The King of Pop Killed by Prescription

June 16, 2015

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news reports about Michael Jackson’s abuse of prescription painkillers. Here’s a news report with all the basic info:

“Reports of prescription drug abuse have dogged Michael Jackson for much of his career, and now a close associate has come forward to talk about the late singer’s battle with addiction.

“Jackson’s former video producer said the pop star, who died Thursday at age 50 from cardiac arrest, had a ’20-plus year’ addiction to the painkiller Demerol, as well as to a cocktail of other drugs, such as Oxycontin. Demerol is a form of Morphine-part of a class of drugs called Opioids.

“‘Everybody around him knew about it,’ Schaffel told ‘He didn’t advertise it to the world, but anybody in his inner circle knew.’

“‘I was shocked, but I knew it was only a matter of time that something like this would happen,’ Schaffel said. ‘I have said before, that if he continued using drugs at this rate, he’d be dead by the time he was 50.’

King of Pop Killed by Prescription

“The Los Angeles police were told that Jackson received a Demerol injection one hour before his death, according to a senior law enforcement official. Paramedics at the Los Angeles hospital where Jackson died Thursday, according to the British tabloid The Sun, said the star’s breathing got ‘slower and slower until it stopped.'”

My comments:

The #1 cause of death today is our current healthcare system–killing 999,936 people each year. Of those deaths, 420,000 are caused by the adverse reactions to properly prescribed medications (McLean, VA: National Patient Safety Foundation; October 9, 1997). It’s sad to see a music legend die from something like this. The worst part is that hundreds of thousands of other people are dying for the same reasons every year…..rather than changing their lifestyle and getting their bodies healthy, they choose to take a pill and it leads to an early death.

Let’s stop the madness! Michael Jackson’s friends, his close inner circle, knew that he was consistently taking pain killers, and no one ever helped him get control. Do you know anyone in the same situation?

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