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49 Healthy Breakfast Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind!


Healthy breakfast recipes - Dr. Axe

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is one of the best things you can do for your body: You’ll jump-start your metabolism, have ample time to burn off calories throughout the day and, perhaps most importantly, it’s a delicious way to begin a busy day!

But making healthy breakfast choices isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Breakfast cereals are often loaded with sugar; “healthy” nutrition or protein bars can have more calories and icky ingredients than your average candy bar; and most “breakfast sandwiches,” whether fast food or store-bought, are processed and loaded with unhealthy cooking oils, added sugars and preservatives.

Luckily, you’ve got options. Not only are these some of my favorite healthy breakfast recipes to whip up in the morning, but they’re all as delicious as they are good for you, too. These recipes are so great I won’t fault you for wanting to eat them for lunch and dinner, too.

49 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

1. Grain-Free Applesauce Pancakes

Start your day with a stack of fresh and healthy pancakes. This grain-free version is full of apple-flavored goodness thanks to the inclusion of applesauce. Make sure to cook on low heat to ensure pancakes are fully cooked without burning!

applesauce grain free pancakes
Photo: Grain-Free Applesauce Pancakes / Fit Foodie Finds

2. Autumn Sweet Potato Hash

If you think of sweet potato as a dinner food, you’re in for a treat. These potassium-rich foods stand in for normal white potatoes in this savory breakfast dish. Substitute turkey or chicken sausage for pork and enjoy!


autumn sweet potato hash
Photo: Autumn Sweet Potato Hash / The Cozy Apron

3. Avocado Bacon and Eggs

This is one of my favorite healthy breakfast recipes! While this healthy avocado recipe looks fancy, it’s almost entirely hands off. Scoop out a bit of avocado, crack an egg into it, top with cooked beef or turkey bacon, and bake!

Make sure you don’t let the extra avocado go to waste: Spread it on toast, or serve on the side!

baked avocado-bacon-and-eggs
Photo: Avocado Bacon and Eggs / Lil’ Luna

4. Baby Kale, Mozzarella and Egg Bake

Kale doesn’t need to be relegated to only salads. Try it in this creative breakfast egg bake.

Combined with filling eggs, creamy mozzarella cheese (opt for organic full-fat) and sliced green onions, this calcium-rich leafy green becomes an excellent way to start your morning. Make a batch on Sunday to chow down on throughout your busy weekdays!

mozzarella egg bake
Photo: Baby Kale, Mozzarella and Egg Bake / Kalyn’s Kitchen

5. Baked Breakfast Peppers

Instead of adding peppers to an omelet, why not add the omelet into the pepper? This breakfast bake is chock-full of turkey bacon, leafy spinach and cheese all stuffed into a roasted red pepper for a dish you can truly eat every part of. Top with avocado, salsa or hot sauce for even more flavor!

breakfast peppers
Photo: Baked Breakfast Peppers / Two Foodies and a Pup

6. Baked Pears with Walnuts and Honey

Have dessert for breakfast with these glazed pears. The best part? They taste decadent, but they’re quite good for you.

Crunchy walnuts and sweet honey top freshly baked pears. Serve with a side of yogurt or smoothie for an even more filling breakfast.

baked pears
Photo: Baked Pears with Walnuts and Honey / Skinnytaste

7. Baked Quinoa with Apples

Get a protein punch with this baked quinoa recipe. A little bit crunchy thanks to pecans, a little bit sweet thanks to applesauce and a whole lot of delicious, it’s a simple way to get the quinoa naysayers on board with the amino acid-loaded grain.

8. Banana Flax Crackers

This healthy, on-the-go breakfast recipe couldn’t be easier to make. With just two ingredients — you got it, bananas and flaxseeds — you can top these crackers with your favorite jam, serve them with fruit or even put chunks of them in your yogurt in place of granola.

9. Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes

This is one of those healthy breakfast recipes that you just would never guess was healthy. Super simple to prepare and totally vegan and gluten-free, these blueberry oatmeal pancakes use brown rice flour, cooking oats and flaxseed meal to achieve that fluffy pancake texture without grains.

Photo: Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes / 40 Aprons

10. Breakfast Quesadilla

Not your typical quesadillas, these are packed with peaches, pears and almond butter for a sweet and fruity breakfast that’s easy to prepare. Try it with my Dark Chocolate Almond Butter for a rich and tasty variation!

11. Breakfast Salmon Egg Bake

This healthy breakfast recipe gets a hearty helping of protein and omega-3 fats from salmon. While it’s a little time-consuming, the rich flavor at the end makes it worth it. Add this to your weekend menu!

Photo: Breakfast Salmon Egg Bake / Dr. Axe

12. Broiled Grapefruit with Honey and Bananas

You might not go back to plain grapefruit once you try this broiled version. Just a drizzle of honey, sliced fruit and cinnamon are all it takes to transform this citrus fruit into a delectable breakfast.

Photo: Broiled Grapefruit with Honey and Bananas / She Wears Many Hats

13. Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins

Get your buffalo chicken fix in the morning with these unique muffins. Chicken doused in hot sauce gets baked in an egg “muffin” for a grain-free twist on breakfast.

14. Butternut Squash and Chicken Mash

Butternut squash for breakfast? You’ll love it in this chicken mash-up.


It’s flavored with coconut cream, hazelnuts and fresh orange juice for a truly unique breakfast. Use any type of winter squash or even sweet potatoes in a pinch.

Photo: Butternut Squash and Chicken Mash / The Healthy Foodie

15. Cauliflower Tortillas

These cauliflower tortillas are awesome straight out of the skillet on their own or as part of a breakfast sandwich. The recipe calls for fresh cilantro, but green onions make a tasty substitute as well.

Photo: Cauliflower Tortillas / Recipe Girl

16. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Kefir Smoothie

This refreshing smoothie, full of antioxidants and probiotics, is a great way to drink your breakfast or even enjoy as an after-dinner treat. Frozen cherries help this come together in just minutes, while the chocolate chips sprinkled on top make a perfect treat.

17. Classic Home Fries

Skip the grease-laden home fries at your local diner, and make your own instead! With seasonings like paprika and fresh parsley, these are much better than anything off a menu. Try it out with sweet potatoes, too!

18. Easy Blueberry Jam

While not quite a full breakfast recipe, this jam is just too tasty to leave off! Farm-fresh blueberries, honey, lemon juice and chia seeds are all you need for a preservative-free jam that’s perfect for spreading on sprouted grain toast or adding to your favorite sandwich.

Photo: Easy Blueberry Jam / Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

19. Eggs Baked in Portobello Mushrooms

Forget scrambling eggs with regular mushrooms — bake them in a portobello instead!

This recipe is perfect for a weekend brunch. Just be sure to wipe, not wash, the mushrooms before cooking to ensure they remain firm.

Photo: Eggs Baked in Portobello Mushrooms / Healthy Recipes

20. Egg and Zucchini Breakfast Tostada

Satisfy your Tex-Mex cravings with this healthy breakfast recipe. First you make zucchini tortillas — mmm — and then load them up with eggs, avocados, chicken or turkey bacon, and your other favorite fixings. Try doubling or freezing the tortillas to make this breakfast a snap on busy mornings.

21. 5-Minute Muffins

A terrific option for those hectic mornings, these muffins are ready in a snap with just a handful of pantry staples.

22. 5-Minute Zucchini Blender Bread

Make zucchini bread in a flash with this blender-based bread. Mix all your ingredients, and then pop in the oven. Added bonus: This bread is sweetened with dates only — no added sugar here!

Photo: 5-Minute Zucchini Bread/ Primally Inspired

23. Flourless Pumpkin Pie Muffins

This is one of my favorite grab-and-go healthy breakfast recipes! These pumpkin pie-inspired muffins use no flour or oil but are loaded with other good stuff — think oats, flaxseed, honey and almond butter — making them a great way to enjoy a hearty breakfast while on the go.

Photo: Flourless Pumpkin Pie Muffins / Running With Spoons

24. ‘Fried’ Honey Bananas

Why eat bananas plain when you can try this “fried” version? Sliced bananas are heated in a skillet and then sprinkled with cinnamon. Eat them solo, serve them over pancakes or add them to yogurt.

fried honey bananas
Photo: ‘Fried’ Honey Bananas / Rachel Schultz

25. Hearty Spinach Beef Frittata

Grass-fed beef makes an appearance in this filling frittata. With mushrooms, onions and spinach also joining in, this is a one-dish healthy breakfast recipe that’s sure to satisfy. I think it’d be great for dinner, too!

26. Kale Salad with Mushroom Omelet

Half salad, half omelet, this healthy breakfast recipe is a great option when you feel indecisive. After all, you can’t go wrong with mushrooms, kale, eggs and a homemade lemon-chili vinaigrette!

kale salad mushroom omelette
Photo: Kale Salad with Mushroom Omelet / Steamy Kitchen

27. Maple Breakfast Sausage

Skip the frozen breakfast patties, and make your own! Maple syrup provides that slightly sweet flavor we associate with breakfast meats, and with only four ingredients, they’re a snap to make. Add red pepper flakes if you like your meats spicy, or try them with a side of eggs!

Photo: Maple Breakfast Sausage / Dr. Axe

28. Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Banana Pancakes

Healthy fats, fiber and protein make these oatmeal cottage cheese pancakes a nutritional powerhouse. I love topping them with almond butter and fresh-cut fruit, too.

oatmeal cottage cheese pancakes
Photo: Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Banana Pancakes / Ambitious Kitchen

29. Paleo Breakfast Casserole

This colorful breakfast casserole boasts sweet potato, ground meat and spinach for a nutritionally dense, healthy breakfast recipe. This can easily be tweaked to your liking, too. Garlic and onions would be nice additions.

breakfast paleo casserole
Photo: Breakfast Casserole / Bravo for Paleo

30. Paleo Breakfast Pizza

There’s never a wrong time to eat pizza — now you can have it at breakfast, too! The crust is made from tapioca flour and then topped with pesto, eggs, tomatoes and cheese.

Skip the prosciutto, and top with turkey bacon instead — or keep it vegetarian!

31. Paleo Breakfast Porridge

This grain-free porridge works well as a light breakfast or as a breakfast side dish. With seasonings like ginger, cloves and nutmeg, the flavor is anything but boring. If your bananas aren’t too ripe, drizzle maple syrup or honey to sweeten to your liking.

Photo: Paleo Breakfast Porridge / Paleo Spirit

32. Paleo Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

Even if you’re steering clear of grains, you can still enjoy fresh bagels thanks to coconut flour and flax meal. You’ll love these with a dollop of fresh butter or jam. Just be sure to toast in a pan or toaster oven — they might fall apart in a normal one.

33. Paleo Egg Muffin

These muffins are chock-full of veggies — it’s like eating a portable omelet. Eat them fresh out of the oven, or reheat later.

34. Paleo McGriddles

Move over, McDonald’s. You can make your own healthy version of the McGriddle right at home.

With no artificial ingredients, this clean recipe will knock your socks off. Top it off with beef or turkey bacon.

Photo: Paleo McGriddles / Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind

35. Peach Cobbler Oatmeal

When you’ve got a bounty of peaches and can’t face making another pie, try out this cobbler oatmeal. It’s quick and easy, but using fresh peaches takes oatmeal to a new level. Skip the brown sugar, and sweeten with honey instead.

Photo: Peach Cobbler Oatmeal / Spoonful of Flavor

36. Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Perfect for chilly mornings, this pumpkin pie oatmeal is full of autumn flavors and has extra staying power thanks to the addition of chia seeds. It’s one of my favorites!

Photo: Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal / Dr. Axe

37. Raspberry Almond Squares

Sometimes you just want a breakfast pastry or something to satisfy an early morning sweet tooth. These raspberry almond squares fit the bill.

While they’re touted as a dessert, because of their all-natural ingredients like flaxseeds, almonds and coconut oil, these squares would make for a welcome healthy breakfast recipe change.

38. Raspberry Pop Tarts

You’ve seen the Pop-Tart boxes in the supermarket aisle. Full of unhealthy ingredients, no one would call them a health food — until now.

This homemade healthy breakfast version is so simple to make and has so many good-for-you components that you’ll feel great about eating it.

paleo raspberry poptarts
Photo: Raspberry Pop Tarts / A Girl Worth Saving

39. Raw Apple-Cinnamon Chia Breakfast Bowl

This massive bowl of healthy goodness — think Medjool dates, apples, chia seeds and walnuts — is a satisfying way to energize yourself for a busy day. Make it overnight, and have breakfast ready in the morning.

apple-chia bowl
Photo: Raw Apple-Cinnamon Chia Breakfast Bowl / Blissful Basil

40. Sage Chicken Breakfast Patties

Breakfast patties are such an easy way to get a dose of protein in the morning. This chicken version uses sage, apples and other seasonings for a flavorful breakfast meat that goes great with eggs.

41. Shakshuka

This traditional Middle Eastern dish combines eggs, spinach, bell peppers, diced tomatoes and chicken sausage for a one-dish breakfast that’ll leave you licking your plate. My suggestion? Don’t skip the super spice turmeric and acid-reducing cayenne pepper!

Photo: Shakshuka / Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

42. Sweet Potato Hash in Maple-Glazed Acorn Squash

This sweet potato hash is super versatile: I love it as a “breakfast for dinner” meal. A sweet potato hash gets baked right into an acorn squash — talk about a healthy breakfast recipe!

It’s got crunch from pecans, sweetness from cranberries and maple syrup, and saltiness from bacon. (Turkey or beef is the way to go here.) It’s got something for everyone!

43. 3-Ingredient Banana Pudding

Start the day with this fast, three-ingredient banana pudding. A banana, coconut milk and chia seeds are all you need. Put it in a reusable container, and take it on the go!

44. Turkey Sausage, Broccoli and Tomato Crustless Quiche

This quiche is a breeze to make but is sure to impress. Turkey sausage, broccoli, tomatoes and a dash of cheese make this a dish you’ll love serving to company.

45. Turmeric Eggs

Give new life to your breakfast eggs with this healing turmeric recipe. With raw cheese, onions and peppers, it really packs a punch.

Turmeric Eggs
Photo: Turmeric Eggs / Dr. Axe

46. 2-Minute Paleo Porridge

Three ingredients, two minutes, one delicious breakfast: Don’t miss out on this banana porridge! Add extra toppings like nuts, fresh fruit or cinnamon to your liking — or just enjoy as is!

47. Vanilla Chia Pudding

Prep this pudding the night before to make chowing down in the morning a snap. It’s full of fiber and protein and tastes great. Best of all, it’s an easy, healthy breakfast recipe to take along for those early work days.

Photo: Vanilla Chia Pudding / iFoodReal

48. Veggie Quiche Cups to Go

What’s better than quiche? Portable quiche, of course!

These cups are bursting with veggies and can be eaten straight out of the oven or reheated later. Make a big batch to sort out breakfast for the week!

49. Quinoa Pancakes

Can’t get enough of quinoa? You’ll love these pancakes. They require just a handful of ingredients and come together quickly for some of the fluffiest cakes you’ve had.

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