Tropical Acai Bowl Recipe with Mango and Hemp Seeds

Acai bowl recipe - Dr. Axe

I am loving one of the recent breakfast trends: acai bowls. You’ve likely seen this Brazilian import gracing your Instagram feed, but if you haven’t eaten one yet, you’re in for a real treat. Luckily, you can easily skip buying overpriced acai bowls at cafes and make your own with this acai bowl recipe instead.

Typical Brazilian Breakfast to U.S. Trend

So what are acai bowls? Acai is actually a type of berry that’s native to Central and South America, particularly Brazil. The antioxidant-rich fruit is packed with nutritional benefits, including fiber and electrolytes. In Brazil, acai bowls are sold on the beaches and at juice bars, usually blended with guarana and topped with fruit. (1) In Brazil, Amazonian tribes like the Caboclo have been eating acai for hundreds of years, but it’s only recently that the trend has caught up to the west, and we’re lucky it has! (2)

Acai bowls are the ultimate healthy breakfast when you’re craving something a little sweet. They’re easy to make, delicious to eat and can be packed with as much goodness as you like. One of the reasons acai was slow to reach this part of the world is that the fruit doesn’t last long; Acai berries perish soon after they’re picked, making them nearly impossible to export from Brazil as a whole fruit.

Acai bowl recipe - Dr. Axe

Wondering where to buy acai? Instead, here in the States, you’ll likely find frozen acai berry puree in the freezer section of your local health food store and large supermarkets.

Now, there are endless combinations of acai bowl recipes and toppings, but for all of them, the acai berry puree will make up the base. The trick to the perfect acai bowl is getting the texture right. You want to be able to eat the bowl with a spoon, but you don’t want it to be too thick. Blending the puree with a combination of fruits and adding a splash of your preferred milk if necessary usually does the trick.

As for acai bowl toppings, the sky’s the limit! Of course, what you put on the bowl will affect the acai bowl calories. I’m a fan of adding some more texture to each spoonful through crunchy toppings, like cacao nibs, granola or seeds. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even make your own grainless granola to put on top.

I think this acai bowl recipe has the right mix. We’ll keep the tropical theme going by mixing the acai puree with a mango or papaya and adding some fresh bananas and your favorite berry. Once it’s all blended, we’ll top things off with seeds, coconut and more fruit.

How to Make This Acai Bowl Recipe

Are you ready to get your acai bowl making on?

Acai bowl step 1 - Dr. Axe

Start by prepping all your fruit.

Acai bowl step 2 - Dr. Axe

You can already tell how tasty this acai bowl recipe is going to be!

Acai bowl step 3 - Dr. Axe

Next, add all the ingredients to the blender.

Acai bowl step 4 - Dr. Axe

Then blend on medium-high until the mixture is thick and creamy.

Acai bowl step 5 - Dr. Axe

Divide the mixture into two to three bowls and top with your favorite toppings.

Acai bowl recipe - Dr. Axe

Enjoy your gorgeous — and delicious — acai bowl.

Acai bowl recipe - Dr. Axe

Prep Time

5 minutes

Total Time

5 minutes




  • 1 fresh mango or papaya, cubed
  • 3 frozen bananas, sliced
  • ½ cup frozen berries (of choice)
  • 1 cup acai concentrate
  • Hemp seeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Desiccated coconut
  • Sliced kiwi
  • Fresh blueberries
  • Granola or pumpkin seeds


  1. Add everything to a blender, blending on med-high until thick and creamy.
  2. Evenly distribute mixture into 2–3 bowls and top with toppings.

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