Summer Sautéed Veggies Recipe

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  1. Peggy luvene says:

    I am interested in clean eating. I know it can be expensive, so I will have to start one day at a time making improvements.

  2. Lynn Licastro RN says:

    Do certain foods release histamine in the body? Like tomatoes, sauerkraut, and such?

  3. Julie says:

    How do I start? Go to organic market and spend all day trying to buy only foods for the week. I hate shopping! ???

  4. Julie says:

    What is the diet and how to get started? Are there recipes out and on the web? My Nutritionialist was caught dead in her tracts. Will mail me what she has on nutrition that is currently used today. This is all that’s being offered. What do I do?

    • Lisa H. says:

      What diet are you talking about? Surely a nutritionist would know her stuff. Are you talking about the bone broth challenge?

  5. Julie Glass-Hiebert says:

    I have severe IBS, and intensive diverticuli, also food sensitivities to dairy fat, tomatoes, some nuts grains, and certainly seeds, some thick-skinned beans, lentils, hamburger. I also have a strong allergy to aspirin and penicillin, molds. I’ve heard there’s foods to watch that are related to those. I’m curious about paleo, don’t know if quinoa which I mix with rice is dangerous for diverticuli. I’m desperately trying to increase fiber and liquids, reduce bad carbs. I’m learning how to cook and bake gluten-free, want to move towards non-GMO and organic. It’s really tough navigating online recipes and substitutions with all this!

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