Goats’ Milk Baby Formula Recipe

Goat milk baby formula recipe - Dr. Axe

If there’s a situation where a baby is not getting breastfed or there needs to be an additional supplementation, this goat milk baby formula recipe is a great alternative. It’s free of the chemicals and additives that are present in most formulas and full of nutrients every child needs to develop and grow. But I want to be clear, breastfeeding is by far the best option if possible.  Also, even with adoption, there are cases where mothers are able to start producing milk.

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Goats’ Milk Baby Formula Recipe

Total Time: 5 minutes
Serves: 1


  • 4 ounces goats' milk kefir or yogurt
  • 2 ounces carrot juice OR coconut water
  • 2 ounces water
  • ¼ teaspoon flax oil
  • ¼ teaspoon nutritional yeast


  1. Combine all ingredients into bottle and mix well.

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  1. Abbie Graves on

    Oh my! Could it really be this simple? I currently supplement with baby’s only organic formula. I researched formulas via food babe and this one is what i picked. Admittedly, It is hard to sift through all the info. Luckily I can give my baby some breast milk but my supply is very low. I take herbs to help but truly I just don’t have the right physical makeup. I came to this recipe through the coconut milk recipe that was posted on FB earlier today. I’m extremely interested in giving my baby something nutrient dense (as most moms are) and I would love to save $ and time ordering our formula online. Making formula at home seems like the perfect answer. Can you give any nutrition info on this recipe? Why did you pick the ingredients that you did? What micro-nutrients is an infant getting from this recipe? Should i try it a little and see how he does? Please help.

    • Socorro on

      I am a doTerra wellness advocate
      Increasing milk supply. Add 15 drops of Fennel or Geranium or 10 drops of Clary Sage to 2 tablespoons of carrier oil. Topically apply to breasts and surrounding areas once a day. Drink lots of water, relax, and be patient.
      (Please make sure it’s only doTerra essential oils you are applying because it’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade or CPTG.
      Let me know if you need any more information about it!


      • AnneMarie on

        I am a breastfeeding educator and studied for over a year to reach my certification. Please please please do not tell mothers to apply anything to their breasts. Clary sage is a hormone phytoestrogen mimic. It is absolutely not safe to tell any lactating mother to apply anyhing to her skin where baby’s skin will be touching without taking a medical history of both mother and baby. Only an IBCLC can do this. I appreciate your attempt to help but it may hinder. As essential oils are NOT FDA approved there is no way to ensure what is contained in them. It varies from season to season and company to company. A low supply is a sign of other things.

  2. Susan Harper on

    I feel it is really important to note that formula recipes are not the same as family food recipes. Disrupting the nursing relationship by adding breast milk replacements can drop a mothers milk supply. And if the drop coincides with the baby having a growth spurt the mother could feel that she is not able to produce a sufficient supply – and then a spiral begins. There is a small percentage of women ( under 10% ) who are not able to maintain a milk supply. When you post formula recipes it would be a very good idea to post links to where women can find solid information and Breastfeeding help.

      • Susan Harper on

        Dr. Axe – Thank you for responding. Nursing moms and babies are so important. And this week is world Breastfeeding week so getting good information out to moms is even more important! My friends who have nursed their adopted babies recommend fourfriends.com
        The website you mention does not have much help to offer moms. The following are from the stir – 50 best Breastfeeding resources
        llli.org La Leche League website
        Bfmed.org. The academy of Breastfeeding medicine
        Breastfeedinginc.ca. Dr. Jack Newman
        Breastfeeding.asn.au Australian moms network
        Thank you for addressing this – Susan Harper

      • AnneMarie on

        I agree with the kelly
        Om.com website as well as la leche league international. Lll.org. Babycenter is paid for by advertisements, and is not a reputable website. Please tell mothers interested in relactatiom and induced lactation to seek an IBCLC, La Leche League Leader, or contact a breastfeeding educator who is certified.

  3. Christina on

    I appreciate you posting this because we are going to be foster parents. I can’t breastfeed them and it’s good to know what alternatives are out there. Thanks!

    • aly k on

      Just a heads up, many cps offices will not allow you to use anything but commercial formula or a regulated milk bank to feed babies under a year old. Just dont want you running out and purchasing stuff they might not let you use…

    • Stephanie on

      We foster too, with each case you will want to have research done and permission from the SW/court to do anything “alternative” to formula.
      Thankfully our current case the parents provide organic formula and breastmilk.

  4. SUSAN on

    What kind of milk do you give to a 12month up to 24 months…if you don’t want to give them cow’s milk. But you want something without hormones.
    Thank you,

  5. Kevin O on

    Thank you for this post Dr. Axe! My wife and I had a first child 5 weeks ago (daughter), and she has been struggling for 3 of those 5 weeks with what our Doctor has said is reflux, due to her digestive system not being appropriately developed yet. It seems we go through daily cycles of feeding her, having her spit up, having her begin crying and usually get herself extremely wound up, which in turn has us trying to soothe her and console her only to feed her again (because of being hungry due to spitting up) and seeing the cycle start all over again. We are breastfeeding, as we believe that is the best choice, however we get conflicting advice depending on who we talk to as to whether breastfed babies tend to get reflux/colic more than formula fed babies. Our doctors have prescribed Zantac for her, but we absolutely don’t want to have her on meds if we can help it. We are definitely weary and a little discouraged. My question is 1. Are breastfed babies more prone to reflux sometimes than formula fed babies? and 2. The goats milk formula that you posted above calls for Goats milk kefir – my wife and I live in Michigan, so all we have access to is Redwood Hill Farms Goat milk Kefir. I know the negatives of pasteurization, but will that be ok to use if nothing else is available. Also, with the flax oil, we would want that WITHOUT the Lignans right? Thanks for any and all advice you can give on this!

    • Sarah on

      We struggled with this with this with our girls too! It does get better! I’m so glad we stuck it out! Our doctor recommend me upping my probiotics, cutting dairy and gluten and upping my calcium magnesium and it helped SO much! Magnesium helps with their little sphincters! I think it made the biggest difference out of ask the things we tried!

    • Lisa on

      Lactose imtorance remove all dairy from diet and it takes three days. Most babies Are until 6minths and some will always be

    • Maarijke on

      Please ask a breastfeeding educator. Any la leche league leader can speak with you and give your information and if necessary connect you with an IBCLC who can take a medical history. A premature baby with gut immaturity being on Zantac sounds curious to me. Breastmilk is the best for a premature baby. The immune benefits alone, not to mention that it has live stem cells in it. Now add all of the necessary vitamins and minerals and components any living mammal needs. It changes daily to meet the needs of baby as well as by season and by week and by morning to night. It adjusts naturally according to baby’s needs without mother even thinking about it. Please contact an IBCLC. Unless Dr Axe is a lactation expert, I would refrain from asking for medical advice over the internet.

    • Holly Arias, BSN, RN on

      Look into movementlesson.com., the newborn movement assessment can really help in identifying the reason for reflux.

  6. JoAnn Benak on

    I’m very interested in this. I was breastfeeding but had to stop because of medication I had to get on. My son is almost 4 months old and has acid reflux. He was 9n NeoSure because of being a premie. I just switched him to soy hoping that would help but realize that may not be good. He’s on meds for acid reflux but I hate giving it to him. Would this possible help with his acid reflux?

  7. Sara on

    Hi! I recently made formula using a goat’s milk powder I purchased online. The company supplied the recipe… My 7-month old wasn’t crazy about the finished product overall (it also included blackstrap molasses, coconut oil, organic raw turbinado, etc), but the bigger issue was that his eczema began to flare up shortly after that feeding. I was really hoping he could tolerate the goat’s milk since I couldn’t breast feed past 5 months… (He’s sensitive to dairy, gluten and corn, making a hypoallergenic formula our only option up to this point.) In your opinion, seeing as though your recipe has fewer ingredients, do you think it’s more likely his sensitivity is to the goat’s milk itself or to the other ingredients I listed above? After seeing this post, I’m tempted to try again with the goat’s milk… Also, the other recipe included an infant multivitamin, but I see yours doesn’t. Is that ingredient optional? Thank you in advance!

  8. Johanna on

    dr Axe, my daughter feeds nutrini fibre to a peg ( gatrotomy) I m looking to substitute this formula with homemade food. She is 8 yo and weights 24 kg and has a brain injury from 4 days of seizures in 2010.she has survived in nutrini for 5 years but gets sick s lot. ( chest infections) in ICU twice this year. What do you recommend..

    • Holly Arias, BSN, RN on

      Hi, Look into movementlesson.com., the newborn movement assessment can really help in brain injuries

  9. Natalie Hirschy on

    Hi Dr. Axe!! Hope you are doing well.
    THANKS so much for posting the goats milk formula recipe! Our son is 6 months old & has extreme constipation issues. We were using a suppository once a week since we switched to formula a month or so ago. :( My supply went way down after returning to work and the stress of it all–I was unable to keep producing breastmilk. We have tried EVERY single formula: organic, sensitive, probiotic, soy in every brand. and he is still super constipated! Our chiropractor mentioned goats milk to us and we were afraid it would lack the nutrients that FDA approved powdered formulas have. So for that reason, would you be able to break down the ingredients of the goats milk recipe to demonstrate why it is a complete substitute for the “standard” more commercial cows milk formulas? Thanks so much!
    Natalie Hirschy

  10. Cathy on

    Hi Dr. Axe, I recently visited to my local health food store to get all ingredients needed for this goat milk formula recipe, only problem, they didn’t have the “frontier” brand of the nutritional yeast flakes. I ended up getting what seemed to be the best option of the brands they did carry…the brand I chose was one called “now”. Is it ok to substitute for this one time or is it best I just buy the brand you recommend online? Thank you!

  11. Melissa P on

    Thanks for this great recipe! I’m just not satisfied with even the better organic formulas (corn syrup solids or brown rice syrup for an infant?? …among other nasties). Two questions:
    1) What is the advantage of kefir vs whole goat milk? It is difficult to find much info on this, and I’m very curious!
    2) Do you have a good source for goats milk and goats milk kefir in the Nashville area? Goat milk is hard to find, and the kefir even more difficult. Is the kefir something I’ll need to make myself once I find goat milk?

  12. Kim Hayes on

    Regarding Colic in your baby, I watched a great video years back showing a Chiropractor demonstrating the correct way to change a baby’s diaper. The standard method of grabbing the legs and holding them up while the other hand attends to the wiping & cleaning business end of things, can create subluxations in the baby’s spine and cause colic and disrupt digestion. The Chiropractor recommended rolling the baby to either side while lying on it’s back and cleaning and changing the diaper this way. The lifting method was invented for ease on the parent or diaper changer, not as a benefit to the baby. Just as Doctors for hundreds of years laid women on their backs to give birth, which made it easier on the Dr. yet more painful & complicated for the woman actually giving birth as that position is completely unnatural.
    Just a thought! Try rolling the baby on the side versus lifting and see if the Colic/digestion issues subside.

  13. Judy Dewar on

    When my daughter was born she could not keep formula down. A late summer storm washed away the road away for about a quarter of a mile and we couldn’t move the car in or out and I had no milk left to feed her. I called my neighbor who was raising Neubien goats to see if she had some I could at least use until the road was fixed. It took a while getting there walking at the side of the washout. When we came home I fixed here a bottle but it was just goats milk. That was the first time she kept her bottle down in eight days. They were going to admit her to hospital but with the washout…. called her doctor and he thought it was great and to keep giving it to her. Later she loved playing with the goats I bought to keep use in milk. She still makes a funny face when she gets cows milk even though it’s been over fifteen years since we’ve had goats.

  14. Verano on

    I’m not sure this formula would provide infants with the nutrition they need. I used the Weston A. Price formula which has 14 ingredients and is meant to be as close to breast milk as possible. I would urge anyone looking for an alternative to commercial formula to try the aforementioned one; my baby absolutely thrived on it, and I really don’t know what I would’ve done without it.

  15. Lori westbrook on

    My baby is on your goat formula and is constipated??? Hasn’t had a good stool in two days ….
    What needs to be change??

    • Jori on

      My baby has been on it for about 3 weeks + my breast milk. He isn’t constipated but his stools are pretty hard. Is there anything I can add to help him have smoother bowel movements? Other than that the formula is great!

  16. Heidi on

    Is it ok to freeze this formula? Specially are the probiotic constituents of the goat milk kefir or yoghurt damaged when freezed then thawed?

  17. Marla on

    My daughter is 5 weeks old and has been on this fonula and is costipated. She’s pooping ckay-like balls. What can I age? Thak you!!

  18. Yessy on

    Is their a revised version of this recipe or should this exact one be used? Also, what can be used instead of flax seed oil and up to how many months will this formula be able to sustain a baby?

    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      You can substitute the flax seed oil for unflavored cod liver oil. How long you keep the baby on the formula will vary on the child and when you want to start introducing solid foods. I hope this helps!

  19. Agnesa on

    I am supplementing my baby with this formula and he is doing great on it. However I would like to know if instead of goat’s kefir I could use goats milk and add probiotics? Or would it need more ingredients if I used goats (pasteurized) milk?

  20. Alesya on

    Is it ok to give 2m and 8m old baby raw goat milk or should I boil it first? Especially if it came from someone that doesn’t look very clean?

  21. Ashley on

    I have been researching high and low for a recipe for my 9 month old daughter. I like this one, but compared to so many others it doesn’t have many ingredients. I can not find goat Keifer. I am using
    whole goat milk..not raw because it is too expensive…. so does this sound Ok to you because its not the Keifer….. I am using whole organic goats milk….organic coconut water, blackstrap molasses, flax oil and nutritional yeast. I am giving her separate vitamin d drops. Is there anything else I should be adding. . . Thank you

  22. Autumn on

    I love how easy this looks but I am concerned that there isn’t enough iron in this recipe. What do you think about adding some black strap molasses?

  23. Jess on

    What are the benefit’s of the coconut water and what are the benefits of the kefir compared to just goat milk? Thanks!

  24. Lisa on

    I greatly caution anyone using the goat milk formula for an infant. i have 8 children and have always had problems nursing them and had to go to commercial formula. When my number 7 baby was born my family had moved to a rural area and we raised dairy goats. I decided to put her on raw goat milk instead of formula when she was 6+ months old. I milked the goats myself and knew how “clean” and fresh the milk was. My daughter is now 13 years old and just finished 1.5 years of orthodontia for an extreme under bite. She is the only one of my 8 children to have this problem. Her younger brother (age 9) is still growing. I did give him goat’s milk as well. Time will tell if he has the same under bite issue. Goat’s milk is great as a supplement. But it does not have the same nutrients as breast milk or an excellent commercial formula (they do exist). I did reference fiasco farms website at the time and felt confident that goats milk would be sufficient. However my experience is that it is not. I know that I did not add anything else to the raw goat’s milk. But I don’t know that the added yeast and flax oil is sufficient.

  25. Brooke Carvalho on

    We tried this and the baby loves it! He’s taking a bottle again!!!

    My only question is, can this formula be frozen or will that kill all of the probiotics?

  26. Jannette on

    Hello Dr Axe.. Its been asked a few times but I don’t see an answer.. Can you use powdered goat milk and a probiotic supplement instead of the kefir… Thats what I have been using.. Would love you opinion on that.. Thank you Jannette

  27. Amy on

    Dr Axe, my baby is 6 months and I need to start her on a homemade formula and I really like the goats milk recipe you have! I live in Canada and our products are not the same or as easy to find as they are in the US. Organic goats’ kefir is very hard to find, it’s ridiculous but it’s true. Only cows milk kefir is around. Would goats milk be the same or does it have to be kefir?

  28. Bethany on

    My baby is 16 months. I have read that I should not give her whole milk, but to give her a goat milk formula. Would this be sufficient to replace whole milk for a toddler?

  29. Brittany Wynthein on

    Is there any better or worse benefits to the other home formula you have on your website? I love that this one is so simple and much cheaper to make and I love that I know EXACTLY what is in it! I really would love to not have to buy formula if I dont have to. I’m breastfeeding as much as I can but my evening supply is pretty low so I substitute just goats milk for like 2 oz at a time. Just to fill him up and get him through till the next feeding. And currently I am electric pumping 20 minutes after each of his feedings. He’s a super quick feeder and I just really must need the extra stimulation. Do u have any advice for getting milk supply back up? I’ve used the fenugreek but it never seemed to keep my supply up once it did it’s thing. Got anything else?

  30. Hailey on

    Is it safe to add infant multi vitamins? I plan on switching from commercial formula to a goats milk based formula. So far this is the easiest to make I’ve found.
    Do you think adding DHA, multi vitamin, probiotics, iron ( maybe molasses) and vitamin D would be safe?

  31. Katy on

    My 9 month is not able to consume regular baby formula like Similac Advance, it makes her tummy upset, and she throws up. I need her to gain more weight, I just started this recipe today, because regular formula is bad and it makes my baby feel sick. Would this recipe help my baby gain more weight?

  32. Jessica on

    I have access to raw goats milk. Could I use that instead of the kefir? I know I can buy goats milk kefir locally. Which would be better?

    • Liora kleyman on

      they say that goats milk does not have the proper folic acid content. If you are not breastfeeding or doing formula, i would honestly be wary of anything home made. Just my two cents

  33. Liora kleyman on

    Thank you Dr. Axe for all that you do. I love all your information! I do have to disagree with you on this topic of home made formula. It does not any way sound to me that it can meet the nutritional profile of regular formula. I am a mother of three. Two were breast fed past a year and my third gave it up himself at four months. I would not risk going on my own when there are decades and decades of a perfected formula that babies have thrived on. I find it unwise that you recommend such a thing. Thanks again for all your knowledge.


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