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Paleo Tortillas Recipe — Corn-Free with Healthy Oils


When you walk through the grocery store, I’m sure you notice the array of tortillas available. There’s flour tortillas, whole wheat tortillas, corn tortillas and more. Most of these products are made with processed, refined ingredients that are stripped of the nutrients we seek when preparing a healthy meal.

My Paleo tortillas are different. They are completely free of gluten and GMO corn; plus, they contain healthy alternatives like coconut milk and arrowroot starch. You’ll never settle for buying store-bought tortillas again when you see how easy it is to do it yourself. Plus, you know exactly what’s going into your food — no hidden or genetically modified ingredients here!

Try these Paleo tortillas with any of these taco recipes or my healthy chicken fajitas. I know you won’t be disappointed!

Paleo tortillas ingredients - Dr. Axe

Why Are Conventional Tortillas Unhealthy?

Conventional tortillas are made from white flour or corn flour. I typically choose not to use these ingredients in my cooking for a few reasons. For one thing, most white flours are bleached, contain gluten (which is a common allergen) and are hard on your digestive system. For this reason, I like to choose from the number of healthy gluten-free flours that are available, like coconut flour, which I use in this Paleo tortilla recipe.

I also stay away from most products made with corn. Although the nutritional value of corn that’s unprocessed, organic and non-GMO isn’t necessary bad for you and has been eaten for thousands of years, the types of corn used to make foods today are so overly modified that it negates its health benefits. It’s unfortunate that most corn and corn products that we eat today are genetically modified and go through so much processing that they’re barely recognizable. (1)


Besides using coconut flour in my paleo tortillas recipe, I use arrowroot starch, a gluten-free, GMO-free and healthier alternative to cornstarch. Arrowroot starch is also beneficial for sensitive digestive systems, as it’s one of the easiest starches for the body to digest.

Paleo tortillas step 1 - Dr. Axe

Nutrition Facts

One Paleo tortilla made using this recipe contains roughly the following: (2, 3, 4, 5)

  • 167 calories
  • 11 grams fat
  • 1 gram sugar
  • 2 grams protein
  • 15 grams carbohydrates
  • 2 grams dietary fiber
  • 1.24 micrograms vitamin B12 (52 percent DV)
  • 0.14 milligrams vitamin B2 (13 percent DV)
  • 0.52 milligrams vitamin B5 (10 percent DV)
  • 191 international units vitamin A (8 percent DV)
  • 0.063 milligrams vitamin B6 (5 percent DV)
  • 0.57 milligrams vitamin E (4 percent DV)
  • 8.6 micrograms selenium (16 percent DV)
  • 74 milligrams phosphorus (11 percent DV)
  • 58 milligrams calcium (6 percent DV)
  • 117 milligrams sodium (5 percent DV)
  • 0.83 milligrams iron (5 percent DV)
  • 20 milligrams potassium (1 percent DV)
Paleo tortillas step 2 - Dr. Axe

Here’s a quick glance at some of the top health benefits associated with the ingredients in my Paleo tortillas recipe:

  • Arrowroot starch: Arrowroot is often used as a thickener in food and for a seemingly simple, white powdery substance, it contains important nutrients like potassium, iron and B vitamins. It also helps to boost immune function, reduce diarrhea and constipation, and fight food-borne pathogens that cause illness.
Paleo tortillas step 3 - Dr. Axe
  • Coconut flour: Coconut flour is high in fiber, protein and healthy fats, and it’s completely gluten-free. It’s a favorite among Paleo dieters and people with gluten allergies or sensitivities. Coconut flour aids metabolism, helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and aids digestive health.
  • Coconut milk: Coconut milk contains a beneficial fat called lauric acid, a medium-chained fatty acid that’s easily absorbed and used by the body for energy. The fats in coconut milk are known to help lower cholesterol levels, improve blood pressure and boost cardiovascular health. (7)
Paleo tortillas step 3 - Dr. Axe

How to Make Paleo Tortillas

Start by preheating your oven to 300 degrees F and gather your ingredients and a large mixing bowl.

Combine your wet ingredients first — that’s 2 eggs and 1 cup full-fat, canned coconut milk. Then add in the dry ingredients, including ¾ cup arrowroot starch, 3 tablespoons coconut flour and ¼ teaspoon of salt. Mix everything well and get your skillet ready.

Paleo tortillas step 4 - Dr. Axe

Drizzle avocado oil in a small skillet over medium to medium-low heat. Let the oil warm up before you pour in your batter.

Paleo tortillas step 5 - Dr. Axe

Pour one-third cup of batter into the pan and use a spatula to spread it out evenly. Let the tortilla cook for about 2–3 minutes and then flip it, cooking it on the other side for 2–3 minutes.

Your Paleo tortillas should turn a light golden color when they’re finished. Keep them warmed in the oven until all tortillas are made and ready to use.

You’re now ready to make some delicious and healthy fajitas — enjoy!

Total Time

25 minutes




  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup full-fat, canned coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon avocado oil
  • ¾ cup arrowroot starch
  • 3 tablespoons coconut flour
  • ¼ teaspoon salt


  1. Preheat the oven to 300 F.
  2. In a mixing bowl, combine the wet ingredients and mix until well-combined.
  3. Add the dry ingredients to the bowl and mix well.
  4. Drizzle avocado oil in a small skillet over medium to medium-low heat.
  5. Pour ⅓ cup of batter into the pan, using a spatula to spread it out.
  6. Allow tortilla to cook for 2–3 minutes then flip, cooking for another 2–3 minutes.
  7. Keep them warmed in the oven until all tortillas are made and ready to use.

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  1. Nancy Perry on

    Arrowroot starch….is that the same as arrowroot flour? Also, I’ve used arrowroot flour before, and it’s always turned whatever I’m making into a gelatinous mess! Very unappetizing! Any suggestions in its use to avoid this? Thanks!

  2. Britt on

    I make these all the time. They are perfect. Thank you dr. Axe!!! So satisfying. My husband and I joke that if you know you are going to have a long day and may not be able to eat until night, eat these in the morning! Making them now, thought I’d finally review!

  3. Garrett on

    This is the first time I’ve visited your site. I appreciate that you put the recipe up top and the article below! While I do enjoy reading the articles, I do sometimes just want to get to the great recipes and start cooking. This format is much more convenient and is a selling point for me. :)

    I’m trying this recipe for pulled BBQ chicken since my husband is Gluten, Dairy, and Corn free. Thank you!

  4. Ana on

    Are they supposed to come out somewhat sweet? I tried the recipe and the tortillas had a sweetness to them, but I am wondering if it is because of the coconut milk I got which had added coconut sugar in it.

  5. Lindsey on

    These are my favorite Paleo tortillas. They crisp up nicely and are not overly gooey or eggy. They also use a lot less starch than most recipes, thich is great.

  6. Judy on

    I’m a confused newbie. BC of an anorexic background, the 80%/15%/5% (give or take) scares me. I have read enough to want to try Paleo & finally get healthy bc so many ppl rave about it. This recipe sounds great, but I thought that you go with net carbs? (carbs-fiber) & keep it at 5%/day. In this recipe, 15-2=13 net carbs. PLZ help. Thanks!

  7. Jessica on

    Made these this morning because I wanted a breakfast burrito in the worst way. These are great! A slight hint of coconut, but not terribly off-putting. I think they would be a great option for crepes too! A perfect vehicle for scrambled eggs and bacon!

  8. Patti on

    I don’t understand how recipes can be called paleo when they have Arrowroot and tapioca flour in them. These are high in carbs.

  9. Joumana on

    It sounds delicious! But I would like to make some soft tortillas without eggs, tasting the closest to flat breads.
    Please, can you give me a good recipe using these above mentioned healthy grains?

  10. Carmella Norris on

    What section of the store would I find arrowroot? What type of grocery store would this be best at finding?

  11. Miranda Cunningham on

    I have celiacs and my husband was just told he may have nightshade sensitivity. So he finally mostly wins his argument to go bulletproof. We are cutting out most the items but not all I just cant do it all at once. Especially since I am the one who has to make it happen. I am also a foodie so this is sad for me. Thank you for this recipe. It is yet again more expensive food items ( I swear we wont be able to afford to eat soon) but they are tasty and after the first one that stuck to the pan (think I jumped the gun and the pan wasn’t to temp) They were fun too! Would love more lovely nightshade free recipes!

  12. Sonia on

    Dr Axe, you are my new health hero indeed! You are an awesome Educator! Your Wisdom amazes me Continuously! I am wonderfully overwhelmed with all your teachings. I will use all these Keto recipes to add healthy fats to my diet. I am healed of Candida after 6 yrs of suffering! Hugs and much Gratitude for YOU! Sonia

    • Amanda on

      Sonia! If you could reach out and share your experiences of recovery from candida I’ve been suffering for 6 years now and just started researching how to heal my body. I’m having beyond brain fog so this has been a challenge for sure. I have so many questions

  13. Christina Espinosa on

    HI Dr. Axe really enjoy your stuff, lots of interesting topics you bring up. Have you attempted to make coconut wraps? They are low in carbs, if you have please share recipe. Thanks

  14. Joan Farmer on

    Hi, Doctor,

    So if one is currently sensitive to eggs and avocado (through food sensitivity testing), what are the
    alternatives? I also have diverticulosis so I avoid seeds in recipes. These three ingredients make
    numerous recipes no-nos for me.

    Thank you!

  15. Tina on

    I love tacos/fajitas and looking for healthier alternatives, so this us great. As I look at the calories though, I’m very concerned tgat 3 of these, before anything else us added, is over 500 calories! Will the healthier options within, offset the caliries?

      • carol on

        Not really low-carb high-fat at all! 84 g of carbs on Arrowroot flour.
        For 6 servings that’s 14 g per tortilla. That’s not low-carb. And they’re certainly not high fat cus there’s no fat in them, except a little in coconut milk. :( Your statement is incorrect. The carb count is not healthy imo. You might as well eat corn tortillas, which might actually be lower carb.

  16. Shelia on

    I just made the coconut flour tortilla, it was great. My husband said it was better than bread. I could see us folding it in half and having BLT. Or just from the garden tomato sandwich. Yummy

  17. jodie on

    I am wondering why the oven is heated, it is not used. If you are heating it to keep the tortillas warm, a tortilla warmer would be a better choice and it would not use so much wasted energy.

    • Nancy on

      Jodie “…place them (tortillas) on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake them for 10 – 12 minutes, flipping them halfway through.”

    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      Hi Jodie, you do not have to bake them. I simply baked the tortillas to keep them warm while finishing the others. If you have a tortilla warmer, feel free to use it to save energy. It’s a great idea!

  18. Sally on

    Will flax eggs work? I am following the candida diet plus dealing with multiple food allergies including eggs.

    • Dr. Josh Axe on

      Hi Sally, you can substitute a flax egg. Here are the egg substitutions I recommend: One egg = ½ mashed banana, ¼ cup applesauce, 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed meal + 3 tablespoons water; 1 tablespoon chia + 3 tablespoons water (allow both to sit for 10-15 minutes to thicken).

  19. Troy Hanson on

    Is there a misprint or are both almond oil and avocado oil used to make these? Just after the “Paleo Tortillas Nutrition Facts” section you mention almond oil and it’s health benefits, but then in the prep instructions and recipe, avocado oil is mentioned, but not almond oil. Just wanting to clarify as I am definitely wanting to try these!

  20. Anne Marie on

    These sound great! Definitely going to give them a try! Can you store left over tortillas in the freezer to use for later? how would you recommend storing extras? Thanks!! :)


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