Potato Leek Soup Recipe

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  1. sheila kiczula says:

    my sister is dieing of cancer..she has been fighting this sarcoma melanoma for almost 3 years. She has been giving 3different radiation treatments to get rid of new growths that grew on check bone and spine that she got while she was on 2 different chemo treaments, on tow different occasions..she is now at her weakess and her doc has got her on a chemo treatment specific for her type of cancer…which tells you that the other two did not work on shrinking the tumors only stop them from growing..it spreed to went from her abdomin where if was first found and removed…to her liver and lungs…it was a 8 hour op..and it was attached to a major blood vessel and major nerve..she made it out of that succefully..but it had already started to spread and they did not catch it in time..now being at her weakess on this new chemo, the growths have returned to her check bone and her spine..and the swealling of the liver tumor is putting presure on her kidneys and she is in alot of pain..plusher stomach is bloating out as well..she has a pick line so with figured that she needed to take salene while for first week she get the chemo..which is a 24 hr drip..and this helps with hydration…we also give her ginger drink and chews to help with nausza..what can I make to help her swelling go down and make her stomach stop bloating out..I have serveral pure organic essintal oils, from your lists.. frankence, myrr, pepperement, ginger, lemon,ext..carrier oils, shea butter, coconut butter..etc… any suggestions or reciepes you can give me for her to be more comfortable would be greatly appricated…there are so many on your web site..that I am over whelmed on which ones will work best for her…
    Sheila Kiczula…
    and thank you for having all this amazing info and fabulous reciepes that I have used, several different ones, for so many other uses for my health, family members, friends and house hold uses as well…
    this is an amazing site you have created and so generous of you to put it out there for the world to use…and for free as well..you are an amazing man to want to share your knoweledge and are helping so many…I know for a fact that you will be rewarded in so many good ways.if not already..it will only continue that good things will come your way..

    thank you once again..

    Sheila Kiczula..
    sorry for the type o’s, I have dyslexia…

    • Gill says:

      Hi Sheila,

      I read your message while I was looking for a soup recipe. I’m sorry to hear what your sister is going through. I hope some of Dr. Axe’s natural remedies bring her comfort. I like to apply essential oils to my skin but also diffuse them. The smell can be very calming or invigorating (depending on what oil you use) if you’ve not already tried. All the best to your family. God Bless.

  2. Jim says:

    Recipe was delicious, but since I am not a professional cook the preparation time for this was way more than 15 minutes (but worth it).

  3. Barbara GAntt says:

    Hi, I am enjoying seeing all the new possibilities with your recipes and am wondering if I could use Brocolli instead of Califlower in the Potato Leek Soup. Also I am on the Paleo/Lyme diet so I am not supposed to have sugar, dairy, or coconut oil because I am sensitive to that oil a bit right now. Can not have Nightshades either, so it leaves me a bit daunted when it comes to creating tasty foods! Thanks for any ideas or help! Barbara

  4. Bec from Queensland says:

    Hi Dr Axe,

    I’m just making your soup now. But I think I goofed. When you said 2 x heads of cauliflower, I put one whole cauli in as I only had the one. But did you mean 2 x florets of the head? I think I may have overpowered the soup with cauliflower overkill 😵

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