Berry Smoothie Recipe - Dr. Axe

Berry Smoothie Recipe

Berry smoothie recipe - Dr. Axe

This berry smoothie recipe is one fabulous way to start the day with! It’s loaded with healthy fats to support hormones and also antioxidants. Kids love this recipe as well. Try it today!

Total Time

2 minutes



Meal Type



  • 6 ounces kefir or goat's milk yogurt
  • 1 cup raspberries
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • stevia to taste


  1. Blend all ingredients until smooth

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  1. leslie on

    I used to make my smoothies with kefir and frozen fruit and banana to sweeten… I made them so much because the kefir was healing my eczema (for almost 2 years daily) , now my eczema breaks out if I consume kefir (cows dairy) or yogurt…. so I use water instead now or coconut milk/cream/water.

  2. Diana on

    Do you have a recipe for making kefir? If not what brand/s of kefir would you recommend buying (live in Canada).

  3. Nyla Johnson on

    I used to have kefir grains that I used all the time, but I haven’t used them in a very long time & I think they’re dead. Where can I get new grains? Or is this like kombucha, which never really die?

  4. keirsten on

    I just can’t do the stevia taste! It tastes just like aspartame to me. This recipe sounds delicious, though. I’m sipping something similar right now! Organic Greek yogurt, organic raspberries, a tad of pine pollen, cranberries and a splash of cherry juice!

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