Guest Post: 5 Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

June 26, 2017

Healthy Sweet Snacks, Whipped Dessert This is a guest post by Brooke Rosolino, the Nutritional Manager at the Mercy Ministries Nashville home.

Healthy Sweet Snacks

Let me first say that I LOVE living a healthy lifestyle and I LOVE food! I guess you could call me a foodie. I eat healthy (most of the time :-P) and I have a gigantic sweet tooth. I have lived a very active lifestyle for the last 5 years. I eat food that I love AND that is good for me. I have found healthy alternatives to all the yucky stuff I used to put in my body and I HAVE NO DESIRE TO GO BACK. I sweeten most everything with stevia, maple syrup, organic honey, or sucanat.

I know that the transition into a healthy lifestyle can be difficult and sometimes we tend to have a “diet” and restriction mentality that feels oppressive. BUT, I do not believe that living healthy has to be like this! You can actually BE healthy and FEEL satisfied, and I want you all to get that and know there is a whole world out there for you to discover that is delightful to the taste buds.

That being said, here are 5 Health Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth:

1. Banana Soft Serve. This is seriously the best healthy trade off for ice cream, and it is soooo easy to make—and cheap! When your bananas ripen, peel them and put them in the freezer. Then whenever a craving comes up, just pop one in a food processor (I have a small food processor and it works perfectly). Grind the banana until it resembles the texture of ice cream. Sometimes I add a little peanut butter, cinnamon or cacao nibs. I found this recipe from this wonderful blog post.

2. A square or two of a dark chocolate bar. I get the fair trade bar from Trader Joe’s that’s 70% Cacao. When I am feeling a little crazy I dip it in natural nut butter. Oh my goodness, it’s divine!

3. Almond Butter (all natural of course). This may be the best thing on the planet and a little bit of it goes a long way! It has fat, yes, but it is a good kind of fat. And unlike snacking on candy that is just full of sugar and leaves you hungrier in a hour, fat tends to stay in your body for 4-5 hours after you eat it, meaning it keeps you full longer!

4. Fruit. I know, I know. It doesn’t sounds as fun, but seriously, fruit can be soooo yummy. Go out and get some peaches while they are in season. Also, if you make a smoothie, a little of bit of STEVIA makes it sooo sweet.

5. Make some replacements. You can still make many of your favorite desserts, but with healthy replacements such as:

  • Avocado-in place of vegetable or canola oils in your favorite recipe (especially in chocolate recipes). You can’t taste the avocado at all and it adds a healthy fat to your recipe.
  • Applesauce-in place of vegetable or canola oils. I love using applesauce because it makes my baked goods so moist.
  • Coconut milk-in place of icing. Seriously, this is AMAZING!!! I use my KitchenAid mixer for this. All you have to do is place the full fat can of coconut milk in the refrigerator for at least an hour. I usually put my mixing bowl in the freezer an hour ahead of time as well. When I am ready to make the icing, I just pour the coconut milk into the bowl and beat it on medium for close to 10 minutes, Eventually, it whips up into a fluffy icing. People always rave about it!!!

What are your favorite healthy desserts or sweet snacks?

Josh Axe

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  1. Jamie Gilbert on

    I love avocados, but I’ve never heard of putting it in recipes as a substitution for vegetable oil. I will have to try it! Also, the banana idea sounds awesome, but unfortunately I can’t eat bananas. Do you know if there are any other fruits that would work instead?

  2. Tara on

    I’ve enjoyed cooking from scratch instead of buying processed goodies. But it is always neat to find ways to cut out regular sugar. I might have to try my peach lemonade with stevia. I just puree a cup of fresh or frozen peaches and add it to the juice of 6-7 lemons. Then I add a CUP of sugar and enough water to make 2 quarts. The family loves this recipe. Do you think I should use half sugar and half stevia?

  3. Michele on

    I think you should use ALL stevia, just start with a smaller amount (not a cup) because stevia is sweeter than sugar. Consuming sugar is NOT a good idea! We make home made lemonade with stevia all the time and it’s wonderful and you don’t get that insulin rush, either!

    Sorry you can’t eat bananas, but here’s a take off on the above idea – for those who can. Take half a banana, slice it in half into a microwave safe bowl, top it with a large spoon of your favorite nut butter, then sprinkle with slivers of your favorite cacao chocolate and microwave 15 seconds, or until melted. You won’t believe how incredibly satisfying this is.

  4. Autumn on

    Does the coconut milk icing become runny or melty again? I am wanting to have a birthday party for my son at the park (outside of course in the heat) on Labor Day and I would like to use this icing if it will hold up.

  5. Maggie Keil on

    I love your recipes for those who have sweet tooths. It is amazing that coconut milk makes icing. I agree that nut butter is excellent. I love Trader joes raw, crunchy unsalted almond butter. I use that in Dr. Axe’s grai-less cereal.
    I cannot wait to try the other ideas with the bananas and peaches.

  6. Anon Y. Mous on

    I make homemade strawberry sorbet. Just freeze some strawberries, and pop ’em in a food processor with a little bit of honey and lemon juice. It’s delicious!

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