Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Recipe

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  1. Marissa patterson says:

    I’ll definitely be making this today! Sounds so yummy!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Dark Chocolate anything

  3. Shanta says:

    Yes., Tks. Will definitely make this easy recipe. Sounds yummy and extremely nutritious.

  4. Tracy Bright says:

    How much B17 is in one Tablespoon?

  5. Gaelle says:

    Can I leave the mixture out in a jar in my cupboard? Wouldn’t storing it in the fridge make it hard?

  6. Ben says:

    For how long can we keep this in fridge?

  7. Nick Del Rossi says:

    Can you use any other sugar,

  8. Sissy Bunch says:

    Hello Dr Axe.
    I know it has already been asked, but since I don’t see reply & hope not wanting to repeat, but can another type of sugar be used? Also, is it ok to use powdered extra dark chocolate?

    Thanks. I appreciate all you do in helping those of us with digestive, fatigue issues.
    Since taking on caregiver of two close relatives with fatal terminal illnesses, I myself, am fighting a battle with both which have rendered me fatigued beyond description.

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