Baked Vegetable Fries Recipe

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  1. levina Warokka says:

    Yummmi !! Awesome ,new menu for vegetarian

  2. lovi says:

    Love your recipes but u never give calorie account,carbs,protein, etc,..

    • cat says:

      You are missing the point if you are worrying about calories, fat and carbs, etc. Just eat real foods.

    • kittenface says:

      Depends on how much ghee/coconut oil you end up using. Since that is the highest calorie/fat ingredient and the amount used is up to the person cooking it there is no way to know what will be in your dish. Read the nutrition label and multiply nutrition contents by the number of servings you add to the recipe and then divide whole recipe calories/fat by the number of servings you end up with

  3. Claire says:

    Not nearly as radical as Dr.McDougall or even Dr. Ornish, but delish nevertheless.

  4. Andrea Merritt says:

    Please start inclouding calories for your recipes.Trecipes . Thanks

  5. Terry says:

    Another great idea! Loving your gluten free recipes, thank you for always sharing your great thoughts, ideas and wisdom!!!

  6. Sue Threlfall says:

    Sounds and looks delicious. I make roasted vegetables in a similar way but use many roughly chopped vegetables, such as parsnips, carrots, red onion, peanut squash, sweet potatoes, chestnut mushrooms (tasty & nutty), red/yellow/orange peppers, celery, fennel bulbs. I add various seeds, such as cumin, coriander, caraway, fennel. I pour over just melted coconut oil & olive oil, then bake at 200 deg C for 45 – 60 minutes, turning occasionally to prevent burning :D

  7. Melinda says:

    You should never worry about counting calories, it is eating REAL food that helps regulate your weight naturally….

  8. nancy says:

    veggie roasts are the best! I add beets to them! sooooo amazing!

  9. Steve George says:

    Who cares about calories, just eat real food – like this recipe!

    • Jewell says:

      Yes that’s true I stopped counting calories. Started eating lots fruits and veg. Nuts be tried, only ate small amounts of meat cut most of fat off. Stopped drinking soda pop, and no junk food and very little bread and cheese
      I lost 25. Lbs in around three months.
      even the pizza would be ok if you get salt, sodium, msg. Chemical free.ingredients.
      All the things that they add to drinks and food is what is causing weight gain, diabetes, kidney , heart problems Parkinson ,a.d.d. in children, dementia just to mention a few.
      The fluoride and chemicals chlorine they. put in water Causes neuropathy in hands, fingers, feet
      Toes, and lowers the immune system. Causes lupus symptoms from all the chemicals in food and water, and that’s not even mentioning all the provisions sprays and growth hormones in the milk and animals food and plant foods. On and on. ….and our government wonder why people are so unhealthy and talk about medical costs when if they would do their job and change some laws.about what they allow in our food and drink, and our meds, some of the meds give us worse health than we had from the sickness to begin with. But that seems to be all ok, as long as some people can make money or save money money ( the root of all evil) lol.
      So basically, my point is its not all our fault that we gain weight some people are affected a lot more than others depending on their health and immune systems. ….so if we can find clean foods not processed salt and food or junk food we are better off to use these delicious recipes shared on this site. Nature is best God made it that way on purpose

  10. Kathyann says:

    Great recipe keep eating healthy folks. Dr. Axe GOD bless you and family.

  11. Margitta Lehman says:

    I am diabetic and do worry about carbs. Carb listing would be appreciated. I love your posts. Have learned a lot. Thank you.

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