if it’s worked in making me feel better.

    ating sensation is not completely gone

  107. Liz Byrne on

    I have been drinking “Sole Water” for several months which is similar but a bit more diluted but have seen improved results with hydration, skin, regularity, etc. but seeking info on behalf of another who has colon cancer. Also, can this be a therapeutic support to someone who can Chron’s disease or IBS?

    Thanks again!

  108. Liz Byrne on

    Do you have any information regarding this or similar therapies that can be of benefit for someone who has colon cancer or recommendations for someone who does?


  109. Tammy on

    It’s been 2 hours since I did exactly as instructions say. Did NOT work. Haven’t ate since 6pm last night. Is it ok that I eat now or should I wait longer?

  110. Tammy Nix on

    It’s been 2 hours since I did exactly as instructions say. Did NOT work. Haven’t ate since 6pm last night. Is it ok that I eat now or should I wait longer?

  111. Julia bryer on

    I followed this to the exact protocol… Made me very sick. I had to vomit after about 40 minutes out…. After another hour I had to vomit again, but literally have nothing to vomit from empty stomach. Has anyone else had this response?

    • Kendra on

      Try drinking it a little slower next time. Even with plain water, if you drink it too fast it will create that response. I’ve used this exact recipe more than once – taking closer to 10 minutes to drink it all -and it works well in about 30 minutes I have a movement.

    • HMH on

      It sounds like the solution was in your stomach too long. It’s important to start out lying on your right side. This way the solution empties faster from the stomach into the small intestines and moves the process along. Once you feel that the solution has moved into the intestines, then it’s helpful to switch positions and very gently massage the belly… but the solution needs to pass out of the stomach first.

  112. Julia bryer on

    I just tried the flush… Followed the exact directions…. Finally, all I could do was throw up. Has any one else had this happen? I really wanted this to work for me.

  113. Berry on

    Can you eat ignore you’re still going to the bathroom for over an hour? I started the flush pretty late in the day and I’ve been fasting for almost 20 hours.

  114. Burcu on

    Thank you for the recipe!

    For a week, I had been constipated and decided to try this flush.
    Just on the day I decided to give it a try, I used the bathroom before the flush itself. Despite the bowel movement, I tried the flush on empty stomach.

    I am sure that I used the correct salt. I bought pure sea salt which was slightly greyish. However, it did not work.

    I was wondering whether it is because I already had the bowel movement before the flush or because of the amount of salt. After googling it a little, I noticed that from country to country, teaspoon size might be different. What would be the equivalent in grams?


    • Andrew Cottingham on

      Perhaps try two table spoons of Epsom Salt in 8oz of water, followed by another glass for taste reduction. It helped me.

  115. Donna on

    I tried it an easier way. I did 2 tbsp in 8oz water first. Then I followed with 16oz of plain water to get the salty taste out of my mouth. About 30 mins later I was in the bathroom.

  116. Adam on

    I did it this morning, did not eat anything, drank a liter with warm water and 2 teaspoons on Himilayan Pink Salt. Within 25 min i got my first strong movement, it was fast and liquid for the most part. After that nothing, waiting 2 hours, no cramps, no urge, and of course no movement. i eventually got really hungry and decided to eat and go about my day.

    What does this mean? i guess it kind of worked….should i try again and again the next few days to try to get the desired results?

  117. Tim on

    I have had a kidney transplant five years ago and most recently a full radical nephrectomy of my left native kidney due to renal cell carcinoma. As a result, I am wondering if trying this will create any further issues with my help. I am wanting or feeling the need to do a cleanse due to the number of prescriptions that i am currently taking. I have frequent bouts with constipation. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

  118. jack on

    Ive tried this twice now and nothing happened except getting a little nausea and feeling sickly full from all that water. I did not heart the water but it was room temperature. Could that make a difference?

  119. Debs on

    Has anybody had the same problem as I have had, after drinking the sea salt flush ( Himalayan sea salt). I vomited it back up within 10 minutes. It didn’t even have the chance to go through my system. Does anybody know why? Also, should I try it again?

    • Levi Brook M.D. on

      Some have had this problem. I would advise you to add more lemon to the mixture and to spread it out over 7 minutes.

    • Barbara on

      If your stomach is not completely empty, drinking the salt solution could cause nausea and vomiting. Don’t eat too close to bedtime, or your stomach might not have emptied.

  120. Ellen B. on

    After doing the sea salt flush I gained 4 pounds! I weighed myself right before doing it & rigjt after my last trip to the bathroom. I don’t understand how I gained 4 pounds & the flush worked!! Please anyone know anything??

  121. Ellen on

    After doing the sea salt flush I gained 4 pounds! I weighed myself right before doing it & rigjt after my last trip to the bathroom. I don’t understand how I gained 4 pounds & the flush worked!! Please anyone know anything??

  122. nadine on

    For a week I was having trouble going to the bathroom so I tried the sea salt cleanse at 7:50am. By 9:00am it started working. All I could say is OMG!!!!!

  123. Fatou Diop on

    I’ve been trying the salt water flush for the past two days but have been unable to keep it down. I vomit shortly after drinking it. I’ve suffered constipation and gas for years, tried everything, from prescriptions to over the counter.

    • Andreia on

      Have you tried the vitamin C flush? It worked very well for me. Take about 1 teaspoon of ascorbic acid mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (to buffer the acid) in a cup of water, first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach). Don’t eat anything for another 30 minutes. If it doesn’t work, double the dose.

      • Tanya on

        Personally I’ve tried the Vitamin C flush and estimated I took about 20-25 grams of it in the course of one day (this happened several times) and nada. I used up 1/2 to 2/3 of the jar of ascorbic acid powder. Was just too expensive not to mention totally ineffective.

        I will try this flush tomorrow. Certainly is cheaper than Vitamin C powder!!

  124. John Driscoll on

    Hi just a quick ,, how long do I have to keep massaging my belly for ? I switched the full litre off in one go about 15minutes ago and I’m now lying on my side still massaging but my arms are aching

  125. Tony on

    I did this morning and made me throw up. drank all the water and made me throw up almost all pint of water. Do you have any idea why my body react it like it did

  126. Grace on

    I did this saltwater flush this morning, with excellent results! I used some lime juice as I didn’t have any lemons, and that really helped with the taste. I did this in conjunction with the JJ Smith 10 day green smoothie cleanse. I’ll definitely do this again!

    • indy on

      Diverticulitis is inflamed colon pockets! Salt water flush causes repeated elimination which would only cause inflamed pockets to become more inflamed.

  127. Flushed on

    The flush kicked in about an hour and 1/2 after drinking the mixture. I used the bathroom about 3 times but it wasn’t as effortless as I’d hoped. I didn’t have a strong urge to go so I sat there for a couple minutes and just as I was going to get up and try again later it started. It’s been 6 hours since I drank the mix and I feel like I have another run left in me. So I won’t leave the house just yet. My mistake might have been eating to late at night then waking up at 5am – my stomach wasn’t exactly empty as it could have been. But I do feel a little lighter and my stomach is noticeably flatter in my opinion. I’ll see how the rest of the day goes.

  128. Flushed on

    I just drank the solution exactly as instructed above. It’s been 15 minutes and I’m feeling slight cramping in my stomach. Hopefully this works as good as a colonic. I’ve had a colonic before and it worked very well. But this is less expensive than a colonic and easier to do. I’ll be back to share my results along with photos. JUST kidding about the photos :)

  129. Natalie on

    Why cant u use salt with iodine? Just curious coz I use iodised salt in my baths, is that ok or should I switch?

  130. MOswald on

    I tried this last night and, OH BOY DID IT WORK!!!! Now, I didn’t realize it had to be first thing in the morning.

    • HMH on

      It works for me to do it in the evening too… morning never works. It seems to work best if I spend the day doing mainly juice & water, and maybe eating lightly early in the day. The more hydrated I am, the better it works.

  131. Sam Kommentare on

    It’s no different than using Epsom salt with warn water and if desired, add lemon. Duh alot cheaper

  132. Bethany on

    Hi there, I work at quarter to 9 in the morning and share a toilet with an office full of ladies so it is difficult to reach the toilet in that situation, so I was wondering what would be the best time to do this task and how long would the flushing last?

  133. Vic on

    Who has drunk this stuff AND has had a colonoscopy at some point in their life. I’m not 50 yet but want to know what tastes worse, this stuff or colonoscopy prep??! or are they about the same? Thanks!

      • Berna on

        Ugh. I’m a 25 year old female and I have had a colonoscopy… I’ve done the prep as well as this salt water flush. I can definitely say the salt water is much better. Also, I didn’t use lemon which might make it even better!!

    • Sonja on

      Ive had the colonoscopy prep and that was BAD. Ive not tried this flush. I cant imagine it to be worse. Im keen to try it.

    • Donna on

      They taste similar but the salt water is easier to get down (my opinion) however the prep is more and over a longer period of time. Follow your dr order for a colonoscopy

    • Jennifer on

      Hi I have had the colonoscopy solution , yes it is awful I found drinking it through a straw is much better and you don’t get that terrible taste which wants to make you be sick.
      I will try the Salt and lemon solution and drink it through a straw.

    • Jim on

      Colonoscopy prep is wayyyyyy worse!! LoL I’m doing this right now and it’s kind of like being at the beach and accidentally drinking some ocean water.

  134. Lisa Anderson on

    I’ve done this twice now…again I’m at 45 min. Since I’ve drank this awful stuff and again. …. nothing! Why???

    • Andrea on

      It took me an hour my first time which makes me feel like I needed it pretty bad :-/. How long in between each time did you do them? If the first time didn’t work I personally would try again the next day… And continue until something happens. Just my 2 cents :-)

    • Sammy on

      I’ve done this a few times, I found for me it doesn’t work if I don’t have a natural laxative the night before. I have a glass of herb laxative tea the night before to soften everything up and then do the salt water thing. I put the 2 teaspoons of salt into one 350ml glass with warm water, not the liter. Then I have a glass of fresh water after the salt water. I am empty after I have finished it.

    • Carmen on

      Remember to take it first thing upon awaking! The lemon juice really makes for a refreshing taste!! Measure it in two cups interval and drink up quickly.. 30 minutes in you are in the loo!!

    • Alvena on

      Drink clean water and detox teas. Eat lots of green leafy veggies in smoothies. Use a detoxifying herbal colon cleanser such as Mag 07 for about a week (at bedtime) then do the salt water flush. Mag can be strong so don’t start with full dosage.

    • britte on

      Find a local knowledgeable colonic health practioner. It is hard PT like colon work, but it gets you clean. It takes however long it takes since individuals differ. is who helped me.

  135. Edd on

    I’m no doctor but I have done this cleanse many times. You say in the directions that “If you can manage to hold in the solution for about 30 minutes this will help your body fully absorb the salt.” !!!

    I thought the whole point was that the salt solution was the same as, or thicker than blood so that it would not be absorbed into the body ( 2 teaspoons is not that much to cause any healthy person any problems but some people have conditions)

    Christie. A leaky gut is a mucus clogged gut and the cleanse will help with that immensely.

    jack. It is salty so I try and drink it as fast as possible. I do quarter of a Litre (or as much as you can at a time) over about a 15 min period this is easily done and works. ( I did 2 Litres last time over 20-30 mins and the only result was that the effects happened sooner (more water weight to force it pot))

    Jen. This should not affect your electrolyte balance for long, if at all!!! ( I’m not sure that it even does! Why it has been mentioned is beyond me as it’s not true? Please read my comment about salt/blood thickness above and look it up. I know that it makes sense but I’m no doctor and there are no answers on here so I thought i would try and explain.
    Also I see no need to do this more than once every 4-5 weeks unless you think something has happened to make you want too. You know your body.
    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards


    • PhysioAlex on

      It’s not that it becomes as thick as blood. That’s impossible. It does however have the same zero gravity as blood so yes… It is not absorbed by the kidneys.

      I also have leaky gut and I do this at times when my system is inflamed and I’m uncomfortable. After I take a good probiotic I suggest the HMF Replete. Also load up on L-Glutamine at night and first thing in the am. It helps to heal the digestive tract and all muscles in your body while you rest at night.

      • Barbara on

        The salt water solution has the same SPECIFIC GRAVITY as blood, not “zero gravity.” It’s having the same specific gravity — that is the same density — that makes it not get absorbed into the blood stream.

    • Gail on

      I have diverticulitis right now and I’m in very bad pain and I haven’t been to the bathroom and three days I feel like the bottom of my stomach is going to fall out is taking the salt water with diverticulitis okay?

      • Steve on

        Have you looked at Rachel’s tea on face book. There is a book you can download. Very interesting read. It should help with your problem.

    • Julieta on

      So I’m sure I have IBS, leaky gut or something. Haven’t been diagnosed but definitely have issues. I have never done a cleanse before. Should I do this for like a week straight to get all the gunk that’s stuck on my intestinal wall, all the stuff that’s been stuck for 30+ years? I’m thinking there’s no way I’ll completely be cleansed with just one round of saltwater will I?

      • Sarah on

        The master cleanse has you do it daily. I did for about 10 days while doing the lemonade cleanse and I was fine.

      • Glenn on

        Hi I’ve had IBS for years and this has been like a saviour to me I have tried so much stuff that I’m at my wits end and I saw this it is remarkable I don’t even want to go to the dog any more because I’ve just been going around in merry-go-round I personally am very impressed Best solution for me I’m wrapped

      • britte on

        Find a local knowledgeable colonic health practioner. It is haed work, but it gets you clean. It takes however long it takes since individuals differ. is who helped me.

      • Audrey Arbuckle on

        Look into doing several rounds of a Mucoid Plaque Cleanse. 5 days on, 7 days off and repeat until you agree clear of releasing anymore mucus.

  136. Christie on

    I could definitely use this flush. Is it ok to do this if you have a autoimmune condition? I am pretty sure I have leaky gut. Thank you,

      • Alvena Cain-Campbell on

        HI Tina,
        The horrible weather in Kansas City is having a really negative effect on my fibromyalgia. Did this cleanse help with pain. Also, I haven’t been constipated lately so I’m wondering I need it.

    • Healthierlately on

      In my opinion, people with any gut issues would be the ones who would benefit the most, but could always ask your MD if nervous

    • T907 on

      I believe yes. And secondly ive read, you should follow up with enemas. Organic enema coffee with 1tsp of glycerin per quart, then followed by supplements, such as probiotics, Chlorella, spirulina, mineral salts, ECT. Look up the Gerson Therapy. I hope this helps. Love and light

      • donna hyde on

        You should ues the apple cider vinegar from the health food stoers. White vinegar is not good for your body,the Apple cider vinegar from a common store is made with apple peelings, the stuff from the health food stoers are made with the whole apple.

      • Keturah on

        The only Apple Cider Vinegar you should use is the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar preferably by BRAGGS! FOR BEST RESULTS

      • connie on

        I’ve experienced a sluggish eliminative system for years and have tried everything I can find naturally to help with having a BM. I have never tried this though. Do you know how often a person could do this salt water cleanse? Can this be safely done on a regular basis?

      • PAM FREEMAN on

        Apple cider vinegar isn’t called for in this cleanse, Braggs with/without “The Mothers” or any other brand.
        There are many other useful remedies out there that do call for it and seems to work well for a lot of folks. That said, ACV taken as called for, in my case 2 weeks is what started my digestion problems. Its be 8 or 9 months and I’m still having most of the problems it caused.
        I’m so mad about this as I never had any issues with my tummy before.
        I’ve tried everything I can think of with little to no result.

        Just drank this salt lemon water solution lying on my side as I type. Did the massage both sides. Feeling a little gurgling. Hope it works.

      • Laura on

        Not exactly. Read carefully: “To perform a simple sea salt flush at home, start with 2 teaspoons of sea salt, which can be colored salt, such as pink Himalayan salt or “gray salt.” (Make sure it’s pure salt, for you don’t want to use iodinated salt — so always make sure there is no iodine added at all.)”

    • Anonymous on

      Celtic salt is much easier to drink than pink Himalayan salt. I couldn’t drink the pink salt due to the strong taste but very easily was able to drink the Celtic salt


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