Colic Natural Remedies

June 27, 2017

Colic Remedies - Dr.AxeColic is only seen in babies 0-3 months old and results in a hardened abdomen and pain. The causes include: allergies to milk or formula, foods that the mother is eating, colon spasm, or parental anxiety.

Food allergies can be seen in the infant or breast feeding mother so having both change their diet is recommended.

It is generally less common in breast fed babies.  Stay away from infant formulas that contain soy, chemicals and any synthetic ingredients.

The good news is with an elimination diet and colic natural remedies you can see quick improvements in the child’s digestive health.

Top Foods for Colic

Breast milk – Infants who are exclusively fed breast milk tend to have less colic.
Natural Formula – If you must use formula, switch to goat or coconut based instead. You may also try a predigested milk protein formula.
Steamed or cooked vegetables for the mother – These tend to cause less gas and bloating in infants.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid any foods that can cause a reaction in the baby.

Common causes are:

  • Dairy products
  • Gluten
  • Caffeine
  • Spicy foods
  • Peanuts
  • Corn

Eliminate gas forming foods like beans or cruciferous vegetables may also improve colic.

Top 5 Colic Natural Remedies

(consult with your pediatrician first)

#1 Fennel (3 to 5 drop 2-3x per day)
Make sure the tincture does not contain alcohol.  Fennel tea and fennel essential oil also work.

#2 Infant probiotic
Can help the baby breakdown hard to digest food.

#3 Digestive enzyme (for the mother)
Can help reduce allergens in food.

#4 Massage
Hold the baby face down or on its stomach. Massage its back or stomach.

#5 Chiropractic care
Can help relieve pressure in thoracic spine helping children overcome colic.

Essential Oils for Colic

Fennel oil, peppermint oil and ginger oil may also improve colic symptoms.  Take a few drops and mix with carrier oil like coconut oil and apply to chest and stomach area.

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