Fried Plantains Recipe

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  1. Lana says:

    Looks yummy. can I add honey to them?

  2. olivia says:

    never heard of plantians—what are they? where do you find them?

    • Laura says:

      I get mine at my local Mexican grocery store. Very common there, but I have seen them in the other grocery stores. They look just like large bananas. They get sweeter as they age and turn brown, then black. You can fry them up when they are light and they taste similar to potatoes or wait until they are dark and sweet and use them like a dessert. They have completely replaced french toast in our house.

  3. olivia says:

    never heard of plantians—what are they? where do you find them?

  4. Ruth says:

    Does anyone know how to select the best plantains for frying at the supermarket? In the past, I have tried to bake plantains, and they turned out like bricks. Someone suggested that I didn’t buy the right kind or maybe they weren’t ripe.

  5. Juj says:

    I fried mine for about 6 min per side and even then some were darker than I’d like. 10-15 min per side would have tended black crisp slices. Delicious though!

  6. Zeida says:

    Fried not healthy for liver. Has any one tried baking g?

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Can I use regular bananas for this recipe?

  8. Rosa M Callahan says:

    Can I use vegetable instead of coconut oil?

    • Shannon says:

      Dr. Axe I’m sure was trying to give a healthy, simple way of frying these. Coconut oil is the healthiest to cook with. In my opinion, if you don’t like coconut oil then avacado oil or sesame oil will still remain healthy. If none of those, extra virgin olive oil will do.

      NOTE: If buying coconut oil, look for the UNREFINED and COLD PRESSED. This way, it was not refined in a factory and lost some of its healthy properties. Cold pressed means no heat was used. Still in its natural state. It’s a little more expensive than refined, but MUCH healthier, and smells/tastes better. HTH :)

  9. Suruj says:

    Add sour cream and honey to the plantain when done coking. Also make sure the plantain has a yellow color skin tone. When it’s green in color it wouldn’t be tasty.

  10. Deyanira says:

    I am from the dominican republic and this is something we regularly eat whether is green plantains or the ripped ones
    We make them in deferent ways

  11. Michele says:

    My family is from Cuba. For green plantains, we cut 1/2 in. thick, fry in olive oil (covered 1/2 way in oil ) until they turn pale yellow, flip fry the other side. Take them out of oil, put on a paper bag, and smash gently (with your fist, bottom of a mug) so the spread out. Then brown them in the oil. Dry on paper towel. Add salt when cool. Or you can grate them , ( shredded grated, or thin sliced ) fry in little oil, salt when cooled. Salty Banana chips called Tostones and can be eaten as a snack, or paired with a meal.

  12. Cheri Cywinski says:

    I have never been able to cook these at the right time. I was told to wait until they turn black to do them, however I see you are doing them when they are yellow like a just ripe banana. I love these things and SOOOO want to cook them to taste like I have sampled them. Might you post another picture o two of what they look like when they are ready to be cooked?? Thanks so much!

  13. Nancy Sanchez says:

    Plantains are much like bananas. When they are green, we peel them, cut 1/4″ , fry and make chips. Also, we make plantain soup.
    When the plantain becomes yellow and softer, we slice it to fry it or we bake it whole to accompany chicken, beef, bean dishes.
    Do not eat a whole one since they very high in calories.
    I am too from South America and plantains are my favorite food.

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